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  1. Okay I got the Feuerhake CD single, from Saikosounds Now only one I need. This one: Vibrasphere - Lime Structure
  2. OKay, I got: Son Kite - Perspectives Of... Vibrasphere - Stereo Gun Vibrasphere - Archipelago Andromeda - Temptations Andromeda - Sensations Andromeda - The Remixes Antix - Twin Coast Discovery I need only: Vibrasphere - Lime Structure Feuerhake - The Tic-Tac Remixes
  3. A new Song and a Remix New Song: http://www.megachwiep.com/Tracks/Psy-Kai-Q_-_Feelings.mp3 Remix: http://www.megachwiep.com/Tracks/Psy-Kai-Q...The_Sad_Mix.mp3 Have Fun
  4. Kai-Q


    I have on Ambient Dub One and Two some tracks from this group. They made Ambient with vocals (A woman is singing).
  5. Various Artists - Tantra - Androgyn Trance & House (for only 5 Euro ) and Cydelix - Close to her Eyes
  6. Antix - Lull Various Artists - Cabaret Vibrasphere - Landmark Vibrasphere - Lungs of Life Vibrasphere - Stereo Gun
  7. Hi I watched it a little bit the documentary film TV series Firepower, because me was boring and heared a song, which sounds good. Now, I want to know the artist and title from this track. Who made it? It begings at 21:04 minutes. http://www.dokus4.me/index.php/2009/02/04/...pfhubschrauber/ It is strange that Chill Out Music is playing in documentary film about war machines.
  8. Add S>Range - 2001 (Spiral Trax) and Various - The Spirit of Goa Trance Vol.1 (Trans'Pact)
  9. Bei dir ist wohl kein Forum sicher, wa? In wievielen Foren bist du schon angemeldet?
  10. Here some Digitrays and gluedots. http://www.jetmedia.co.uk/digitrays.htm
  11. Add Kailum - More Reflexions of the World (Blissbits) NEW/SEALED V/A - Tahata II (Spirit Zone Recordings) SOLD V/A - Hosted Vol.1 (Hadshot Haeizar) CD & Inserts= NM SOLD V/A - Hypnotic World of Goa Vol.1 CD & Inserts= M SOLD
  12. If they need money, they all will come back.
  13. Vibrasphere - Archipelago got a copy :posford: Vibrasphere - Archipelago Remixed Antix - Twin Coast Remixes Antix - Wanderes Feuerhake - Re:Start El Zisco - Valle de Ilusiones Andromeda - Sensations Atmos - Tour de France I couldn't resist it to buy the CompactStick, because of the bonus tracks. Maybe I will get next week Andromeda - The Remixes and Antix - Twin Coast Discovery.
  14. Here: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=1931 BTW, the seller encoreukrecords who sells this CD for 9,99 GPB (around 12 Euro), has this Payment Methods: PAYPAL/UK CHEQUES/CASH. He has also this CD too for sale: Fractal Glider - Digital Mandala Here the samples: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=3396
  15. New May Panye movie announced. Max Payne - Louder than a Bomb Starring: Chris Cargo as Max.
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