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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Aww, you didn't need to do that. Thank you. I'll add it to the first post.
  2. This one's old. Like, 2006 old. I just got the sudden feeling I should post it instead of sitting on it for a lifetime, so it went straight from the sequencer into the intarwebs. So, it's UNMASTERED! GASP! I'm actually in a bit of a hurry, so I'll just stop now. Afterdose - See No One EDIT: Afterdose - See No One (TechNology's master) C&C plz, kthxbye.
  3. Hi-Fi Download Second Compound@Mikseri.net I remember getting positive feedback here on a chill track of mine a while back, so I thought I'd post this one as well. It's not psydub/ambient per se, but there should be enough psychedelia to occupy your drugged up minds. (<-- see how fucked up I look after listening to it?) Comments/feedback appreciated. Oh and one other thing: do you usually get comfortable bandwidth when listening to my tracks? 'Cause I know I hate to stream anything from slow servers.
  4. Look, I haven't bragged about anything here. I never was completely serious about posting here in the first place. I don't see what's your point is in this post and I really don't see what did I ever post that contradicts what you said. Even so, what you said is reasonably accurate at best. Now, if you're pissed off about what I said to Mike A, all I can say is that's what I usually do when people come trolling at me.
  5. Ugh. Since you obviously know so much about the subject, why don't you tell us at which point the mix is compressed.
  6. I'm sure they wouldn't. I just wanted to pick the most offending parts of the track. IMO overcompression is particularly bad in full on goa tracks because they're very hard to mix in the first place. And let's face it: you really don't need all that volume for anything. Of course one could argue that overcompression is part of the sound, what makes it so full on. To me it just makes the busiest parts sound messy and plain unpleasant to listen to. I like some of their tracks, specifically from FOL, where the mastering isn't that bad. If you find IFO enjoyable as it is, that's great, you should. Personally I always wondered why I never could like the sound of IFO until I took a look at the graphs. Anyway, the flames have got way out of hand considering that my post was meant to be only a half-joking piss take on explaining why I can't like it.
  7. Which is a shame. Welcome to the loudness race. The fact is though that a good mastering engineer can make a mix with even little headroom sound like it breaths. IMO that's where IFO's gone wrong. You are intelligent.
  8. No, wait. I have proof. EXHIBIT A: Above a picture of Pleiadians - Electra from IFO in Sony Sound Forge. The white areas indicate headroom in each sample. EXHIBIT B: Above a picture of Pleiadians - Asterope from IFO in Sony Sound Forge. Now, my question to you, ladies and gentlemen, is how can you have power in music without dynamics?
  9. It's not entirely unfounded you know. Discogs search alone reveals 6 artists named Proteus, and that's excluding the derivatives.
  10. Yeah, definitely. Can't say anything for the quality of the work though, as I said, I just started messing around with it.
  11. Hm... Alright, well, I'll draw up some concepts and post them.
  12. You got someone working on this already? I've been playing around with vector graphics for a while and it'd be nice to see my work put into good use.
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