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  1. did you see the date from the first post?
  2. I don't like it if a album will released in different versions. Japanese release Uplifter Coming Soon Trashish Rising High Fuel On (Transwave Remix) Rezwalker Cycles Of Life Land Of Freedom Organic Phototropic Part II European release Uplifter Cycles Of life Rising High Fuel On (should be the Transwave Remix) The Rezwalker Trashish Master And Servant (Wiplash Remix) Land of Freedom Organic
  3. Has nobody not one for sale or trade?
  4. Stupid question, but why they are so expensive?
  5. Blümchen is fucking kiddie shit. I must puke. It is the same shit like Das Modul, Mark Oh, Scooter and other commercial fucking stuff. If you want to nail her, do it. But spare our lives with her terrible music.
  6. Looks like a cookbook for vegetarians. How made I a perfect salad?.
  7. I like this cover. Sometimes simple covers looks better, as complex one.
  8. Forgot to add Feuerhake - The Tic-Tac Remixes.
  9. No it calls only "GOA". http://www.discogs.com/Various-Goa-Volume-29/release/1661675
  10. Vibrasphere - Lime Structure Feuerhake - The Tic-Tac Remixes
  11. WTF? You forgot Gangsta Trance, Murda Trance, Evil Trance, Death Trance, Dark Trance, Industrial Trance, etc.
  12. Jesus Raves - Sick Brain. LOL what a name and title.
  13. Kai-Q

    The Expendables

    Where is Kurt Russel and Jackie Chan?
  14. She was maybe as child a sunflower, in a school performance? LOL
  15. Why not a DVD with all the MP3, Wave and movie files? Because many DVD players and recorders suports MP3, AVI and MPEG. You can directly play the DVD on the DVD player and/or recorder. And a DVD has more storage capacity from 4.7 up to 8.5 GB, instead a CS with 2GB. There is enought place for AVI or MPEG files.
  16. BTW, the cover artwork for Soliquid - Transportation was changed.
  17. LOL again sold out, but I got a copy.
  18. FREq - Remixed Various - Energetic Ovnimoon - Family Of Light Vibrasphere - Exploring The Tributaries Aviron - Sadness & Happiness
  19. What is with Avatar, Agitato, Com.Pact Records or Spliff Music? Are they not good too?
  20. LOL a German Neonazi party called NPD = National-Democratic Party of Germany. EVIL.
  21. Strange, on this day where I start this topic, PsyShop don't has it. They don't has this CD around over 3 months, now I think they get it back on stock, one day later.
  22. You mean: etnica - equator and space tribe - the future's right now
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