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  1. 1) What programs you use, and any hardware instruments, midi controllers, etc (PC Specs too)? I use FruityLoops Studio. Trying new VSTs every week. My PC is pretty average I guess. I bought it two years ago as a gaming PC. 2) On average, how long does it take you to build and finish a Song? I'm not sure I ever finished a song. There's always room for improvement 3) Which parts do you find tedious when building your track (if any), if it pattern sequencing, automation, etc? Finding good sounds. 4) Where did the inspiration come from to start producing music? Listening to music and playing instruments I guess. I played the piano when I was 10 years old or so and the guitar since I was 12. 5) AND Your favourite style to produce? Symphonic/Melodic music. Perhaps with a touch of psychedelic. I love to make creepy music
  2. I haven't listened much to old psy, so I'm not really into it. I guess as time goes by I will start appreciating it more though. We'll see Of course it matters how old you mean? I love the gamma goblins and most old hallucinogen, but after listening to Nystagmus / Talpa and the likes. Wow.
  3. ...and I needed some music to This is a song I just made. Happens to be very great With it's nearly three minutes of pure... pure... I don't know what it is. It's a kick drum, some bass, and a couple of melodies played on a NES and a SNES soundfont. The song has a hint of psychedelia at one point, but most of all it's a funky tune. It should be listenable for all audiences, except maybe some picky ones. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O72ALP2I (It's in Swedish, I know... Or maybe it isn't for you, but anyway "Klicka här för att ladda ner" = "Click here to download" It's in the top right corner of the page. Maybe you'll have to wait a minute first, like with rapidshare.) Tell me what you think. I may have exaggerated a little in the description, but you get it
  4. I have 488 hours (That's 20 days) of psy on my hard disk (including some live sets etc. so I guess it's a little less unique tracks). And that's almost only from 2005 and 2006 and not even close to all releases from those years. Counting all the previous years too there'll be considerably more. I'd say there's at least one or a few months worth of psy out there. Edit: I wonder how many of these tracks that I've not once listened to
  5. The Basstardz compilation presents: Toxic - Sos Tasis Today's favorite track. After 3 minutes it goes totally wack It's like I'm at the circus or something. Boobopbababaaapbobooboboboopboaoap... I can't describe it, it's very corny, but it works wonders! Boobababobabbababaaaa bababaaaaa bababboo babaooooo
  6. Did you make this compilation yet? I'm interested in which songs you've chosen
  7. Yes...? Most of it is about the Swedish government and the police force, some of it is about just having a good time. Like most hip-hop I guess Not very much about forests
  8. I don't know percentages, but the list (in order) goes like this Psytrance Video Game Music Metal Classical Music Hiphop, mainly Swedish Reggae Chill/ambient Whatever MTV's playing when I turn on the telly. (0.1% or so ) It varies each week too. Psytrance is usually in the top though
  9. My favourite scale is the harmonic minor I also like arabic scales, and japanese ones. I've heard some great music in major scales too though. There's much great classical music. Too bad they almost only use(d) the major/minor scales in that genre. It would certainly be interesting to hear classical music played in a different way.
  10. I like my mother's singing. It makes me happy. OR DOES IT?
  11. Now Playing: Taika-Kim/ Aavepyörä - Goddess Guerilla Nice track so far Now, are you doing this on GNU/Linux? One of the reasons that make me feel like I have to stick to Windows is that I couldn't find any nice program to make music with in GNU/Linux. Although I'm a little puzzled with the images of the tracker and the... whatever that first screenshot is, I'm interested in this program. I guess I will have to read about it
  12. Sample sounds interesting, but it's too short to tell.
  13. Various Artists - Predecessor Catatonic Despair - Blades are for... Aldus B - Electric Snow Bunny (Kinetik Edit) Deimos Phobia - Depraved Future Well, this whole CD is sick.
  14. S.W.O.R.N. - Poultry In Motion Seriously, this song name is beyond psytrance trippyness... It's just plain stupid
  15. Weekly top 1, Synsun.
  16. And what does it mean? The Art of Being Non? Non? What's a non?
  17. Don't ask me! I have no idea what that is, but it sure is popular! KILLARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!1111111eleven Edit: I'm downloading right now: 01-va-anjunabeats_vol_1__mixed_by_above_and_beyond-snd.mp3 Edit again: I've listened through most of it and it's pretty good... It's not very psychedelic, but it's nice if you like house/trance with very nice vocals Sure, it's a little psytrancish, but not very... I like it anyway. I'm not sure if it's the same as the people on last.fm listened to though.
  18. AudioRealism Bass Line It costs a bit of money, but it's really great. Maybe you can try it using p2p software to see if it suits you. I think it's really great for psytrance
  20. I HATE PLASTIC! WHO INVENTED IT? FOR WHAT REASON?! I guess "other", but I don't really care. I voted digipack, but I regret it.
  21. http://www.last.fm/tag/psytrance What do you think? Is it what you would recommend? Infected Mushroom? Simon Posford? DISCUSS!
  22. Daze just told me on irc. We're going... Maybe we won't join the camping fun though. We'll see... Anyway, enough about that. Talpa... Mmmmm!
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