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  1. This song, Prisma - Goblin Twist, is the darkest shit I've ever heard. It's not fast pumping dark, but it makes you piss your pants. And crap your pants... and fuck in your pants. It's like the death metal of psytrance. Ahhhh, I can't get enough. Just thought I'd let you know
  2. Talent is what makes artists different from eachother. Everyone can practise, but a few have talent. Of course you won't get good at making music if you don't practise much, but talent helps. And talented people can get what untalented people can not. As for it being overrated, I don't know. Never discussed it that way.
  3. I always end up getting kicked for no reason when I've been sleeping (You guys oughtta lay off those drugs that make you so paranoid). Can't be bothered to rejoin Maybe some day I'll come back Btw, if you see anyone named grul in there it may well be me.
  4. Let's see Sattel Battle - Dotman Sattel Battle - Windy Taste Any other song by Sattel Battle Oracle - Sapucai (which is very good, but still funny)
  5. [Thread approved by the forum gods] I'm hoping the bonus cd won't suck.
  6. There really are more important things than knowing the English language to it's extent, or well, maybe not. It still isn't nice to go bashing people for their lack of language skills though. It isn't nice bashing people at all! That being said, I like the track, but then again, I like full-on (some of it anyway) and video game music. It's a great combination.
  7. I'm not listening to any music. It's a really creepy feeling, you should all try it some time.
  8. Psychedelic for me is something that isn't like reality. So surreal would be very much psychedelic, as is this game. However, I don't know if this is the definition of psychedelic, so don't quote me on it.
  9. Is the off-topic being read only for everyone? I don't get it
  10. What kind of psy is it? I don't have much bandwidth... (Edit: I have much bandwidth, but I'm very lazy ^^ Hmmmmmm, yeah whatever, I'll just download and see for myself. ) Sorry for making no sense at all.
  11. Wow, I totally agree with OP.
  12. Edit: Look at the name of the picture... (spoiler: it's "adolf shitler.jpg")
  13. Wow, he looks better now (an old picture?) than he did back then. He musta gained some weight. Hehhahea:
  14. I hope you get beautiful kids with lots of hair. I mean, filling my thread with the best 90s music ever. I'm so proud of you.
  15. Maybe the off-topic section would've been more appropriate. Anyway, I've been to hong kong once, but I never set foot outside the airport so I don't have much information about the country itself.
  16. Talpa - No Place to Hide When the second pitch of the synth kicks in at 3:04 I OVERFLENS (This isn't even an expression!!!) And then of course when the psychedelic synth comes in at 5:17 I OVERFLENS AGAIN! Holy shit, I didn't realize how good this song was. I was sitting on the toilet and started humming on the first synth-melody. When I was finished I went to listen to it and OH MY GOD IF I HADN'T JUST BEEN TO THE TOILET I WOULDA... Well, you get the point... This is of course my opinion Please post your favourite songs too
  17. It's a good album. I don't know why you hate it so much. You're blinded by fear. For example: Eskimo - Wake Walking Dream is a good track. Should be trippy enough for you. I can't say it's my favourite, but it's quite nice.
  18. Svenska Akademien (It's "Swedish"(skånsk) hip-hop, really nice) I dunno what song it is, it's not on my computer
  19. Alright, things that you think are good/fun/thoughtful/blahabbla etc. about psytrance goes here. Thanks to FP who made this topic possible. To me it's: The really good music that blows me away The really funny music that indicates the high amount of hallucinogen usage in the business. DOTMAN!
  20. Those two things together? So hard :( Then you must spend like an hour on each song!
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