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  1. Ummmmm.... What "crap" are you referring to carnage? Seismic, what you're trying to say sounds beautiful, but I can't decipher what it means. Nice try tho
  2. Hey guys. I'm looking to find a really good vocoder. The one I have is absolute shite. I have little/no experience with them so some light on the matter would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hey DJ Mylo... a few things I wanted to ask you: Why do you chop your basslines? Are you looking for sharply cut notes? What plugins / hardware do you use for your bass? What trips are those? They look tasty And the other thing - "DJ Mylo"... Do you really like milo or is there some other reason Seriously tho - I'd like to know. Adios
  4. Heavy days! I couldn't believe this was for real until I skimmed it over. That's actually really handy. Say you wanna use Logic, but you're dying to use VB1 from cubase in ur song (juuust for instance ok). You can hook ur mac up to somebodies PC and run the midi interface thru Cubase. Am I getting this right? Would never have thought it necessary but hey! There are people who want to do anything and everything in this world.
  5. WIIIIKID! I've been dying to get hold of a chopper for ages. Can't wait to try this out after work. Thank you!
  6. I put them in my bag and somebody (or maybe me) sat on them! It was about 2 years ago, I can't remember exactly. Also - be careful of the wire. But yeh, they're quite sick phones I have to say. Maybe I'll get another set one day.
  7. I used to have some KOSS phones. I fucked them up in about a month They weren't cheap either.
  8. Very nice sound you got outa reason there, I'm well impressed. And might I too say - very Talamasca-ish. Nice work m8
  9. The other side looks much better imo
  10. Well I think it's alright. Only problems however, as towlie said, a little messy. It's got a lot of dimension, I like the microchip circuit implementation. I see that shit all day under a microscope working at Intel the last year. Was thinking of using it too to desgin a CD cover before I saw this one (damn). I think the head might have been done in a 3D application such as studio max. Shapes like this are actaully very difficult to make and I think it's a pretty good job if I'm right. The eyes are creepy. Typographical layout is unfortunately bad - badly placed. The text has been placed in busy areas. I hate where he's put the album name's text. And that font doesn't fit in either. Ok, I'm starting to like it less the more I analyze it. But hey, I wouldn't slate it - it's a lot better than some album cover's I've seen.
  11. Yeh, take his word for it. 20 gig is nothing these days. In my PC I have 3 160gig drives. Not that I need it all, but I'm clocking over 250 gigs of content. Most of it is music and samples. If you want a word or two of advice, don't buy a Sony laptop. Don't get me wrong - they're very good, but they're extremely overpriced. For somebody who's on a strict budget, it makes no sense at all. Rather buy a more powerful laptop but get a decent brand. None of this PC-world nonsense. Buy a laptop online, look on ebay or somewhere else. Music making is very very resource hungry and it's only lately that there are laptops powerful enough for this purpose. I'd say if you're getting an intel laptop you'll need at least a 2.8gig processor and minimum 512MB of ram. If you're looking for a cheap soundcard that'll do the job, look no further than the Soundblaster Audigy 2 NX. My friend has bought both an M-Audio firewire external card and one of these. He mainly uses the audigy - even for music production. Reason being it's a very good card and it's very simple to use and set up. It's also quite powerful and you shouldn't need more than this - epsecially if you're starting. They're also incredibly cheap for what you get. Look on www.komplett.co.uk for one. If you're moving back to Cape Town, I don't know how you're going to take studio monitors with you. They're fuckin big and heavy and you'll have to export them. You can use a good set of phones in the meantime but you'll need a set eventually if you want to EQ your mixes properly. No phones come close to monitors in reality, even mastering headphones. Otherwise you're planning on heading back home are you? I'm also from Cape Town (Marina da Gama - Muizenberg side of things) and came up to Europe in August. The reason being I wanted to get into music production. You might find things very expensive in Cape Town as far as equipment is concerned. Also - the UK is so much better connected. You might decide if you want to get into it seriously that you want to come back here. I miss the sun though, as I'm sure you do. Even if I did go back for Newyears. Vortex rocked They're having amazing parties all summer. Cheers m8, goodluck!
  12. For sure, Audiorealism is about the best bass synth you'll get in a vst version. Vanguard is far too thin and metalic to get decent basses.
  13. I think he was answering grimoire's question...
  14. If you'd like to know a bit about the full-on genre, look a bit further down the forum and you'll find a thread with a few 2 cents' about it. Here's the link cos I know you're lazy http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=23704
  15. Some more timecode albums: Encryption Redline New Blood (latest release) I think there are a few more aswell... If you like CPU, I'd definately try and get hold of some of these albums if I were you. CPU has played at quite a few timecode parties and even released a track called "Keep the Timecode" for one of their CD's. Craaazy trance this!
  16. Yeh 4 sure, me too. That was classic though, I have to say. Do you miss hearing "Ingama lam..." or "eish brah, I got swazi"? Speaking of swazi - I got hold of an ounce the other day of compressed hahah. It's almost gone Have to get some more I will.
  17. Very nice Cybernetika, you're coming far my friend. I'm going to give you a critical review if you like, but my honest opinion no less. Firstly, I really like your synths. They're nice and dirty, you've tweaked them all well and they have good tonal characteristics. I think you're bassline comes in at a strange place though. It sounds to me like you're using AudioRealism Bassline with a bit of distortion on it. A word of advice - although it's a great synth, the distortion (aswell as the one in fruity) is crap and should rarely be touched. So if I'm right then maybe reduce the distrotion a bit. It does sound fine once other sounds come into play but when you hear only the kick and bassline it stands out a bit.Going on, I find the song flows nicely, lots of psychadelic elements to keep the mind entertained. I like the sort of 'break-beat' you've thrown in, I think it does justice. Alltogether a good track. Well done. I feel bad saying this but I'm kind of left feeling like there's something missing from this song. It fails to grab me. This is the problem most musicians have because it can be very difficult to find that one element that will make your track sound powerful and overwhelming to the audience. Think about it next time you make a song. Think about something that will make people succumb to the power of trance and will make them listen to it in close detail instead of as background music. That's all I have to say. On the whole, I'd say you have good prospects ahead of you. I think you should invest in a good piece of hardware that'll help take you to the next level myself (even if you're getting really good sound from your VSTs). Goodluck with your next track, keep us posted
  18. @ DJ Mylo Did u pull that one out the old archives? "ama'trance muzeck" - 'Tiz for most of us my friend, that's why we all use this forum. Psychadelic electronica. It's purely addictive if you can actually pay attention to it and not write it off the way most people do.
  19. I luff dis album wid all me hearts! I got hooked on listening to it over and over for a week a year ago. I still listen to it very often and I too rank it up there with eye to eye. And it's not cos I'm Seauth Ifrikin. My favourite style of music, and a very rare addition to psytrance at that. 9/10
  20. Some people are such psy-snobs...
  21. Good explanation. I like Talamasca's new album. It sounds like it's lacking a bit of power though. Maybe it's a french thing How about psydrop? What do you think of Fantasy Seeds? That's pretty damn full on for you.
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