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  1. This album is awesome! And please go and buy it instead of downloading, it's only ruining great underground artists. Son Kite has been working with this album since 2002 and the way it sounds it's worth double the amount! You can't categorize it - it's just pure hi-quality music with a touch of floor-filling hypnotic trance. And this is a huge step away from all stupid-teenage-full-on-GMS-clones ;p Son Kite have the deepness that a lot of artists don’t have. And still massive pounding music for the floor! Great work guys! Btw, I'm listening to a great interview with Son Kite on the radio at the moment.
  2. Son Kite, always top notch quality! Big props to them, they're doing a wonderful job ...
  3. Stuff


    hope it will be a new trance album! damn i love 'Headcleaner'..
  4. Yes but, when something gets big and 'hyped' in the in example UK we all know it usually counts as deceased within a year (or less). Like 2step, speed garage, big beat - no one wants to know of it's existense anymore due to the hype was huge and suddenly all of it was "yesterday". I rather prefer regular people not to know about psytrance AT ALL, than recognise it as this three month hype in the music press that became outdated by the same. People that doesn't know better shouldn't have any opinions at all about psy music, especially not from f*cking press (that everyone in the commercial biz unfortunately relys at in the first place). Psytrance is not only a music genre, it's a lifestyle! And stupid journalists that always are chasing the coolest thing for the month shouldn't be able to throw shit on our music at any time. This is pure underground and thats how it should remain.
  5. the link worked right now... anyway, check your e-mail and you'll find the file!
  6. Hi boys & girls, I've had a tune on my computer since around 1997-98 and i still don't know what it is.. And unfortunately i haven't been able to upload a clip and let other people listen to it before. This clip only contains fragments of the song. It sound pretty f*cked up sometimes because the file is damaged.. I really would like to have this on cd so i need to know the artist and the title. Please have a listen http://www.dancetech.com/members/my_tracks...324A2567808.mp3 Btw, the full song is 9:20 min.
  7. Miraculix, Logic Bomb, Oforia, Talamasca, The Nommos, Astrix, Eskimo, Manibus, Beat Hackers, 1200 Mics, Psysex, Nomad
  8. I don't understand why some of you are complaining. This lineup kicks ass, quite rare with all these great acts in one event. It NEVER happens in my frikkin area!
  9. i mailed him a couple of months ago but haven't received any answer
  10. yeah producers connects their machines, but they don't sound like simon :-D
  11. older?? early 2003?? i don't believe the kids of today.. d*mn i listened to an Ultramarine album from 1991 yesterday and thought it starts to get quite old.. but man, 2003! where is this world going?
  12. --- author: Negrosex - "Mozart did more than just hold down some keys and let an arpeggiator do the work" --- arrogant f*ck, do some research how producers created their music before you spit out quotes like that. I'm not dealing with Mozart now, just focusing on Simon Posford. Negrosex, do you actually know ANYTHING about electronic music composing? In terms of todays technology you can just download a cracked VSTi, start an arrpegiator, record it and do some filter automations. But that wasn't the case when Posford did his classic goa albums in the 1990's. The computer was an old Atari ST, everything he delaed with that was MIDI-information. Everythings else, the playfulness, isn't just arrpegios, and it's highly skilled programming, creativity and mangling of sounds. And most important, more of an elctrician work with all the patch-cables between fx-boxes, old analouge synts and all kinds of wicked connections just to create f*cking sounds and effects no one has heard before. Or are able to re-create, without connecting those hardware elements and tweak them in the way he did. With the small studio ha has (about 10 synths or less) he did it the most EFFECTIVE and COMPLEX way you can imagine with that (pretty old) music making technology. He recorded everything to hardware hard-disc recording system, which demands way more knowledge and work (and brainuse) for the operator. As you can't SEE what you're doing, in the way you can on a computer screen. WAY more hassle than a software audio recording program like Sonar, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools etc.. People with dual 3 GHz processors, XXXX mb in ram-memory and the one hundred latest VSTi-synths still wonders HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?? HOW COULD HE DO THIS!? Did he really worked with 'only' midi and synths in the 90's??? Yes he did, Posford did it with the touch of human hand and he did it like no one else!!! a TRUE genius he his.
  13. "[than man of todays products]" - SHOULD BE: "than MANY of todays PRODUCTIONS" =)
  14. Agree with that, "The Lone Deranger" has better or more suitable sound than man of todays products. The sound is CLEANER in todays software productions and maybe everything is more 'PERFECT'. But music isn't all about the most perfect sound, like DDrum mentioned. Back in the hardware days, the sounds were created by sometimes up to 10-15 different soundsources and each one with it's own "character" (like Posford and his Korg MS20 from the 1970's with it's special and UNIQUE sound, and the Roland SH-101 with it's lovley warm bass sounds - in example!). Now most of the sounds is produced by computers and software. I think in general the sound is more 'honest' in productions like "The Lone Deranger". Just compare Infected Muhsroom's albums (wether you like it or not). The latest one ("Converting Vegetarians") is a computer toy, it sounds clean and clear but lacks in expression. The two first ones ("The Gathering & "Classical Mushroom") maybe are a bit more rough and 'ugly' soundwise because they were created and mixed on hardware only, but you can hear the difference in the sounds. It doesn't sound like a "one-unit-thing" like Converting Vegetarians, the sound picture is more wide, broad and ALIVE!!!
  15. Intresting opinion Seraph. But then, the scene is progressing, how would it be like if the music was in the same way all the time? I love listen to older goa etc. (at this writing moment i'm listening to Pleiadians - I.F.O.). But at the same time it feels good that the scene have progressed alot, turned into differenet directions, it's always changing. Of course theres more crap out there now, but thats becuase it has growed and more and more people listen to it. And the technology is more available and cheaper than it has been before. I recently found some damn good new goa that give that should give all the old schoolers hope http://www.artha.z.pl http://www.onewayltd.com/filteria/home.htm
  16. Was he only 20 years when he released "Twisted"?? If so it Simon would be about 28-29 years old now! Many good years to come, just look at Raja Ram
  17. Don't think it will be that different with todays technology. The stuff Simon did 5-10 years ago was far ahead of it's time, and back then it was all hardware. He used it in in the smartest and most efficient way. People still wonders how he could make it that good. Instead of using i.e. 10 VSTi's and 20 audio tracks or wathever todays music software may running in a complex song. He programmed the hell out of the stuff he had. Akai samplers, the analogue (warmth!) synths and the (sometimes really cheap) fx-boxes - everything recorded to a 16 track harddisc multitrack recorder which demands way more from a producer than working on an audio recording software. His skills and knowledge is outstanding, and he creates mindblowing music wether it's "old" technology or modern computer wizardry. (Maybe the work progress goes a bit smoother these days.)
  18. Yes thats the tune! heard it at a party some years ago (was a bit stoned so all i could remember was these words ringing in my head). Just had to check out what it was. Thanks for your knowledge and help
  19. Hi, i'm looking for a song where a voice says: -"And the music was like liquid night". Anyone knows the artist and title of this song?
  20. Stuff


    Sad that Apple bought Emagic (it's all about make people buying Mac computers). The PC version is still VERY useable though. With the advantage of using more than only ONE mouse button in Windows, and the excellent interface Logic provides. The final versions from Logic on PC is the ultimate sequencer (by now) if you ask me!! In a couple of years Cubase SX will be (far) ahead of Logic 5 when it comes to PC music software. But at the moment no sequencer beats Logic on PC! Even if the freeze-function aren't allowed in the PC versions (only from Logic 6, mac) the freeze function in new Cubase SX is currently lame so we can live without it (but Steinberg are progressing). And i think there are some VSTi's coming up with 'freeze' that may be useful in Logic 5.
  21. calm down infecdead, claiming that someone is a horse fucker is just as stupid as telling that Infected Mushroom is music for stupid people. sdness, where did you see that video clip of IM ??
  22. 'The Gathering' rocks like hell. 'Classical Mushroom' shows some blending skills. 'Converting Vegeterians' is more computer experimenting, some tracks are good but the full-on disc is too much software. 'B.P. Empire' is their best sounding and deepest work so far! It's timeless, musical, and most important: not filled with the same stupid full-on. It has plenty of space and atmosphere. I like it as much as Cosma's stuff.
  23. Stuff

    04 releases?

    'skipp604 of Andromeda' that work totally blows me away!!! Talkin about spirit, this i exactly the stuff we need right now!! YEAH!! =)
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