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  1. The fast food competition in Germany.
  2. If someone want, you can rate and add some comments for my tracks. BTW, here is my last song from last month. Light-Force - Feelings
  3. Have fun and enjoy it. Light-Force - Light Force (The Power of Light)
  4. Planet Dog Records? Is or was that label not down for years?
  5. Vibrasphere - Lime Structure Finally I got it. :posford:
  6. And for this information, you needed to open a new topic?
  7. I'm looking for a sample, where you can hear the ocean surf and later (faded in) some seagulls.
  8. Yeah, I know it. And here is the Long Version -->
  9. Original Mix? This guy loaded up the remix from Jam & Spoon, called Watch Out For Stella Club Mix.
  10. This compilation include a new AP track, but this don't saved the stupid artwork.
  11. Kai-Q

    Jedi or Trekkie?

    In my eyes is Star Wars and Star Trek totally different. You tried to compare apples and oranges. Star Wars is not really Science Fiction, it is a modern fariytale. There is a evil magician (the Emperor) with his dark army and he tried to rule the universe. But the modern temple knights or the knights of the table round (the Jedi's) and the rebels want to stop him. Star Trek is real Science Fiction where is explained all the visionary (maybe soon real) physical theories and the many differend species with their cultures. They discovered new worlds and tried with diplomacy to prevent conflicts and make new friend reps. allys.
  12. Not bad, sounds like the old stuff from him, but more progressive. Funny is the female robot voice who says the ABC in german.
  13. I'm still looking for the CD Vibrasphere - Lime Structure. Have someone this CD for sale or trade?
  14. Saturn and Media Markt are a bit expensive and they have not much Psy-Trance. Media Markt had In the past very much Psy-Trance CDs and they was cheaper, but now they have more the standard in Trance, Techno and House.
  15. I only know Space Hall, Hardwax and Musicland Berlin. Scratch is sellin most black music stuff.
  16. Nice chicks , but anyway a stupid cover. Looks stupid? Your decision. Here is another new low mtf gangsta.
  17. BTW, it is really stupid that exist the same topic in General Psytrance --> Your favorite songs of aphex twin, cause i cant find any!
  18. BTW, it is really stupid that exist the same topic in Other Electronica --> Your favorite songs of aphex twin, cause i cant find any!
  19. My favorit song is "On". This 2 remixes from this track are also great. µ-Ziq Remix Here the official video clip, I like it.
  20. Look what I found: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?sh...c=51357&hl=
  21. My favorit song from Aphex Twin is "On". Also this 2 remixes from this track are great: µ-Ziq Remix Here is the official video clip.
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