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  1. I am wondering, where is the cutting edge right now. From reading further and further it seems the charisma of the Goa rave parties has, or is dying a death from policing and clamping down on drugs & rave parties. I know a lot of new sounds have come out of the mexican scene over the last year, and the Full On psy sound is currently growing even in the UK! The thing is I want to go on a long distance trip this summer 07', and am looking for somewhere where the momentum is still building, some place where it's all happening. I don't expect Goa in the early 90's, but I'm looking for something good, where imaginative parties are still going. If anyone has got any recomendations, then please advise! thanks, Tom oh and you're all welcome to download all of my Fullon mixes here: http://www.dontstayin.com/members/aulday peac
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