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  1. You get about 1 gram of weed for 5 Euro's, and you aren't allowed to smoke it in most public places indeed, but what Snapinho already said, you can smoke while walking through a park, town or something like that, just don't draw tooo much attention while cops are near (not that day will act, but it might)
  2. Same feeling here, it lacks what I'm looking for and Its hard do describe that.. matter of taste I guess
  3. It was nice! some really wicked and loooong mixing got some inspiration out of it, thanks a lot
  4. Terranoise! man, what great dark stuff that is.. melodic twisted and still major bassline PHATNESS!
  5. Thanks for sharing mate! Some great tracks you have in there, wil check this one out
  6. Thanks for this link Mike! Psilodump releases great stuff!
  7. KNS has such a nice mellow groooove, really worth mentioning, can play it over and over again and it doesn't bore me
  8. Yeah he properly takes good care of his CD (he's also a really nice DJ )
  9. But what tracks did you like the most? I think some tracks really miss dept compared to his previous work! (sorry to say so.. I'm a real Shift fan for sure but this just doesn't cut the cake!)
  10. I think its the worst shift stuff to come out lately.. Get inspired bro! take a production rest and give it some new twists in the future
  11. Psykovsky vs deja-vu project - Only love (we will take) takes 18 minutes of your time.. but it is actually quite a nice track
  12. Nothing special.. only the Void - Highway to hell track is nice dancefloor stuff! (too bad the sample sucks haha.. the rest is nice enough, grooving! )
  13. Taake - Doedskvad! One of the best blackmetal acts out there IMO! fans of this genre really should check it out. Taake kicks ass
  14. Hmm.. i'm going to name a metal album instead of a psy album The most played metal album this period would be Keep of Kalessin - Armada (2006) At first I was a bit ankward about this album but soon enough I realised it is really an awesome album, really diverse (progressive) blackmetal with enough pace and agression to keep it interresting for me and finallly a band with a sound that hasn't been copied from other bands.. great speedy and epic riffs and I actually like almost all songs on the album, which is rather unique Recommended for every metalhead here! And thanks for the great contest Faze, it rocks !
  15. It kicks ass Mr Bouma! Good work!!
  16. I like some parts of this release.. track 2 and 5 stand out of the crowd and so is the really hypnotic sound of this guy! But.. it lacks development imo! it's.. too minimal, it drones on and on and on and there are only little changes made in the sound of the tracks.. but it works for me sometimes hehe. Check this out if you're into minimal stuff.. this album has a nice sound!
  17. FrozenRealm

    Shift-Byte Me

    Very well put.. I actually like the tracks Ear Dis and Slide the most, but the rest is really mediocre compared to Shifts older stuff... And the breakbeat stuff ain't no good too imo. Too bad I hope his future tracks will suprise me again!
  18. I've checked the samples and it got more towards the dancefloor styled full on! but.. I don't mind playing that Really curious for the entire release, his previous album was sweet!
  19. It's a nice release for sure! but as always.. people should take note that DP's enthousiasm can be a bit out of line ! (no offence dude.. but you're really really positive when reviewing most of the time, even when a cd is a bit mediocre imo ) So, yeah.. good stuff but i've heard better the last couple of years.
  20. Orbital - Middle of Nowhere Underworld - A Hundred Days off A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!
  21. Shift - Byte Me is on my way from Psyshop.com Also I'm gonna buy Chromatone - ChromaConnection if it is released, nice full on
  22. Now downloading I really appreciate the fact that you share your music for free! Hope you get some good respons, will tell you later what I thought.. thanks!
  23. - Shift !! - Rinkadink - Artifakt (haha if he ever has the time to type some correct English instead of weird ass signs ) Pick those!
  24. Greeaaat really looking forward to this album! And nice he reworked the Dune tune... when I heard it the first time I also thought he could do more with it Cover is ugly indeed.. but aah, can't be arsed hehe
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