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Found 1 result

  1. IBOGA RECORDS PRESENTS: EVERLASTING Selected and mixed by GAUDI Iboga Records kicks off 2012, with ‘Everlasting’ – a compilation selected and mixed by Gaudi of exclusive new and unreleased tracks from an international group of artists who have defined, not only a genre but an era in electronic music – a who’s who’s of the movers and shakers including The Orb, System 7, Eat Static, Trentemoller and Lulu Rouge. Put simply over 2 hours of immaculately produced and sonically stimulation deep moody electro. Iboga’s aim, through this compilation, was to set a milestone in the extensive landscape of electronic music; to present an original and timeless collection of tracks from some of the most talented artists the scene has to offer. Sonic freethinker Gaudi steps up to the mark, once again proving his credentials as a skilled man of music and has, most importantly, properly addressed the two major keystones of a successful compilation without compromising one or the other - the names and the vision of the listening experience. Collectively the influence of the artists in this compilation have spanned the last 40 years of electronic music and it is nothing if not testament to their skills that they are still leading the field! The Orb who forever changed the face of electronic dance music and System 7, pioneers of early experimental electronica, both instrumental in the birth of electronic chill out, sit alongside Gaudi the musical chameleon - who’s been kicking down the genre walls for the last 30 years. Psychedelic pioneers Eat static and Shpongle who have grown a cult following around their distinctive brands of psychedelic journeying feature well with fellow compatriot Tripswitch - king of the well sculpted psychedelic smooth-groove. In collaboration with Shpongle is The Alan Parson’s Project - bringing long established and highly respected production skills to the table. The inclusion of Dub legend and the maverick in the pack Mad Professor adds an elegantly placed other dimension to the collection as well as an important nod of respect to the genre of Dub to which Electro-chill owes so much. Tipper, a man responsible for expanding sound with his trademark exquisite production and emotive sonic mastery and Pete Namlook - highly acclaimed and ever prolific ambient producer feature with Lamb who's loyal and almost cult following has seen them weather the storms over the last 15 years in the evolution of their sound. One of New Zealands most notable musical exports Pitch Black add their distinctive dubbed out bass vibes to the pot along with Athenian bass-man and protagonist of all things dub and electro Vlastur. Screen (a side project of the Orb’s Alex Paterson, Gaudi & veteran UK ‘scenester’ Chester) stamp their mark with their well honed yet reassuringly edgy sound and fly the flag for London alongside enigmatic production duo and relentless frequency foragers Vacuum Science and Capes - with his deftly delivered spacious raga infused dubstep. An always innovative and distinctively atmospheric Scandinavian sound is extremely well represented in the hands of Denmark’s Lulu Rouge. Trentemøller - the man with a sonic vision and a particular skill in delivering it sits alongside Sweden’s Krusseldorf - who’s incredibly diverse works range from industrial experimental ambient to classical. Funsui (the new project from Paolo Polcari) also appears and leaves us with no question as to why his is known as a king of the cinematic sound. Variant Field, the US collaborative project between Amani (of Desert Dwellers) and Alex DeYoung, open this epic journey with ‘Fields Of Variance’. Also from the US is fellow sound evolutionary Bird of Prey adding a solid punch with his spacious electro-dub vibes. Gaudi has also added a special extra depth dimension of his own in the form of two of his new remixes (done especially for the comp) of two great heavyweights - The Orb and Trentemøller - neither need introduction and the impressive tracks also speak for themselves! It is a long and impressive list but Everlasting is much, much more than that ..it is an inspiring, engaging and first-rate listen. More info: http://www.iboga.dk/ http://www.facebook.com/ibogarecords https://twitter.com/IbogaRecords http://www.gaudimusic.com/ http://www.facebook.com/gaudimusic https://twitter.com/gaudi_music EVERLASTING – TRACKLIST CD1 1. Variant Field – Fields Of Variance (Spacious Mix) - Unreleased 2. The Orb – Meandering Through The Emerald Turf (Gaudi Remix) - Unreleased 3. Tripswitch – Squeeze Theorem - Unreleased 4. Tipper – Cuckoo 5. System 7 – Masato Eternity 6. Eat Static – Superior Technology Dub 7. Bird Of Prey – Atrium 8. Screen – Smokescreen (Psy-Dub Mix) - Unreleased 9. Gaudi – Filling The Void - Unreleased 10. Vacuum Science – Higher Force - Unreleased 11. Mad Professor – Tribal Ground – Unreleased CD2 1. Pete Namlook & Gaudi - The 7Th Spirit 2. Pitch Black - Harmonia (Deep Seed Mix) - Unreleased 3. Lulu Rouge - Thinking Of You 4. Trentemoller - Always Something Better (Gaudi Remix) - Unreleased 5. Shpongle & Alan Parson"s Project - Antarctica 6. Funsui - Rescue - Unreleased 7. Lamb - Butterfly Effect (Everlasting Mix) - Unreleased 8. Krusseldorf - Ear Buds 9. Vlastur - Ganja Man (Everlasting Mix) - Unreleased 10. Capes - Better Know - Unreleased
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