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  1. *KICK!* This one deserves some more attention! Anyone who's into some S.A Styled psy should check this out, it's not very refreshing but the production is TIGHT and the songs really entertain, these guys know how to bend sound the right way, check it out! http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/mtt/mtt1cd003.html
  2. Nice! Chi A.D - Pathfinder was just playing here hehe.. great stuff!
  3. hmm his live act didn't impress me much.. but will check this cd out I guess
  4. Psyshop and Saikosounds for me, most of the time psyshop because of the fast delivery! but Saikosounds if psyshop hasn't got it Both excellent in delivering.
  5. Sounds good! downloading as we type.. will post some feedback later on, thanks for sharing Anoebis!
  6. Will do that right now thanks for the info! Edit: Another download link: clicky clicky! (zipped archive)
  7. What he says! i'm not really into the world of paid downloading at the moment (rather buy cd's via psyshop/saikosound), but will check it out somewhere soon.
  8. Wow... great response so far! thanks a lot already. Anyone got a better site for uploading and sharing files? Rapidshare was the first I could think of.. but next time around I may put it somewhere else.
  9. Hi Psynewsers! Just wanted to share a set i've recorded this evening, it hard grooving full on psy with a dark twist to it! Hope anyone of you will like this one! Mixing isn't the tightest ever but it's OK, no major mistakes hehehe. Enjoy, and please give me some feedback if you feel like it! Will also share a progressive (way more laidback hahah) set soon.. greetz ~ SONIC AVALANCHE 29-8-06 ~ Tracklist: 1. Shift - Machine Soul 2. Frozen Ghost - Mushroom Mayhem v2.0 3. Shift - Nightwave 4. Rabdom L - Hidden Hand 5. Pitch Hikers - Sink In 6. Seroxat - Friend or Enemy? 7. Twisted System - Bussiness Hippy 8. Phyx - Hounds of Hell 9. Frozen Ghost - Dr. Hooligan 10. Multistate - Grandma Death 11. Damage - Dead People 12. Samadhi - Orange Total time: 71:07 mins Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/31254368/Erzo_2...c_Avalanche.mp3
  10. Krumelur is also hosting entire songs from this new album at his homepage! http://krumelur.trance.net Best samples out there ofcourse (very friendly of the artist! good way to sell music imo!) succes with this release, it isn't my style though hehe
  11. Thanks for this link Ritual! the samples sound really awesome indeed! Considering to buy this stuff for sure!
  12. thanks for sharing your mix.. but I won't burn my hands on this one!! 02) 05:24 D-Nox & Beckers - Switch [bullet Proof Remix] Probably one of the worst psytracks to be released this year.. puke !
  13. Got it.. mixing is nice but the tracks a bit hm... well I didn't move me much Liked the Feelin' Electro track but heard it too often, still.. thanks for sharing your mix!
  14. Quote worthy, well thought out! (i've seen Dj's play music entirely in the red volumezone of the mixing console, no wonder they get deaf )
  15. Also interested ofcourse! one of the better live acts i've seen, hope this album will be sweeet
  16. you really have some nice effects and percussion, also your work on songstructure is good.. keep it up!
  17. To be honest, it sucks! The buildup sounds wrong, the instruments fail in timing and in adding anything like depth or so, boring random effects and it sounds more like a gathering of random sounds then actually a (sort of) cohesive song. Sorry to be so blunt but you really lack any production skills at the moment.
  18. Thanks mate! downloading right now, will add some comment on the mix later
  19. aaah I really like demos and this one is great goodstuff!
  20. Nice intro, nice bassline and nice effects although I have the feeling you've been working on better songs (or rather, more interesting ones) in the past:) you should make an entire song out of this and repost the update
  21. Really nice mix of relaxing tunes dude good mixing and nice flow!
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