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  1. I'm looking for the CD FREq - Remixed, but If I use Google, I find only the stupid torrent links.
  2. Magnetrixx - Wierd Audiomatic - Undefined Frequencies Audiomatrixx - Variations Protonica - Search Protonica - Upstream Remixes Freelander - Apnoe Freelander - Trimix Ovnimoon - Camanchaca Ovnimoon - Human Spirit Ovnimoon - Family of Light Sunhize - Dream Machine Percussion Bullet - Future Accommodation Aviron - Sadness and Happiness Tegma - 002 Avant.Garde Tegma - Around the World in 80 Minutes Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures FREq - Strange Attractors FREq - GOSUB 20 FREq - Remixed POTS - Creating Social Success POTS - Social Success Remixes Son Kite - Colours Human Blue - Electric Roundabound Human Blue - Electrolüx Human Blue - Base Basket Buffet Atmos - 2nd Brigade Soul Surfer - Surfers Paradise Andromeda - Temptation Andromeda - Sensations Andromeda - The Remixes Element - Aleration Aerolink - Skypilot But all the stuff is not Minimal or has no Minimal influences.
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    Take a look in/at my profile and you can see from which city I come from.
  4. Kai-Q


    Scooter is europop music or however many germans call it Kirmestechno (eurohouse music resp. techno like music which will played on funfairs/carnivals). They never count to the technoscene and I never saw them dj'ing in clubs like Cocoon, Omen, Tresor, E-Werk, and so on and on Techno and Trance events, like MayDay, Loveparade, Nature One and so on. They only apear on events like The Dome and many other commercial events and partys. From time to time you see them on the Ballermann 6 in Mallorca too. They are only a pop group, who has never really a touch to the real Technoscene, thats why I think, that Väth, FEOS and Hell don't wanted that they shouted them out. Here you can see in bold type what music they used for their tracks. 1994 Vallée des Larmes - Rene et Gaston - Vallée des Larmes (Original) (1993) 1994 Hyper Hyper – Ultra-Sonic - Annihilating Rhythm (1993) 1995 Move Your Ass! 1995 Friends 1995 Endless Summer 1995 Back in the UK / Back in Ireland - Ron Goodwin - Murder She Said (1961) 1996 Let Me Be Your Valentine 1996 Rebel Yell - Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (1984) 1996 I'm Raving - Marc Cohn - Walking In Memphis (1991) und Shut Up And Dance feat. Peter Bouncer - Raving, I'm Raving (1992) 1997 Break It Up (on this song, he thought he was Billiy Idol himself) 1997 Fire – Metallica - Hit The Light (1983) 1997 The Age of Love – Brad Fiedel - Terminator II Theme (1991) 1998 No Fate – Zyon - No Fate (1992) 1998 How Much Is the Fish? – Alan Stivell - Son Ar Chistr 1998 We Are the Greatest/I Was Made for Lovin' You - Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You (1979) 1999 Call Me Mañana – L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead (1991) 1999 Faster Harder Scooter – Axis - Come On (1995) 1999 Fuck the Millennium – Billy Vaughn - Wheels (1960) 2000 I'm Your Pusher – Hans Albers - Flieger grüß' mir die Sonne (1932) 2000 She's the Sun 2001 Posse (I Need You on the Floor) - The KLF - What Time Is Love (1988) 2001 Aiii Shot the DJ 2001 Ramp! (The Logical Song) - Supertramp - The Logical Song (1979) 2002 Nessaja - Peter Maffay - Nessaja (1983) 2003 Weekend! - Earth & Fire - Weekend (1980) / Push - Strange World (2000) 2003 The Night - Valerie Dore - The Night (1984) 2003 Maria (I Like It Loud!) - Marc Acardipane pres. Marshall Masters feat. The Ultimate MC - I Like It Loud (1997) 2003 Jigga Jigga! - Mac Zimms - L'annonce des couleurs (The Mystery Remix) (1997) 2004 Shake That! − KC and the Sunshine Band - Shake Your Booty (1976) / DJ Sandy - Overdrive 2004 One (Always Hardcore) − Bodylotion - Always Hardcore (1996) / Cappella - Move On Baby (1994) 2005 Suavemente − Elvis Crespo - Suavemente (1998) 2005 Hello! (Good to Be Back) − Gary Glitter - Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again (1973) / Oasis - Hello (1995) 2006 Apache Rocks The Bottom! − The Shadows - Apache (1960) 2007 Behind the Cow − The KLF - What Time Is Love (1988) / Blue Öyster Cult - Do not fear the Reaper (1976) 2007 Lass uns tanzen 2007 The Question Is What Is the Question? - Mouth & MacNeal - How Do You Do? (1971) 2007 And No Matches - Emilia - Big Big World (1998) 2008 Jumping All Over the World - Sailor - A Glass of Champagne (1975) / Headhunterz - Rock Civilization (2007) 2008 I'm Lonely - Vincent de Moor presents Emerald - Fly Away (2000) / The Felix Project - Lonely (2006) / Refresh - A Step too Far (2007) 2008 Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want) - Status Quo - Whatever You Want (1979) / Citizen - 1980 (Marshall Mix) (2007) / Donkey Rollers - The Last City On Earth (InQontrol 08 Anthem) (2008) I will never understand it why they have such a big success. Man they are like Dieter Bohlen.
  5. Hi Long time I didn't hear something from you. What's up? Why didn't you answered me. I waited a long time, but nothing happened. Also your mailbox, for the PM's was always full. You told me that you send the money, but i got nothing, later you want more from me, but get no answer from you. Man if you don't want the crap, then tell me it. You know from what I speaking.
  6. I think the charts are also conduce as promotion, for newcommers who starts with listening of psychedelic trance.
  7. It's more uplifting music. I think this nearly Progressive "Morning" Trance, but with more Full On. Nice description, eh? LOL
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    You can like what you want, but anyhow i don't like Scooter, most of the their music is stolen and sounds very shit. The worst what could happenen to Germany. @qa2pir Rap lyrics made by Rene Swain (Zyon), Matthias Hoffmann (A.C. Boutsen) and Be-Zet (Steffen Britzke). The Music is made by Matthias Hoffmann (A.C. Boutsen) and Be-Zet (Steffen Britzke).
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    Here is the Original from 1992 on Eye Q Records Original Mix Struggle Continues Mix Back from Goa Mix No Fate Mix
  10. Kai-Q


    In the beginning Scooter was always to steal the tricks and music from other ones, they really sucks. Only Rhapsody in E and Cosmos are great tracks. Hyper Hyper was also not bad, but the MC instructions was also stolen from Ultra Sonic. They have really not own ideas, only covering in mass and this is the bad. I don't understand why they still exists. Scooter is always a f...ing cover band. Stupid Coverversion.
  11. Jumpstyle, is not other as slower Gabba/Hardcore Techno with comercial Trance shit or similar. In other words "Hardcore Music for kiddis".
  12. I like the first 2 Albums from S.U.N. Project, Drosophilia and Macrophage, very. Buter after this 2 Albums, their are boring. No great changes in theire music, only standarts.
  13. Okay guys, after 7 weeks I got my CDs, but not all (I ordered on the 7th September 2008 and got them on the 23 October2008). I ordered 10 CDs, but got only 7 items. I ask the seller where are the rest and he answered me that 2 was not available and one he forgot to sent. I tried to get my money back, but the seller wanted that I choosed some other CDs. I choosed some new CDs, but now from the 5th November 2008 up today I get nothing and I will get nothing. Beware he is a big liar. He told me very often that he sent the CDs, but after weeks you will get nothing. Also he told me very often that he was in the hospital. Sometimes he don't answered on you mails, if you used the same e-mailaddress and the same topic. I used a other e-mailaddress with a new topic and got strangly enough some answeres from him. But only 2 or 3. BEWARE THIS SHOP IS A FAKE AND THIS GUY IS A BIG LIAR AND CHEATER.
  14. This one, looks a bit similar to this one.
  15. Noise Unit was or is the sideproject from Front Line Assembly.
  16. Good, but you can't buy something with that.
  17. Kai-Q


    I bought one time from switzerland, the German customs catched my package and I must pay the customs duties for my CDs. Fuckin coustoms, they charged the shipping with my bought CDs. In the end was my purchase not cheaper.
  18. Forgot to say this: Don't send me ebaylinks, because I take, from timt to time, a look in Ebay. But if someone have one unit for selling now, please let me know it.
  19. Looking for a Edirol UM-880 Midi Interface, in great shape with manual, driver CD and USB cable. Send me a PM if you have a unit for sale.
  20. List Updated. Only 3 CDs are sold. BTW, If some want a CD or some CDs then please pay it/them within one week. Because it is very frustrated that people want something, but nothing happens. I'm still waiting for one guy, he told me that he sent the money, but after 3 weeks I got nothing.
  21. Kannst du bitte mit solch einer Scheiße aufhören? Ich mache auch nicht in deinen Posts einfach Werbung.
  22. Only one CD is reserved and maybe soon sold. C'mon guys, buy buy buuuuuuuuuuy :clapping:
  23. I created a new Myspace HP. http://www.myspace.com/lightforce7683 I uploaded my music on it. There are only demos, not finished songs, only for tryout. Have fun
  24. Who don't need it? I talk about the f***ing money. It is mankinds curse, but we can't live without it. But enough talked. Psychedlic Trance V/A - Kiss the Future (Atomic Records) CD= VG+ / Inserts= EX 10 Euro Kailum - More Reflexions of the World (Blissbits) NEW/SEALED 5 Euro Johann - Blow Your Mind (Blue Room Released) CD & Inserts= M 20 Euro Acid Rockers - Mindset (Blue Room Released) CD= EX / Inserts= M 10 Euro V/A - Distance to Goa 8 (Distance) CDs & Digipack= M 10 Euro Etnica - Chrome (Western Edition) (EtnicaNET) CD & Inserts= M 20 Euro V/A - Change (Flow Records) CD & Inserts= M 5 Euro V/A - Sixth Flight (Flying Rhino Records) CD & Inserts= M 10 Euro Bodh Gaya - Ayahuasca (High Society) CD & Inserts= M 35 Euro V/A - In my Brain (Hom-Mega Productions) CD & Inserts= NM 10 Euro V/A - Zenith (Icarus Creations) NEW/SEALED 10 Euro V/A - Trance from Israel (Javelin) CDs & Inserts= M 40 Euro Man with no Name - Earth moving the Sun (Perfecto) CD & Inserts= M 20 Euro Panick - Rocket Pocket (Phonokol) CD= NM & Inserts= M 10 Euro Miraculix - Frost Bite (Psytropic Records) NEW/SEALED 5 Euro S>Range - 2001 (Spiral Trax) CD= EX & Digipack= NM 10 Euro SBK - Treibstoff (Spirit Zone Recordings) CD & Digipack= M 10 Euro The Mystery of The Yeti (TIP Records) CD= EX & Inserts= M 25 Euro V/A - TIP 3D "Second Edition" (TIP Records) CD & Inserts= EX 15 Euro Audiomatic - Multiplayer (Tokyo Dance) NEW/SEALED 5 Euro V/A - The World of Goa Trance Vol.1 (Trans'Pact) NEW Offer V/A - Twisted Sessions Vol.1 (Twisted Records) CD & Inserts= M 5 Euro V/A - The World of Goa Trance (ZYX Music) CD & Inserts= M 5 Euro V/A - The World of Goa Trance Vol.3 (ZYX Music) CD & Inserts= M 5 Euro Trance & Electro Planet Love - Magic (Axodya Records) CD & Inserts= EX 20 Euro Aqualite vs . Xylon - Night before Launch (Hypnotic) CD= M & Inserts= EX 7,50 Euro Aqualite - Waterworld (Hypnotic) CD= M & Inserts= EX 7,50 Euro Dron - Homeworld (Mikrolux) CD= EX & Cardboardcase= VG 15 Euro
  25. A little update from this song. http://www.megachwiep.com/Psy-Kai-Q_-_The_Sorrow.mp3 I removed the claps, but maybe I put them back.
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