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  1. Finally, I finished a new track from me. This time is it more a vocal trance track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmzJjt_G59c http://www.myspace.com/lightforcec7683 If the text unlogical or rubbish and my siging is awful, I hope you still enjoy it There are 3 other songs in progress, 2 from them a nearly finished. If they done, they are maybe 2 new Psy-Trance tracks.
  2. They will release his new album in parts. Each new track on a compilation.
  3. Hmmm... any new news about their new album? Semptember is already over...
  4. I'm looking for a track where you hear a indian or african guy singing something like Dagga dagga dii dagga dagga dagga dong dong, dagga dii dagga daa dagga dong dong... and so on, or similiar. Here is a sample which I made myself and, maybe you reconise it. I'm looking for that vocal. Dagga
  5. I'm looking for voclas like this one: Ethnic Vocal African Vocal Then I'm lookin for a ,I think it was a indian one, where a man is singing: Dagga dagga dii dagga dagga dagga dong dong, dagga dii dagga daa dagga dong dong... and so on. Don't know how I can descrip it. I remember that is a famous one and was also used for a Goa or a Ambient Track.
  6. That is the big question, that I don't understand too. Because for some people is everything psychedelic. Neo Trance is Psytrance. Jumpstyle is Psytrance. Hands-Up Trance is Psytrance. Scooter is Psytrance. and so on.
  7. What has Neo Trance with Psytrance to do? It is only Minimal combined with a bit Progressive Trance, House, Electro and Techno elements. I don't hear psychedelic elements.
  8. Wow here you got more answers as in www.Techno.de
  9. Look I found this chick on a cover from a sample DVD. Here is the source: --> http://www.bestservice.de/search.asp/de/894283a85p179p40p205 For compare
  10. I changed the kick and add a cartoonish laser resp. blaster sound. http://www.Megachwiep.com/Tracks/Light-For...ight-Edited.mp3
  11. Hi I'm looking exact for that laser cartoon sound, but whitout the background music and speech. http://www.megachwiep.com/Beispiele/cartoonlaser.mp3
  12. They only want to take falsely all the credit(s).
  13. Hi I want to create a old Goa Kick like Man With No Name or Astral Projection used it. But how can I make it? Here is a exsample, what I mean: http://www.megachwiep.com/Beispiele/GoaSample.mp3
  14. I make an upadte from my Myspace page. here is the new link. http://www.myspace.com/lightforcec7683
  15. Hypersonic 2 or the synths from Spectracsonics or you try Nexus 2
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