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  1. Never heard of that one, where did you find it??? (the Cosma Remix on Hop She Goes
  2. I love when the kick enters in Chi-A.D. - Pathfinder, sounds more like a rumbling earthquake than any other kick i've heard . Huuuge
  3. oh missed that, i only got it on Infinitism anyway
  4. Good topic! Not easy, and this is damn fun too so I take it back even more aswell... So, todays list of some top ones selected by year: (* with the freedom of having alternative choices on three of the years 1991 Snap - Exterminate / *Erasure - Chorus [Transdental Trance Mix by Youth] 1992 Jam & Spoon - Stella 1993 The Source Experience - Elektra 1994 SFX - Butterfly Trip (Energy Sweep Mix) 1995 Union Jack - Cactus / *Ascendence - Internal Synch 1996 Man With No Name - Floor Essence 1997 Crop Circles - Full Mental Jackpot [Pleiadians Remix] 1998 Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp 1999 Atmos - The Only Process 2000 Logic Bomb - Herr Ubermann 2001 Chi-A.D. - Eye Am The I / *Deedrah - Reload 2002 Ashtrax - Digital Reason [Ogenki Clinic (James Holden) Remix] 2003 Cosma - Keep Going 2004 Andromeda - Imploded
  5. Yeah it's basically a huge pack of samples. Tastefully selected tho, heard that there are alot of JD sounds on it. Makes me not regret that i have bought the original hardware. : )
  6. Like already mentioned in THIS thread. The good old "Fill The Hat" : )
  7. listening at the moment to; Ils - Next Level, for some random unknown reason..
  8. The best pitchbend out there, both cosmetically and in functionality / feeling.
  9. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix), such a deep sweet dreamy moody proggy trancey house wax!
  10. Just got the Spiral Trax - Swedish Goa Trance & Progressive double CD. Sweet as fuck!
  11. Yea technically this track is no piece of cake, damn good sound. Good work to accomplish this 'space' and huge sound picture. Guess that producer worked much more with reverb perfection than we can imagine.
  12. (except from the ones already mentioned) I like Psykovsky, the perfect Russian psy artist title with his celebration (¿ of the countryman and great composer Peter Tchaikovsky. =)
  13. Interesting track indeed, anyone¿
  14. And why not Shakta - Lepton Head, the Original version. Imo better egyptian vibe there with the SAME melody, because Deedrah uses this acid scream and it kinda lacks that "ancient" feeling compared to the orignal.
  15. lol missed the Earthbound part, talkin 'bout them the whole Fluid Records-thing was quite good i remember. Until the later part of the 1990's where they became just too chessy. But the good old Nordic Rave-compliations with acts like Antiloop, S.C.O.P.E (Suburban Children Of Planet Earth), (some of) Pinocchio, MDA, Starchild .. etc actually contained some nice quality. ; ) wow i'm almost getting chills, moooore NOSTALGIA please!!!
  16. Lol, remember that stuff! I bought Richi M's first album too in 1998, very outdated now & basic stuff. But some of his melodies actually are really good (goa-like) and musical, tho the tracks all in all are boring...I guess some of his melodies maybe deserve to be recycled and thrown into some more complex arrangements and sound pictures. Remember I didn't like the album (Perfect World) much back then either (just some melodic parts) and i've heard some of his later releases that SUCKS really much, i mean like Dj Bobo much. (even think he did some cover of the old "Popcorn" track ARGH!) But funny you mentioned this stuff
  17. And just okay is 8/10 in your grade?! Damn, wonder how you rate your Good and Very Good cd's, ....15 or maybe 20/10 ?¿? I rate my just ok cd's around 5 - 6/10 btw And i actually rate BP Empire 7/10, i enjoy listening to that record. Good ideas, and good sounds! Far from 10/10, which is a grade veeeery few records really deserve. 9/10 is almost outstanding, and 8/10 is very good. So.....7/10 is a good record, and a grade an artist should be glad to receive from a listener : )
  18. I know of some artists that has been releasing material for years, that uses Acid. They're no particular psy-artists, but producing electronic music in general, so i guess it's good enough.
  19. Thanks for that link, reeeaaly nice!
  20. heh whats so great about this bassline? just one note hammering out, he usually did way better b-lines than that (both soundwise and melodicwise
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