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  1. I just wish the lullaby would be longer. I love that track
  2. Synsun - Embryo reminds me of Zygote It's very much the same? What? Still :wub:
  3. cangrejo


    I don't get it. Some people have problems accepting your way of reviewing, and you quit?
  4. How about the bassline in these two tracks: Infected Mushroom - Scorpion Frog Nystagmus - Tommy is Dead It's identical... And it's damn good. I think this is a good way of improving music, not stealing. Maybe it's because Nystagmus is a very talented artist aswell and not just some copycat wannabe, but I think it's only fair to use a something from one song to improve another. Edit: Oh, and the bassline isn't just the 16th note bassline pumping It's a nice melodic bassline. It makes the groove groovier
  5. Eh, that's not it. Or is it? Yes it is. Great. Thanks Sorry about the low quality and bad sound of the "sample", but I only had the melody stuck in my head, so there was nothing else I could do! Now everyone listen to the real version and please forget all about this. I love you
  6. Yes yes, one sec... Edit: I had to zip it because they didn't allow .mp3, but I guess that's ok with you http://files.upl.silentwhisper.net/upload2/whatwhat.zip It's probably some chi ad track or something... Too embarrassing
  7. It's a melody from some song I thought it was a really big song, but I guess I was wrong... I know it sounds very bad, I just put a 3xOsc and made an attempt at playing the melody...
  8. What song is this melody from? (It may not be perfect I made it from memory) Rapidshare I want to listen to it! I probably listened to it yesterday, and now I've got it stuck in my head Wow, I listened to it after doing other things for a while. It's horrible (I mean my version of it, still don't know which track it is) Please help me. I'm getting ear-aches I know it's a very famous track, and I should know which one it is, but I don't. Help me pleaase
  9. If you know me I guess you can say it's a step in the right direction.
  10. The Long Walk Home. You may remember the story how I posted a topic typing "Have I Sinned?" about a track by Zekazy (I said the artist name sounded similar to Skazi and that I liked the track, hence wondered if I liked a Skazi track and hence sinning) on the CD A Walk Through Neptune's Garden from the label that Jikkenteki is working at. Anyway, some argument started about downloading music and for some reason Jikkenteki himself told me that he would send me the CD. Free of charge. Now a few weeks passed and he said that he had forgotten to send it and that he would also send me his new CD (The one that this topic is about) aswell as A Walk Through Neptunes Garden. I was very happily surprised about this, as I thought he might have forgotten all about me. Anyway, the albums arrived a week or so ago and I've listened to them... I had already listened much to the Walk Through Neptune's Garden CD so I chose one of the other two CDs, the first of the two-CD album. I really put an effort into listening to it too (I was lying down on the couch with my eyes closed, not sleeping, just taking in the music better) and it really moved me. That was the first CD of the two, the chillout CD. It was a really amazing experience and something that I really had never experienced before. This is right now my favourite CD. Maybe because of the background, but also because of the great voyage it sent me on the first time I listened to it. I can really recommend it, and I will be looking with great interest at the future releases from Par-2. Maybe I will even buy a CD or two. I also read in the booklet that this album has a great story behind it. It's a very sad story that has inspired very very good music. I'm very sorry for your loss Jikkenteki and I hope you can move on, but you should know that I've never been this moved by music before. This was my first hardcopy psytrance CD and I love it. Thank you Jikkenteki for all the effort that you've put into it and sending it to me. It's really unbelievable and maybe I will personally do something for you in return or maybe someone else will.
  11. Try listening to it on a train trip or somewhere when you won't be bored with listening. It's a really amazing track I'm listening to it right now, and it... Day dreaming
  12. cangrejo

    V/A - Mesmerize` em

    Eh, any chance of posting a link to where I can find samples of this? Can't find any I found James Reipas' home page This guy is crazy His music: http://www.jamesreipas.net/mucis.html
  13. Oh nice Not that I need a review to know how great it is, but others may do, and it's always nice to read
  14. It's only supposed to show this particular part. I'm sure you can find longer samples of the song at saikosounds... In fact: The whole album at Saikosounds Direct link to the sample of Deviden Enjoy
  15. Abomination - Deviden (Album Version) Here's a sample of a really good break (I'm not sure if that's what it's called) in a song. Abomination - Deviden Sample The shotgun sound or whatever it is, fits perfectly. I love it Oh and btw, it's a nice song too, hehe. In fact, the whole album is great. You should get it
  16. Maybe I should just give it all up then. Traveller: I'm downloading that set right now Uhh, I mean METATRON
  17. I see... I've always been confused with different subgenres of different genres of music, not only in electronic music, and I'm trying to get things straight. So far I have almost all of my electronic music labeled as psytrance. It started feeling a bit wrong some months ago, but I couldn't really be bothered to make it proper, since there are so many differences between artists, and also between different albums of the same artist, even different tracks. Anyway, the progressive psytrance scene seems like an evolution in the right (whatever that's supposed to mean) direction.
  18. Fat (not as in killargh, but as in slow, very juicy, creamy, you can feel it in your entire body) basslines? Repetetive, in a good way (most of the time anyway), melodies of a few notes that after a while gives you a sensation of standing still in time and... well, not space. Maybe a little like house, only slower and has psychedelic sounds neatly baked in every once in a while. Maybe another layer with background sounds, some LFO. Slowly evolving tracks, carrying your mind around on a magic carpet of sound (corny, but true). You just follow the song around as it pleases, but most of the time you won't notice you entered the next part of the song since, most of the time, there are no clear breaks between beats. Hence the word progressive. And then the final question: Now Playing: Son Kite - Other Side Is this progressive? Now let's see. Did I get this progressive psy thing right?
  19. I usually sit up at night having other things to do. That's when I find most inspiration in making music Schoolwork really helps me making music, but not the other way around. Ehhhhhh, so what I'm doing while making music? Nothing special really. Nothing at all I chew gum now btw. *chew chew* (no taste left, chewing on anyway)
  20. I like Mozart! But I'm not Mozart (I wish (brutal rmx by skazi!!!11killarghgghgh!!1)). I'm not even very good at playing the piano, but I like making melodies
  21. pet store at night By me! It's stupid, zap zap zap tjogga tjogga kabakaba. It's more of an abandoned circus theme though, not a pet store.
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