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  1. That's actually kinda funny, as Proxeeus and JaraLuca said the same thing :D But yeah, I picked your tracks as they were already over my usual 150BPM threshold. They're played at about 20BPM over tempo (compared to over +30 for the 2 last goa tracks) :)
  2. You know, sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and do something absolutely silly :D This happened last weekend when I played at a wedding party. Goa trance played at tempos up to 180 BPM. Go at it with an open mind. Tracklist: Hallucinogen - Mi-Loony-Um! Screw Loose - From Fear To Eternity Hypnoxock - Rare Planet Agneton - Jurassic Attack Agneton - Wizards From The Future (Afterlife Remix) Total Eclipse - Virtual Terminal Energised JBC Arkadii - Unreal World Cybernetika - Unknown Entity Qiujan - Light Truth Qiujan - New Era JaraLuca - Solaris Proxeeus - Tekeli-Li JaraLuca - Fata Morgana Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name
  3. Sure there can be warmup anything, and if you ask me, goa can be about anything :) Thanks for enjoying it in any case :D
  4. After a bit of a disaster in 2017, I returned to Kosmos Festival again this year, but this time on the Vortex (main) stage. I played an early Friday evening set, so naturally some warmup Goa trance was in order Tracklist: Prana - Miko (Edit) Transwave - My Dear Medical Assurance Jaïa - Brainstorm (Live Mix) Cosmic Dimension - Another Species Nova Fractal - The Wheel Of Time Morphic Resonance - Chronos (Hypnoxock Remix) Talpa - The Moon (Chromosome Remix) MFG - When We Dream Liquid Flow - Chaotic GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death Zirrex - Born Of Osiris Profetia - Chaos Theory
  5. Yeah, that was my main concern. Both those albums are psychedelia (played) with real instruments and synths, but I wouldn't call either of them any form of "trance". Would you add Ott & The All-Seeing I to that category, based on the downtempo/psydub aspect and that they play Ott's music live with a band? I'd probably rather add something (early) by Star Sounds Orchestra to the Natural Trance category, but even that might be pushing it a bit :) Or maybe something with a more obvious trance vibe from the "organic" section at Ektoplazm: http://www.ektoplazm.com/style/organic
  6. Why on Earth do you have Ozric Tentacles in the Protogoa section? Yes, they influenced some artists but are psychedelic/space rock down to the core. The Monkey Puzzle album doesn't belong in the Natural Trance section, it's more like a downtempo/rock hybrid (no traces of "trance" in any way). Also, Ethereal - Anima Mundi belongs to the New School section, not Old School. And of course all this nitpicking is us wanting to make this guide even better :)
  7. Midsummer in Finland is always a magical event, and this year was no exception. I played an hour long downtempo set on saturday-sunday night on the alternative stage at this year's Solstitium midsummer celebration. I enjoyed playing, and looking at the people there, they absolutely loved it Tracklist: Globular - Popping Out Eat Static - Lo-Ride Sloucher Barby - Arena OX7GEN feat. Nathan Thomas - Ebb & Flow Aural Planet - Liquid Incense Temple Hedz - Dimensions Direct Connection - Ram (Vlastur Remix) Bluetech - Worthy Globular - Kaleidoscope Tribe Escape Into - Purpose
  8. On a side note, it's kinda funny how basically all psytrance with Michele Adamson singing is crap, and all downtempo with her singing is great :DD (with perhaps a few exceptions)
  9. Okay, different interpretations of cheese. The singing doesn't bother me at all :)
  10. They're also responsible for the best non-cheese fullon track ever made (I might have posted this before somewhere but I absolutely adore this one)
  11. This: Not bad if you ask me. Keeps enough of the elements and atmosphere of the original, and doesn't turn into a cheesefest at any point :)
  12. There's definitely something wrong if you can hear a difference between 2 lossless formats. The audio data in a FLAC is bitwise 100% identical to the WAV it was encoded from.
  13. 18 years old me would probably have disliked Cryptic Crunch back in 1999. 37 years old me thinks it's a fantastic album. RIP dude, I remember I had a briefly strange encounter with him on some Finnish festival some years ago... Yeah, Hux Flux doesn't get much better than this (and yes, I prefer this over the original version). Or this: Illuminus is nice too, btw
  14. If their upcoming material is anything like this, I'll be at least a bit interested
  15. There's already a thread on this: https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/74310-subconsciousmind-symphonies-of-life-ektoplazm/
  16. I saw the words "Cybered" and "techtrance" and thought to myself, "oh nice, this should be good". Well, it wasn't, especially with a lineup like that. More like mind numbingly boring, and what's this silly attempt at creating yet another psy micro genre? "Psydeeptrance", yeah, that sounds just fantastic doesn't it?
  17. Yeah, I've seen the full live 4 or 5 times since Ozora 2009, and it's been getting progressively worse every time, with Boom 2014 being not much more than a joke; you could clearly see that the musicians on stage had no fucking idea what the others were doing and over all the whole gig just sounded like shit. I remember Ben Watkins stating somewhere that he "doesn't believe in rehearsing". Well that was more than apparent there. I'll stick to listening to the albums instead.
  18. For this year's 420 Gathering I asked a friend of mine to play a B2B set with me, this is what we ended up with: an epic set with a bit over 4 hours of mishmashed downtempo Oh, and this one was recorded live at the event. Tracklist: Iacchus - Legion Synesthesics - Malfunction Easily Embarrassed - The Old Ways Nibana - Andaran Athish'an Tentura - Vivid Shpongle - Star Shpongled Banner (Brothomstates Remix) Cardamohm - A Seed (4bstr4ck3r Remix) Argaman - Honey I'm Home KiloWatts - Azure Vlastur & Thos Grol - @ Sophia's Home NSE vs EMS - Anti Spiral Ozric Tentacles - Sploosh! (Youth & Simon's Hydrophonic Decimation) Supersillyus - Interabang (Radioactive Sandwich Remix) M.E.E.O. - Cooper In The Woods Tentura vs Zymosis - Unity Of Cultures Umberloid - Neon Tetra Slackbaba - Perverting Mankind Toires - Menara (Arketype Project Remix) Ott - Mr. Balloon Hands Globular - LUCA Unfolding Scion - Ride Easily Embarrassed - Sylphesizer Zymosis - Make A Wish Naturelement - The Clocks Went Back In Time Easily Embarrassed - Little Match Sister Shpongle - ...And The Day Turned To Fright (Eat Static Remix) Shulman - Invention Bluetech - Laika Kaya Project - Vijaya (Bluetech Remix) Kurbeats - Phony Pony Suduaya - Over The Edge Radioactive Sandwich - Bhagwan Slackbaba - From The Ashes Synesthesics - Raptore Nimba - Nimba (The Offering Of Rice) Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze Shpongle - Flute Fruit
  19. Inappropriate melodies? Maybe not, but sleazy lyrics and porn samples? Not my cup of tea. If you're going to use porn samples at least do it well, like this:
  20. I don't listen to much techno but the Digital Family compilations have always been nice
  21. Assuming that this will turn official at some point in time: Downtempo 1. Shpongle - Codex VI (Twisted Records) 2. Eat Static - Last Ship To Paradise (Interchill Records) 3. Vataff Project - Solьmen (Fusion Embassy) 4. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Derelicts (Blood Music) 5. Narcose - Panda Eyes (Mystic Sound Records) 6. Zymosis - Insight (Sentimony Records) 7. VA - Ethneomystica Vol. 5 (Mystic Sound Records) 8. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Mindream (Suntrip Records) 9. Saluberrimae - Time Is A Flat Circle (Neogoa / Ae Records) Uptempo 1. GoaTree - Black Star Of The Death (Neogoa) 2. Morphic Resonance - Chromatic World Revisited (Neogoa) 3. VA - Fluorotronik (Tranceform Records) 4. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia (Goa Madness Records) 5. Gubbology - Anachronism (Troll N Roll Records) 6. K.O.B. - Identity Mash (Suntrip Records) 7. VA - Inti (Suntrip Records) 8. VA - Dimensional Gateway 5 (Neogoa) Yes, there aren't enough entries in either category, I didn't really get that much music last year :/ And kinda funny that in 2013 the then new Shpongle wouldn't have made my top 50, this time it's an undisputed first place
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