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  1. Check out this music : www.download.com/augustineleudar My favourite is the bells of nafin. does anyone know of anything else out there in a similar vein to this, Biosphere, FSOL etc ?
  2. Say I want to use two computers each running a version of fruity loops. Say I have no midi inputs on my souncard, say i have two laptops and i want to run them in sync with each other. is there a way of doing it with network cables( or usb), somone told me there was a prgram that makes a network cable imitate a midi cable. Anyone know of it ???
  3. Device settings > thingmajig vst (anyway one of the ones lower down the list) > advanced (or is it expert ?) > lower latency
  4. http://www.dub-beautiful.org/radio/dbr.html This sites got some nice tunes on it free.
  5. Cheers anyone know any others ? Cmooon must be somewhere ? Or one of those ones like ampcast or mp3.com ??
  6. Really nice !!!!!!!!!!! Please DO NOT give it a heavier bass drum. I hate ponsey macho Psytrance with boring prominent bass drums. If anything drop the4*4 bass drum copletely and experiment with some more complex rhthms. but not with this track its really nice, just perfect, just goes to show what fruity loops can do eh ?
  7. Converting to audio frees up processor resources and allows you to cut and paste. However there no need to do it or "proper " way. it depends on your computer power, how many effects you are using etc etc
  8. Im not sure if this is what you mean so this might seem ovious to you. However you have to assign each midi track to the VST instruments. Its not enough to just open a vst instrument. This is done in the pop out lists on the list on the left of the track screen. Where it says midi one or whatever. Scroll down the list and click on tyhe VST instrument you have opened. Then the midi will play the vst instrument and the audio will show up in the track mixer listed under the name of the vst instrument where you can put effects on it. It will also show the midi signal so make sure you dont try and put effects on that ! As for exporting waves, just export or save as stereo interleaved but isnt generally necessary unless you want to save processing power. hope this helps !
  9. Youll have to input into the effect via the effect auxilliary send and return and output the return into its own seperate audio channel. This channel youll have assign to its own output of the delta card into the desk. More simple synth > delta input > effects send out (auxilliary) in cubase > effect > effects send return > own seperate mixer channel in cubase > assign to out put on delta card> out of delta card to own channel on mixing desk
  10. Does anyone know a good place to download really good quality chillout or ambient music for free online ???
  11. Some people mention that they have swapped from Fruity loops to Cubasesx as if they were competing programs. Theyre not ! Fruity loops is now a VST plugin and can be run as a cubase plugin usin the rewire section just like reason or rebirth can, so you can get the best of all worlds.
  12. Yes. FL uses 32 bit processing. In my opinion it has a better audio engine and sound than Protools, or Cubase and I use all of them (cept logic). However the way to do it is export the entire song length waves as seperate wavs (split mixer tracks in export section of FL) then import them into a wave editor like Pro tools, cubase, logic or acipro4 for the final mixdown and then you can cut and paste, sort out the EQ, add more effects ect. Acidpro4 works well for this.
  13. Monitor speakers. Without even the slightest shadow of a doubt.
  14. Fruity loops is king ! It has an amazing sound and is very versatile. Ableton live is rated for live use but I aint used it much. Protools is the professional standard multitrack but youll need to buy an mbox soundcard to get it if you use xp , a worthwhile investment if you want to go pro ! £279 : http://www.amug.org/amug-web/html/amug/rev...s/digi/Mbox.jpg acid pro4 is a cheap and good alternative if you dont want to fork out for an mbox. Cubase is the king of midi and has versatile audio editing facilities Cool edit pro (now called adobe audition) is good because it uses a 32bit float Waves plugins are excellent as are Native instruments Max msp and reactor are good if you want to get nerdy and create your own programs. Supercollider is the ultimate for meganerds but is a script based program but worth getting into for the long term, though its hard work and make take years to master. Basically if youve got a good soundcard (ie 24 bit 96 khz sample rate) and a good mic you can sample enviromental sounds and introduce not computer elements into the digital realm and get some interesting results, thus widening your sound sources to just about anything, a worthwhile investment if youre going to really get into it. Basically hardware synths are just a little computers in boxes so if you get a midi controller keyboard like this one : http://www.scitscat.net/catalog/images/edirolpcr30.gif you can get some equally good effects. a pair of monitor speakers is also a worthwhile investment. Igood luck !
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