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  1. Have maybe something to do now with US election. Who will win? Pest or Cholera? There exists also some rumors, that all the refugees from Syrian, Irak, Afganistan, ect. are all invaders, to take over Europe for the ISIS and Europe will fall 2020. I read that an fortuneteller or what she was, called Baba Wanga, saw in the future that now 2016 the end of Europe is coming. Hmmm... we will see. We have still 2 month.
  2. Kaycee - Escape took the melody from 4Voice - Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix) What I don't get is, why they covered an trance song as trance song. I talk about Love Simulation from Humate. They could have it more to release it as Love Simulation (KayCee Remix). But anyway I'm not into the stuff from that KayCee dudes. I just mentioned it. Since 1995 I was more for music from Eye Q Records, Harthouse, Recycle Or Die, Platipus, Planet Dog Records and Beyond. 3 years later I discoverd Blue Room, Spirit Zone and Matsuri, etc.
  3. Oh my old topic is still alive. But hmmm... unfortunately have no one an opinion. Seems that I'm the only one who still like this old stuff. Well here some more exsamples. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vw9AMFuf9hI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAGLRp3O4Js https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMkSURkVOtc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saiFwgaXHYI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w1Y7GINvU8
  4. Do we have not Facebook for such things?
  5. Kai-Q

    Deep House

    A classic in Deep House Original Instrumental Version (1986) Vocal Version (1987) I'm still amazed from this track. Cause for me it not sounds from the 80', it sounds more from the beginn of the 90'.
  6. Deflo - Tio Mate Koxbox - Insects & Insect Bite (Split Mix) Koxbox - Acid Vol.3 Kopfuss Resonator & DJ Jörg - Whipbird Space Tribe - Know Your Dope Fiend Der Dritte Raum - Tommelmaschine (Voodoo Remix) About Space Tribe I'm not really sure if Ollie raped there an TB-303. The same is with Deflo.
  7. I not hate IM, but I don't like their stuff which sounds more pop like music, I call it poppish Psy-Trance and this are lost of their stuff, which they made it in the last time. My favorite album is their first one ”The Gathering”. Classical Mushroom and B.P. Empire are good too. On the other hand what I not really like is CD2 from “Converting Vegetarians”. For me they are only some tracks okay. But I don't like the ones with the vocals. The singing sounds like tried but failed or just simply annoying. Anyway, I don't like mainly no femal vocals. For some time past is the sound of the israeli psy-trance, generally too poppish for me. Not all, but many things. Yeah they experiment to try to create something new, this is okay. But if the final result sounds a way too commercial or annoying for me, than I lost my interest and I'm looking for some other stuff, which suits my taste. Is like In Strict Confidence, an german Industrial/EBM Project. The first stuff is really great, but later turns this project more to an pop like project.
  8. I'm bit confused, casue he said "digital copy". He means really an CD? Sounds for me that he's looking for MP3 or WAV or FLAC, to buy.
  9. I remember that Decoy is doing Progressive Psy-Trance with Jazz elements https://www.discogs.com/artist/259365-Decoy-6
  10. You forgot the mother of all psy covers. LOL But from that Psytisfaction compilation series, the covers are meh. Especialy from Psytisfaction 3, that is so fucking stupidl LOL
  11. I wiil call this here Electro: or this But that M.I.A. stuff sounds typical for commercial hip hop stuff.
  12. All hail to the Lurker Of Chalice. Very atmospheric black metal. A classic one
  13. I'm not really sure, but I can remember that LTJ Bukem called this kind of trancie D'n'B "Trancestep". Omni Trio LTJ Bukem Seba Future Loop Foundation Kid Loops Galaxy Tribe - A Drum 'n' Bass Odyssey Compilation Turning Over Compilation
  14. thank you very much. Now problem solved. Btw, I did something that my Spectral CD is working. Here in discogs I descriped it. https://www.discogs.com/release/22311-Diffuse/history#latest Now CD looks like in the picture showed and I can play it without any problems.
  15. and how you did it? well I think would be possible, but only on the label side and the CD have to be thicker, like 2 CDs together. But would be not good for the CD player, about the weight from that thick CD.
  16. Well than I have to get my money back from MELT 2000, for that crappy Spectral copy. LOL Hmmm... that means I have to accept to have that secret track from that Access Denide album, with that bad quality. Maybe have to ask someone from the Total Eclipse member, if they have it still as wave file. Cause it's annoying to listen music, where you hear small clips and skips. I still hope that someone can confirm me it.
  17. Well that hidden track at the end of a CD are not really the worse thing, but I also never understand this sense. Why to hide an track? You think after ?:?? minutes, by listening the last song, it's now over, but after ?:?? minutes of silence there appears another song. I converted all the CDs into WAV, split and cut the songs and silnce and put it on a CD-R. So for example the Hallucinogen album Twisted have 9 tracks, instead 8 and I don't need to wait 6 minutes or to wind forwards, to listen that hidden track. My first CD with that kind of hidden track was from Sunkings - Soul Sleeping. The stupid thing is, that those hidden tracks have no title, cause they are not mention somewhere. Okay if they are somewhere mention, than they are not hidden, but still nonsense for me. But still need to know if this small skips are normal, in that secret track from Total Eclipse. If not, than either my CD player have a problem to play it or my copy of the CD is not well manufatured. There are no scratches, but maybe some section are bad. Btw, did someone saw something like this? I wanted to convert Spectral - Diffuse into FLAC and by taking out the CD, I noticed this engraved art. I have no idea how this happened. But I know this CD is now for the trash.
  18. Well I only know the old Technics and Panasonic CD players was able to play that Track 0. Dunno how it other players from others brands handled it. My DVD player is from Panasonic, but how I mention it, not able to rewind from track 1. Anyway Panasonic is not more the same quality like in the past, since they closed Technics. Only crappy cheap consumer products they produce now. The same stupid thing was also with some records where you have to use an Technics MK II, to listen an track or mix in the right speed. Like this 12" vinyl is has: https://www.discogs.com/In-D-Virgin-In-D-Skys/release/55170 Not everyone have an DJ turntable at home.
  19. Thank you ahead. Btw, this idea with the hidden / scecret track is a very stupid one. Because only some of the old CD players can play it, like my old Panasonic Discman (I know that Discman is copyrighted by Sony). I tired to play that track 0 with my DVD player, but this player is not able to rewind this cd. Same problem have my brother with his Blue-Ray player. My mom have an new kitchen CD radio and this device have also problems, to play that secret track. By trying to play it via PC with an DVD / Blu-Ray ROM, is it not possible too. That Signs Of Life compilation have also an hidden track from KoxBox. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Signs-Of-Life/release/17747
  20. Hi, I have a question about the hidden track. I noticed it first, after reading it in Discogs, that I have to rewinding the CD. Okay I grabbed my old Discman, put the cd and rewind from track 1. https://www.discogs.com/Total-Eclipse-Access-Denied/release/2135274 That hidden track sounds nice, but unfortunately there are some small skippes to hear. My CD is in Near Mind condition and the CD player was rarely used. The question is: Have someone also that problem, that the secret track is skipping?
  21. Did Dave Young an transformation into a woman?
  22. I'm listening at the moment some old Children Of Dub cds and one track catched me very. I'm looking for some Dub music which contains Acid lines, like the music track Greed. Here you can listen an preview on Junodownload. http://www.junodownload.com/products/children-of-dub-esp/2548485-02/?track_number=5 the best you start at aroun 1:40 min. to listen and to know what I want.
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