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  1. You forgot... hehe yeah good records, but ok maybe Technossomy "Synthetic Flesh" would suit this list too.
  2. An awesome record which is anything but mindless! A lot of depth, well textured, gentle, hugely influential and a rare treasure! 5/5 for the beautiful sound and historical significance. Almost all the tracks are gems in their own right and they haven't dated badly. Btw how did they create those phased '3D'-effects over the voices in the title-track? Damn well done and higly detailed work!!
  3. Use only hardware synths then you won't have any moral dilemmas like using cracked software or not.
  4. Nice you're bringing this up Lemmiwinks! This was the time when i started to listen to "Trance-music" too - in the beginning of the Goa-progression and when the masters of the true good ol' trance sound was names like Source Experience, aka. Robert Leiner, and Union Jack for examples. And pieces are falling toghether when we find out that mr. Leiner has his contribution to this record too (CD2-02 - "It's a Kind of Magic"). Recently I've started to buy off his old work (from eBay, Gemm, etc) and there are few pieces of music these days that brings up such a good mood in my mind LIKE Leiner's 1993-94 releases (tracks like "Elektra", "Voices Of The Spirit", "Point Zero", "Gate 41", "Unknown Territory" etc). The 'honesty' in these productions are both revealing and refreshing, and rare to find in trance today imo. My old casettes from 10-15 years which was my only source to these tracks is kinda teared nowadays and it's worth every penny to own these releases! The `Trance Europe Express┬┤-releases are truly essential. Not only for all the classic tracks from the legendary artists - All volumes came with a 192-page booklet filled with interviews, pictures, trivia, etc. about the featured artists and the musical styles they represent. In those times (before internet) that was an incredible unique source of information.
  5. off topic, but the new Krueger and Coyle album is great
  6. Why progressive OR full-on ?? I listen to both, it just depends on which mood I am in. It's like asking: "pizza or hamburger?", maybe the choice is pizza for the moment. But in the end you can't eat only pizza, you also have to eat other food (like hamburger sometimes To stay healthy you have to eat more than one type of food. And it's the same in music imo. If you choice only listen to one of the "styles" (which can be blended very well by some talented acts and not THAT separated) You're too narrow minded in my opinion. (P.S. don't eat much of pizza and burgers becuase it makes you fat in larger quantities
  7. people tend to disklike B.P. Empire - and i don't see why.. What if IM never released The Gathering, Classical, and C.V... And their only album was "B.P. Empire". In this case i bet people would been really intresting in this promising act and their future work (not relating to the dark crazy flow on The Gathering and the melodic euphoria on Classical Mushroom all the time) The BP Empire album is great - their best sounding piece of art! If you don't believe me - listen again. Stop whining like all those other forum wankers out there that always wants to tell how bad BP Empire is. Ok with Trance side on C.V. - that is the most uninspired work i've ever heard from IM. But B.P. Empire is pretty good.
  8. Hi, i'm going to Skiathos in august (10-17th). Never been there, so i'm curious if anyone in here knows anything about this place. Any clubs or parties there playing psy-trance (or other electronic music "not suitable" in those `commercial┬┤-clubs) ? I can't stand dancing to Britney Spears or anything like that every night.. Maybe i'm going to the most boring island of Greece, but anyway it would be nice to check if there is something cool happening
  9. Damn, was it made in Fruity Loops???? More big up for this record!! It sounds perfectly awesome btw.. Mastering and everything is nice, the kicks and basses are very deep and filled with energy - i love it! I search for 'progressive' stuff with deep basses like on "Dejavoodoo" but for the moment i only can come up with Atmos "Headcleaner" (very analog and "hot"-sounding) and Lish's debut album. Soulful hypnotic grooves!
  10. alright, Good as usual! i have a nice collection of Filteria extracts on my harddrive d*mn you're productive! you have any work or are you just producing tracks all days and nights?
  11. Stuff

    new style?

    you can't say i didn't try, can you
  12. Stuff

    new style?

    That IS intresting. Deep isn't the correct word to describe most full-on so this is an intresting step. I think some Silent Sphere stuff could be described as deep full-on, also the last tracks on Cosmas 'Nonstop'.
  13. A track i heard yesterday or something: Dynamic vs Z-Machine "Energy State" - totally uninspired, DULL beat, nonsense b-line, random VSTi's... I don't even think the producers had fun making it. Of course there's alot of bad tracks out there. But this one is in my mind for the moment, i had no pleasure at all listening to it. :=)
  14. From the first moment you hear 'NonStop' you know there's something serious going on. One of the best cd's ever imo. Tho i like the downtempo track better on 'Simplicity' the atmosphere on the second album is undeniable powerful, deep and emotional.. And "talent" is a weak word to describe the music. The scene really needs this music, it's as simple as that.
  15. apperently 'Rerecorded' is going to be released 16th June (in Scandinavia). Less than a week!
  16. Ok USA. Not much psy there innit? Meself live in sweden, we got some decent artists here, Miraculix is one of them . Noticed we share the same opinions about this subject. I've truly missed your type of posts on about every forum i visit. That "Pendulum" track sure was intresting! I've searched alot for this sort of sound. Think it reminds me of some Dark Soho, but this with more classical influences.
  17. I just agree with you Jon, which country are you from btw?
  18. Thanks! I just loved Silent Sphere. (proggy full-on almost like Cosma's "NonStop") Freq was great. Native Radio was good too. Your tips made my day!!! =)
  19. Not really a lost track, but i get kinda tired of all this "GIVE ME GOOD MUSIC!!!" - threads ... so i put it here ;-D I search for artists who produces music like Cosma and Cosmic Tone. Deep, emotional and subtle soundscapes - and no happy neo-full-on music in sight. The only ones i have come across so far with THAT special sound i search for, is the two particular artists mentioned above.. Any recommendations?
  20. Stuff

    Cost of a cd

    (local record store)
  21. Stuff

    Cost of a cd

    I ordered Cosma's "NonStop" from my local record nearly one year ago.. And they still haven't received it. lol
  22. Ok, here's my tip: Atmos - Headcleaner. Isn't that piece of work nice for a catwalk? i guess it is! timeless it is anyway
  23. Noticeable, how people are mentioning Shpongle about EVERYTHING in almost all the forums i visit. It's like some people haven't heard, or knows about, anything else... in example chill-out or ambient questions - people starts to shout about "SHPONGLE" only! everywhere. As if it was the only choice.. I bet if someone asks for good drum&bass or whatever on a psy-forum, those clever ones will mention Shpongle, and nothing else (probably because it's the only artist they've heard with soooome dnb inspired beats at all). Same thing now, "music for catwalk" - Shpongle again... x-0 I'm not talking crap about Shpongle, they're great. But there are plenty of other things going on out there too. D@mn some of you really need to broaden your horizons!
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