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  1. Thanks Andonis, will look into that!!! On the same topic, anybody know where they playing this NYE?
  2. Glad to hear the enthusiasm, absolutely love this album. Can anybody recommend anything similar sounding thats been released lately?
  3. Skazi - My own mix, at the mo, Animal. Old school but fun listening at the moment
  4. May I ask? Has ANYBODY listened to Commercial Hippies - If you cant stand the heat.... (Nano records) ? And if so, your opinion. Theyre pretty new to the SA scene and Id love to know what you guys and gals think.
  5. Id have to go with Insejn, all Timecode releases, especially all those from Artifakt that I dont have. Also a couple of Nano records albums Im missing
  6. The lineup seems pretty cool, never seen astrix live so gonna have to make it to this one. Havent been to an outdoor in what seems like yonks now, looking forward to it!!!
  7. Yeah, Vortex and Alien Safari are by far the biggest and baddest parties. If youre looking for something a little smaller and more intimate try an Earthdance party, always seem to get the most amazing venues and decor is a must see. Happy trancing in SA. Have a stomping time. Oh yes, some more places to get tickets for parties are Cafe ERT and Rugged Vinyl
  8. Must just say, glad to see so many people taking a liking to the South African scene and the music theyre getting out there, definately think theyre taking it up a notch.
  9. Id have to say mostly full on and uplifting but some dark psy is also good when youre having a good stomp.
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