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  1. I like it Rowe. I think the quality could use some attention. I think the mixing could use attention though. Nothing is EQ'd right yet. How'd u make that riff for the synth in the beginning?
  2. Thx for the feedback m8. Yah, like I said it's not quite done yet - that's why I'm looking for somebody's elses input. I do agree about the melody at the end sounding a bit off and I'll sort that out. Also it still sounds far too thin and I need to add in a lot of background samples. Maybe the jungle sounds of vietnam I didn't realise the kick was too loud, I'll turn that down a bit too. I made the guitar riff with Slayer which does the trick pretty well don't you think? Thx again
  3. Are your friends from South Africa? Oh, and what's the name of the tune? Sounds interesting
  4. Those Nord leads are sweet synths. Do you reckon you'd rather one of them over a virus though? They're in a similar price range.
  5. Very spacey man. I like your work, you've got a wickid sound. It doesn't sound very fullon to me at all though. Way more goa-ish. I think it flows very nicely. The sound quality is good, very spacious. Nice melodies. Good job I like your artist name Acidlab... makes me feel like starting one and distributing free LSD and making the world go crazy. I'll spray it in the air and poison the water supplies... Print on pamphlets with it and whoops I just went to far. Nice song.
  6. pOp... [fires a cork] You don't need to be a sellout to make fullon. Only if you wanna try make it commercial. Then I shoot u dead and throw you to the hippies. Let's giv this a listen...
  7. downloading em now.... will send feedback asap - maybe gimme a few hours
  8. I think Spindrift has the right idea. Most mainline fullon trance samples well known movies. Not only psytrance but other genres including hardtrance, house and hardhouse. I've never in my time heard a thing about either anybody getting permission or getting into trouble for it.
  9. AmithabaBuddha, no offence, but you seem very unwilling to face the facts here. Why is it that you are denying these claims about the software when you don't even know. It's a FACT that both Logic and Cubase have far better audio processing engines than fruity loops or reason. Everyone here is giving you sound advice, especially Daniƫl and yet you are just arguing. You say that Cubase is developed for hardware and not VSTs. Where on earth did you originate this idea from? Steinberg pioneered VSTs. Nobody here is saying that you can't produce professional music with Fruity Loops. If they are then they're just giving up too soon. However, if you want to get the most from your music then you'll switch over to Cubase and begin the whole painful learning sequence again as a sacrifice for better sounding music and to keep up with todays seriously high expectations. I use Fruity 5, and I have Cubase SX too, but I still haven't made the changeover completely because Cubase is very complex and takes a lot of dedicated time to learn. But it does sound better - I PROMISE YOU! It's not about being 'piki' as you say, it's a matter of preference. Sure you can get good sound out of FL nowadays - FL5 is even better, but it's still far behind the capabilities of Logic or Cubase. And about this hardware/software issue, how can you fool yourself into believing that software synthesisers give a 'cleaner' sound than hardware!!! Do you have any idea what hardware is cabable of nowadays??? Audiorealim is a good synth, but it's nothing like a real 303. Software synths are unstable and don't have anywhere near as fat-a-sound as some hardware out there. Why is it you think that hardware synths still sell like hotcakes when they cost up to 20X the price of emulated software? I've worked extensively with many software vst's and it doesn't even come close. If you're concerned about the control of your synth and automation and you wanna get serious about your music, then make a good investment and find yourself a Virus Ti http://www.access-music.de You won't even need anything else to complete a studio besides some monitors (you should really make that investment too). Basically I'm not saying you cant sell music or make good music from FL or reason, but if you wanna finally come to terms with the fact that you might some day want to take a step up, then Cubase, Logic or Protools (which is very expensive) will make that change for you.
  10. To put it in lamens terms, you can choose an effects channel in your instrument panel. Say for instance channel 6. When you double click on that number it will open up the effects panel, selected on channel 6. The effects you apply to that channel will affect all the instruments/samples you have set to FX channel 6. Glad you found audiorealism bassline. It certainly can make some great sound. To tell the truth, I'm not terribly convinced with software synths tho. I'm dying to get hold of a virus Ti. Looks amazing! Check it out at http://www.access-music.de
  11. I think Shri Krishna loox pretty cool 2 on that avatar it looks like he has goggles on and his halo looks like spikes or somthin. Who is he exactly?
  12. Hey chiragkotak. This is a good question. Infact, I was stuck asking people the same thing for ages until I realised that you don't need to layer your bass to get good sound. I use AudioRealism Bassline to do the trick which is the closest software you'll get to a 303. What I did find and which nobody told me is that the structure of your bassline is very dependent on the note lengths. Make them shorter than a full 1/4 beat. If you go look at the last song I made (Dopewars) at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/subsonik01music.htm I can tell you how I made it... Basically you need to tune your bass synth properly to start off. Adjust the decay to 0, the resonic to 0, envmod to full and accent to 0. Make the cutoff about halfway or so. The next important thing to pay attention to is the way you equalise it. Run it through a parametric eq and take off the high end, and dropping the bass incrementally the further you get away from 90Hz. Maybe raise 3000Hz a bit to give some definition. I don't find you need to necessarily compress the bass, as I haven't at all with this song. I find a triangle wave better suited than a square wave which some people choose to use. Next what's very important to get the right sound out of your bassline is to have a good trance kick. VERY IMPORTANT as this makes the bass sound completely different depending on which kick you use. Play around with different note lenths in a pattern to put some groove into it if you like, or keep them all the same length if a flatter bassline is what you're looking for. If possible, grab them all and stretch them at the same time while you're previewing the result. Pull them to the length you desire. Make sure the notes are in the right key! And that's about all I can say really. To tell you the truth, its only lately that I've discovered how to make the basslines sound right - but once you learn the methods in the madness, it's just downhill from there. Hope this is of help. I know it's not a direct response to your question but it's what I think you should know.
  13. I've got a set of them myself and I've had no such problem. It could possibly be the grounding or maybe they're overloading. They're full of protection electronics so that could be what's shutting them down. If you see the red lights flashing, that means turn em down. If that doesn't help I suggest taking the previous bit of advice and talking to the dealer. and not your dope dealer... Hope u come right m8.
  14. Whoops - this won't be cleared by Soundclick till tomorrow. Sorry
  15. Yo gang. Close to finishing this track but I need some more thoughts/inspiration. It's sorta full on, but more trancey and with more trippy pads. http://www.soundclick.com/subsonik01 It's called Dopewars. Lemme know what ya thinks. Tks
  16. Hmmmm..... Long standing debate. Different processors are good for different things. I have a P4 3.06Ghz with a gig of ram and it blazes like the bomb. It depends a lot on what brand of hardware you buy, such as an expensive asus or a cheap alternative. Also depends a lot on your memory and your soundcard. Intel have far greatre scalability nowdays with all the new features on their boards and are currently building multi-processor chips. In a short while AMD will also have PCI express and DDR2 memory. These new multicore chips by Intel however have 64bit extensions, much like the AMD 64s. There's good reason to wait for Intel's new crop but if you can't - I'd advise getting an AMD64. They're damn hot alright - certainly wouldn't mind owning one myself. But I have no reason to complain. As for Macs - They're good for certain things too. Very good for multimedia such as graphics and sound... pretty crap for games and other things. As well as the fact that they're run in a monopoly and cost twice as much. It depends on your purpose really.
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