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  1. I do like some parts yeah! especially the 303 acid lines.. maan.. I'm a sucker for those some parts sound a bit minimal though and that's not my style, but the acid part is jummeeh !
  2. Let's try this thanks for sharing your stuff nemo!
  3. I like the groove and the slowdown in the middle section overall nice but could use some nice lead change! and eehm.. your bassline is sweet as always keep it up and finish a tune! ;p
  4. Not to buy.. it's there's loads of better S.A psy around.. this really mediocre/nothing news stuff doesn't cut the cake !
  5. His live act @ full moon festival this year was one of the best the new CD will rock the floors and my homespeakers I guess.. release it goddamnit!
  6. +1, I agree on TS, but this Phyx album just let me down bigtime even as a S.A fan, he didn't impress me much lately.. maybe I was just expecting too much.
  7. why should he if he's happy with his current selection? Song of the day hmm... Brersoul - Surrender, oldschool house classic for sure!
  8. You can actually DO judge something by 4 minute samples, you can get a preview of the entire works and as you said it is NOT as brilliant as other timecode releases.. then there must be something wrong! I wished it was.. and I will listen to the entire cd, but my hopes are very low at the moment.
  9. Heard the previews @ saikosound , and I guess it's probably an anti-climax, the samples didn't entertain me at all.. too bad :
  10. These teasers do sound NICE and FUnkeeeh! Keep it up Colin!
  11. Keyfactor is: you don't have to buy an entire album for 1 great kick ass track. Happens too often that a random V.A nowadays contains 1 or 2 tracks I really appreciate and the rest I do not bother/are fillers and not worth my money. So yeah, this is a way to get the right tracks.. but it's expensive indeed.
  12. Yeah, candyraverglowstickhorror it is.... stay away from this piece of plastic if you care about keeping the scene a bit intelligent
  13. Hehehe I thought the same.. was aiming for that one
  14. I also was on front @ the Tristan set hehe, hope to see a video sample coming anyday:P
  15. What Inserin said Not very much impressed, only good point I can think of now is the diversity in kicks/bass used compared to most acts..
  16. Very nice tracklist! will give a comment later on when i've heard it all thanks for sharing Basilisk!
  17. Thanks for the sets still have to listen hehe... and those CDJ-200's in the last pic look lovely <3 great gear!
  18. Get those Midi Milliz albums people! for little more then 4 euro..its a major bargain!
  19. Good for homelistening imo, maybe bit too strange for a dancefloor nowadays, but I still dig it, nice mixing!
  20. Same here! 100% sure i'm on that vid, never left the stage haha!
  21. haha already did see myself in the vids, nice! hope the rest of the samples will be up soon!
  22. haha Peter Gun - Your name on my ass
  23. Same here, Supergroover bought it and reported that I should check it out! Glad he did its a nice album!
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