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  1. Cheers fiery. It's the first tune I've mixed through my new mixer. Ohhhh I like the mixer.
  2. Hello. Hope this is the right part of the forum to post this in. I've just finished a new tune called The Trancemigrator. Have a listen and let me know what you think of it. It's at the top of my music page. http://www.psyfi.co.uk/music.htm Thank you.
  3. Thanks |o|o|p|i|u|m| That’s some very kind things to say. As for the name It was the first thing to come to mind when joining a forum some time ago. Maybe I’ll change it some day. Maybe when I have a album coming out. He he
  4. Thanks for listening Amygdala. I'm glad you enjoyed the production and the melodies in there. Your point about the structure is good food for thought and I'll mull them over when approaching my next project. Your comments are valuable and helpful for me.
  5. thanks mate thats nice of you to say. Youv'e made me blush. he he. I wasn't pushing you to say more just explianing why it was a very IM type tune. Thanks again.
  6. I started this track to play around with delay on bass lines. The old mushroom style bass lines work well with delay so it was fun to go and re-explore that style again. Glad you enjoyed the tune xiphiaz
  7. Got a new tune called "Transcended innit" At the top of my music page. http://www.psyfi.co.uk/music.htm I wrote it in logic but then bounced off each track to it's own audio file and mixed them in Live 5 to aviod Logics poo summing down. I think the extra effort has pad off in sound quality terms. Let me know what you think. Cheers. Oh and happy new year BTW
  8. Hello Towelie. The Bass is one of the standard sounds that comes with the ESX24. Logic's built in sampler. Thank you for listening to the tune mate. Hello Moni. Yes thats me the same psyfi who spends far to much of his time on both psyforum UK and psystream Get round don't I. Catch you on the psytream shout box some time soon mate.
  9. Ah cool got you Daze. Thank you. Very kind of you to say so.
  10. Thank you guys for listening it's allways appretiated. Not sure what Gi'wa next? means Daze but thankyou all the same.
  11. Like your stuff man. Lots of very creative sound in use. Only piont I would make is to keep and eye/ear on you bass and kick not meeting each other. I've been working on this alot lately and it's really pays of to focus on this alot. There is a good thread about this on isratrance http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/...c/53266/forum/2 Your not having any real probs with this at the moment but I think things would get even better when you have applied these techneques to your stuff. All in all though you music is sounding cool.
  12. Hello everyone. Just wonderd if you would like to listen and comment on this tune Me and a friend "Slinkytronic" wrtoe. It's called The last funketeer and it was fun to write http://www.psyfi.co.uk/The_Last_Funketeer.mp3 Cheers
  13. Thank you Mkoy. Remind you of Voice of Cod. Wow that’s a complement cheers. It could be because I've been reading lots on the isratrance forum where Colin posts allot and have been gleaming production tech off there. I've been paying extra attention to getting bass and kick not to interfere with each other, which was a big problem with my older tracks. Thanks again for taking the time to listen Mkoy.
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