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  1. Rediscovering The Chemical Brothers 90´s albums, celebrating my ten year as a fan really don't like their latest albums though (a kinder way to say i hate it ; )
  2. Logic Bomb - Tales From The Basement "- We are creating a new perfect society / To protect you from reality"
  3. I use Discogs, but haven't catched up so much yet with adding my own records. Lol, noticed i have put much more effort on my Wantlist than the Collection right now, as it's almost bigger than my actual properties. I don't think i have over 1000 records yet, but thats a guess. They take so much space in my apartment so maybe there are over thousand releases by now.
  4. much twisted mentioned, good stuff. Here i felt like collecting some nice 'classic' dnb tracks (without that much bright atmospheres and vocals that tends to happen much in dnb ;o) Grooverider - Where's Jack The Ripper , dark 'psy sounds' Future Prophecies - Electronic Funk , banging with some twisted leads Teebee - Capable, ok nevermind the vocals, dark leads and basses makes it swing gr8 Concord Dawn - Take Me Away , supersaw melodies Ed Rush & Optical - Flightpath , acid drops and sharp lead Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce - Cutslo [Lokuste Mix] , old heavy shit Dillinja - Cybotron Anthem , just a bit ruffer than everything else Ram Trilogy - Gridlock , bouncy black steps Usual Suspects - Killa Bees , look out for those dangerous bees Teebee - Human Reptile , clinic techniques Optical - The Shining [Ed Rush & Optical Remix] , like the movie Roni Size - Snapshot , fat sequences Shy Fx - Bambaata , percussive Dillinja - Acid Track , heavy Ed Rush & Nico - Proton , heavier Usual Suspects - Shrapnel [stakka & Skynet Remix] , breezy leads Adam F - Metropolis [Doc Scott Remix] , classy Basement Jaxx -- Fly Life [Roni Size Flyzs Mix] , rolling Krust & Saul Williams - Coded Language , poetric TrÜby Trio - A Go Go , well it's not dark.. mmm ok happy but good Teebee vs Future Prophecies - Dimentional Entity , nice mood David Holmes - Gone [Pfm Mix] , beautiful atmospheric melodic progressive d&b! Photek - Rings Around Saturn , floating sounds and surgeon clinical sharp rhythms so much sweet out there, so the obvious classics may be left out (ltj bukem, krust, goldie, blame, playford, jonny l, dom & roland, high contrast, dj marky, ganja kru, london elektricity, ez rollers, reprazent ..etc). And i also focused most on d&b in the 90's myself, not catching up that much of whats happening now unfort...
  5. Btw, (dunno if it has been mentioned here before but) 'Germinating Seeds Of Doda' is one act that slips through my mind in terms of Breakbeat combined with Psy. : - ]
  6. That track sounds good at a first glance man, well worked. & as 'Subsonik' said not really full-on, which is a compliment ; ). Don't wanna spoil your mood here, but there's already a psy act named Acid Lab, though not the same spelling as yours (except from this cover where it seems to be one long word) so maybe that is ok...
  7. Stuff


    Thanks! SPIRITUALITY was the word i searched for. Together with uniqueness - there's no cheeze in sight. ; ) Although a melody does not really have to be that unique to reach spiritual heights...or? Nevermind, spiritual melodies aren't cheesy!
  8. Juno Reactor - Magnetic (Robert Leiner Remix) good example of some frenzy semi-junglist breakbeat psytech.
  9. Good to see people finally reviewing one of the true legends - Robet Leiner. Also a big influence to me, The Source Experience was the first "trance" i heard. Since his music was known as trance 10 years ago, when goa trance was goa and the later commercial 'trance-trend' wasn't even invented. And I believe to this day that his music still is considered trance way over later contributions to the 'trance society'. Source Experience music is always hypnotic in the original sense of the term HYPNOTIC, in which creates the trance state. And automatically he was involved in the steps of the psychedelic music progression in the 90's. & Yes a pioneer of the scandinavian sound, with his atmospheric and moody tribal'istic tech/trance. And the fact that Atmos in 2002 released an 8 year old Leiner track on his DJ-mix CD "In Case Of Escape" should point out that The Source has been a big (source &) influence for the maturity of the sound in this scene. This album is a good example of something pretty old but still interesting. "Different Journeys" is full-on techno/trance with examples of pioneering use of sampling techniques and complex modular synthesis. The LP-release contained a bonus track called "Gate 41", a pity it wasn't on the CD version. But all in all we can say this is an album continuing nine hypnotic jams which holds a pretty dark and claustrophobic feel. But behind all the shadows and driving frenzy beats & rhythms, a taste of optimistic atmosphere and melodic work shines through. I miss "Synaesthesia" here, a pure top class psychedelic track from the same year, that only was released as a 12" single (instead). Maybe a track like "Diatonic Shift" could be sacrificed for this pulsating drive, that imo would fit outstandingly well into this album. Either way, this album is a Milestone that anyone intrested in the psychedelic society and history should keep an eye on. (even if it may not be your cup of tea ¿ - ) this is a mark of Quality, 9/10. I hope you haven't missed out Robert Leiner's killer remix of "Magnetic" by Juno Reactor - Truly Original Psychedlic Dubby Technofobic Frenzic BreakbeatTrance! (better than the original) Btw, also check out his CRAZY studio: http://www.leinermedia.com/Studio/Studio.html "Robert next adopted his SOURCE EXPERIENCE guise for another devastating work: with an aural arsenal ranging from analogue terror tones to layers of digital refinement, “Different Journeys” and the single “Point Zero” contained the ultimate in sensurround techno. This widely acclaimed album launched Robert on a heavy schedule of live and DJ dates around the globe, which the inspirational “Zyklus” 12” inch has only helped to build upon!" / Leinermedia Biography
  10. Neighbour of the Beast, High Density & The Third Revelation ..i think
  11. Oh, there are so many good ones mentioned here. Three that slips through my mind right now: Hallucinogen - Shamanix "The way I feel I don't expect to go to sleep for a year. I'm on fucking fiiiire." (from movie 'Altered States') 1200 Mics - Marijuana "Should you ever be confronted with the temptation of taking that first puff of a marijuana cigarette... do it, do it, do it!" (from the movie 'Grass') Cosma - Keep Going, where this dark mystic voice says a name (Dr. Clever¿?) and: ..he was never able to get anything but a rudimentary consciousness going. There is a light that flashes... occasionally, but we dont know what it means. [this name again] described it as some kind of a ... dream (with another voice . Does anyone know where this cool sample comes from?
  12. Stuff


    Cheesy melodies is for me those easy, childish, 3-4 chords melodies with obvious note changes made so predictable and boring. It's everywhere (also in psy of course) but mostly in the 'commerical trance'/'hardhouse'...business and other chart-music. Where they too often are following basic melodic standards, with no intentions what so ever in doing complex (yes - more time consuming) hard melodic work. But I really do love melodies when it keeps on evolving (best cases over more than 4 bars and unpredictable notes keeps on floating and following each other. When i clearly can hear that it takes talent to do and there has been some hard work to create it then it's also a joy for the ear to listen to. Much good old goa melodies has this capability, like some lead moments (that maybe ben consider cheesy Shakta "Lepton Head", Crop Circles "Lunar Civilization", Chi-A.D. "Eye Am The I", Pleiadians "Maia", Etnica "Vimana", Astral Projection & Dado "Zero", A.P. "Mahadeva" in example. & It doesn't has to be catchy like the obvious "Mahadeva", Cosmosis "Gift of the Gods" and Jaïa "Maï Maï", less "hit potential" melodies like MFG "Magnetic Activity" and Ra "Paradox" also does the job extraordinary well . And yes, 'less intense' melodies with fewer notes & changes like Astral P "Liquid Sun" and Power Source "Goaway" for instance, are also outstanding when it's done in the right way. Small subtle changes in different parts of the melody that may not occur in your face the first time you hear it, but when catching up with the pattern it's just beautiful. But i hate really -obvious/in your face/on the top- melodies when they are so completely LAME done! Thats when i start to use phrases like cheesy. If there's gonna be a BIG, HUGE fucking melody right in the face please at least listen to "Bust A Move" by IM first, should give some point of reference & no one can say and mean that they haven't put some effort in it... Asura "Fahrenheit", is another example of a lead melody that does the unpredictable - when theres long drawn out notes that does what a loop can't do. Maybe the loop in question can make you imagine that stuff happening, but it feels too far away and impossible to make come true because it's too complex to realize. ;-D I also like what Infected Mushroom managed to do on the "Classical" album. It is no piece of cake to do some of their lead melodies there. "Dracul" for example, where the notes doesn't fall on every 16th note, it adds a unique dramatic touch when they keep on attacking and stutters into different rhytmical and melodic patterns. Thats where i connect to masterpieces on melodies like JS Bach. Though I.M. may not have his capability, they showed that they can create beeaaautifully well done melodies and won't always settle down with the normal, way easier, quickly done and basic melodic structures. And it also feels good when someone really tries to do a melody that haven't been heard before. Or not always will settle down with someting that anyone easily can copy. Maybe 'uniqueness' is a good summarizing word of a really good melody¿
  13. Theres one good ol' track in Burnout 3 though. The Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated", it's even better than this new Hallucinogen treck
  14. That tune is Der Dritte Raum - Trommelmaschine from 1996, nice track. Gives me good memories. And sometimes that style, whatever it is, just makes all the pieces fall together with exact precision 8)
  15. Atmos - Fill The Hat really really good one, especially as an album intro.
  16. I come to think about one old eurodisco hit from like 1994, Magic Affair "The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance" lol. But i think you are suggesting some kind of psy track
  17. Typical software related problem those issues aren't that striking when mixing on hardware for instance. Like Logic Bomb, their kicks and basses always seems unbelievable fat (to me anyway, just like the old days - no 'plastic' kicks & b-lines here ; ) and the bottom end is incredible energized, when compared with many other productions from the same era (that is mainly software environment productions), without taking ridiculous attention and too much power from the rest of the mix. It just fits perfectly well. Logic Bomb may use softsynths, software samples and all those things - that i don't know... But the point is that they are mixing everything on an analogue mixing desk (multiple output soundcard needed). That is a huge difference, and i'm convinced that anyone of you who are running only s/w through the whole process now, would notice an improved result if you did the same thing as you do but sent the channels through a decent outboard desk (like Mackie) in the end. I'm sure you'll notice that the sounds are 'floating together' more naturally and all those plotted digits and parameters inside the computer doesn't really care or makes sense when you rely on a mammuth desk outside, which is completely independent from 1/0's and muddled nonsense & half-assed, too accurate, settings. It'll do the work better anyway! (Like I've said before somewhere; it's like comparing masturbating and real sex, at least when it comes to the important mixing part. ;o)
  18. Yeah, there's not much else you can do with this already great track without ruining it. God damn, now it's ten years ago when i bought the "Voodoo People"-single, and it still kicks like hell, no matter if it's the original or in psy
  19. It's still not too late for that to happen, isn't it?
  20. "Fahrenheit" is such a good track, the melody is really intelligent and absolutely non-dissapointing when it evolves in such a long time (maybe it's just me but I tend to get bored sometimes when a melody goes round and round over a few bars ; ). Unpredictable notes that follows and you can clearly hear that there has been some hard work to create this beauty! It's a great habit on this album in overall, the melodies are filled with emotions and does not follow the 'standards' of how to create a melody that is aimed to "touch". It's refreshing! The only song i personally was "dissapointed" with about that was "Le Vol D'Icare". Just in sense of predictable melodies, when it only goes between G# and D# - the 'standard 5 halfnote difference theme' to create a 'senseful' melody. But the track itself i such a good journey anyway so that doesn't really matter in the end! And it fits really well so why mentioning it¿ Of Asura´s both albums, i like "Lost Eden" most, though the cover on 'Code Eternity' absolutely kicks ass. It would be interesting too see which of these albums that has been the most "successful" one in terms of selling rates? Due to i noticed a while ago that only "Lost Eden" was out of stock on Psyshop, maybe that doesn't have to do a thing with it, but anyway i'm a little bit curious about the rates. Great work!
  21. I really like the minimal way that the Reviews Database is built. The internet is already flooded with messy stuff everywhere so it's really refreshing to visit the old Psynews database. Review forums is a total chaos in my opinion, so i definately prefer the old reviews database. in fact, i still use it everyday, searching releases, reading opinions about all those good releases (damn i want to express myself there .
  22. did you really have to quote all that ¿ btw, i will buy it too! : )
  23. i only have the Galaxy "Angel" but i think it's a very nice album. feels good in an ol'skool kind of way and everything fits well with that bubbling/'big spaced' analogue atmosphere... ; )
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