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Found 8 results

  1. The "artist" AGARTHA on Bandcamp (https://agartha3.bandcamp.com/) is selling music that is not his, so be aware, and do not buy anything from him! Hi is calling himself Gjorge Anastaso on bandcamp, obviously that could be a made up/stolen name as well...?! He is selling Ka-Sol's music (Earth) (which is available fro free on Ka-Sol's bandcamp page) and other albums e.g. Smuds - For Fuld Musik (Real Vision Music) and Ulvae - Marupo (Parvati Records). I have been in contact with Real Vision Music and they are in the process of doing something, but Bandcamp seems to be very slow to do anythi
  2. So I thought it would be interesting to compile a list with links to the labels on Bandcamp, that are either focused on retro-goa/neo-goa, or which release that as well in addition to other styles. There seems to be a new golden age for discovering both old and new goa on the Bandcamp platform. I'm just recently starting to see what a nice platform it is, it reminds me a lot of mp3.com. I stumbled upon Avatar Records, out of curiousity while reading a review of the Asia 2001 album Amnesia. I was suprised to see that they are still active, and released some old school goa trance compilatio
  3. Check out RIGELS' recently launched Bandcamp page and support this great artist! Launching with 4 previously released albums and EP on Ovnimoon Records, RIGEL also provides you with a recent various compilation of tracks and remixes full of psychedelic wonder fused with RIGELS' quirky magic! Rigel | Bandcamp: Bandcamp Rigel | Twitter: Click Here Rigel | Facebook: Click Here Rigel | Soundcloud: Click Here Rigel | Youtube: Click Here
  4. Hello everyone. These are my attempts at creating some Goa/Psy-Trance. All releases are free to download. Cheers! https://bellatraxrecords.bandcamp.com/ http://www.discogs.com/label/780400-Bellatrax-Records Electro-Magnetic - Andbahti The tracks within this EP were created in between mid-June and mid-July 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Anunnaki Empire / New Horizons The tracks within this EP were created in between the 12th and 21st of March 2015. Electro-Magnetic - Sol The tracks within this EP were created in between the 20th and 26th of February 2015. Elec
  5. Out now on Bandcamp! This is a 2014 remake of the legendary Sheyba classic “Trance Africa Express” used in Kristian’s (Elysium/Sheyba) live sets in 2014. As a bonus Elysium’s Live Mix (remix) has been included to this release. Remake and remixed by Kristian Thinning Andersen. Mastering by Kristian Thinning Andersen @ The Hypnotic Lfo Studio https://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/trance-africa-express-the-2014-live-remixes
  6. https://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-the-live-remixes During the 90's Kristian aká Elysium was involved in several side projects such as Sheyba with Jean Borell (Orion), Kailash with Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Prana), Kaaya with Paul Jackson (Voodoo People/Juno Reactor) and Undercover with Graham Wood (The Infinity Project). A few years back he had some fun in the studio making remixes of a few of the old classics from these side projects and ended up using them in a special Live performance around the World. This release which also include two live remixes of old Elysium classics is now
  7. Now available for pre-orders at Bandcamp incl. remixes from Elysium and Astro-D You get the original version (re-mastered) free to download when you pre-order the single. http://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/ride-the-snake-remixes
  8. PSYPROG/BUSH TRANCE On a recent adventure to New Zealand Jekyll met Zimbardy. Sharing a similar background and love of psytrance, they quickly decided to make some beats together,,,this is the result. These tracks are a tribute to the raw beauty of New Zealand, including bird calls from native birds to NZ. Truly one of the most unspoilt places on the planet. Jekyll and Zimbardy had a lot of fun making this ep, so they hope you enjoy the product. http://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/jekyll-vs-zimbardy-sly-bird-eye-2
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