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  1. You heard wrong m8. I'm running an Audigy 2 External Platinum and a friend of mine has ae firewire M-Audio card., It copes just about as well as a lot of expensive hardware does. It's a great card, don't slate it because of what somebody told you. Not to say I don't like the M-Audio, but when you compare the price, it'd be silly unless you really need that extra little bit of power.
  2. Yeah... you better watch out for those click-click san bushman people. Funny that, I bought the Gods must be crazy 1 and 2 the other day. If you guys wanna fall over laughing then watch that movie.
  3. Lol, I love ur new avatar Mylo. Oh and btw, regarding the questions you asked me ages ago... No. I'm not DJ Subsonik. Damn, now I've gotta change my name too. Screw it! Either that, or we must take out Subsonik from cape town and Mylo from Glasgow. I'll cock mah nine *click clink* And the other questions... I use Audiorealism bassline and now starting to use VB1 in cubase... very cool. Other plugins include Z3ta3, Vanguard, Pro53 and Absynth but like you, I don't like the taste of VST's so I'm trying to afford a Nord Lead 3x and a Virus Ti. I know I'm greedy but they don't come cheap and I'll be spending my dope money on them. Making music comes at such a cost (sob...sob)
  4. screw it dude, if you're getting a desktop PC, wait for their new Xfi card to come out... it won't be long, and it looks SICK! Incredibly powerful... go to www.soundblaster.com to take a look. Also a good review on it at www.tomshardware.com
  5. Lol, u still looking for a PC are you? I have no idea either actually, besides the fact that they're both AMD64 boards - never really been an AMD person, although I like their new 64bit multicore chips more than intel's. Why don't you go do some homework at www.tomshardware.com You'll find everything you could possibly every need to know about PC's there and they write the best reviews. Cheers BTW m8, this is a production forum, not a hardware issues one.
  6. Looks pretty good to me... Good price. Ebay u can find pc's for nothing.
  7. vb-1 can give u great basses. I like it a lot - must still start using cubase more instead of fruity. Don't know why I tend to stick to fruity.
  8. Or you could try the Audigy 2 NX. Supports 7.1 and digital. It's silver, not black unfortunately. Good card, even for production. Got some great effects and a hardware EQ. My friend has one - does well. Has ASIO drivers too. Look at amazon.co.uk if you don't have somewhere to buy hardware for cheap. Or maybe the creative website.
  9. I think XP64 should be out by the 1st half of next year. Would do you good to invest in an AMD64. They're very powerful. They have quite a few chips sent back to them however while intel have almost none. The new Western Digital drives are incredibly quiet. Anything over 120gig. I got a 160gig WD the other day and can't hear a thing from it. Much quiter than my 160gig Maxtor SATA's. Spindrift is very right about your Mobo - it can make a huuuuge difference what motherboard you pick. You might find windows constantly crashing without reason if you buy a cheaper motherboard like an asrock. I like to assemble machines myself so I know I'm putting in quality parts. It pays off, but you have to be experienced with hardware to do it. I'm packing an ASUS but would also go with an Abit. I think they're the same company actually. Also - you'll need some kind of soundcard. Look at the Audigy range again, the platinum versions are great for sound production at amateur/novice level.
  10. Just popping in a post to say that the last neutronix party at the Temple bar music centre was the best one yet! What an awesome time I had tripping my face off on mushrooms. You guys sure brought in some excellent DJs. Were some damn fine spanish girls fluttering about too! I believe they were Spanish DJs - anyways, they rocked the floor and the music was SICK all night long. Never heard most of the stuff they were pulling out. Would like to see many more DJs like these guys. I think they were Mekkanix. Peace.
  11. Dude, talk to the hand... really. Let sleeping dogs lie and stop bikkering like a child. Everything I say you bend and warp into different meanings. I'm not referring to psychos. And where the hell do you come up with this data that most pschos have great memories? And do I care? Does anyone? Look 2 posts up and you'll see that somebody else has exactly the same opinion as me about how 'psychedelic' this album is. Obviously you don't seem to understand that. end.of.story.
  12. tried to put in a hyperlink to the pic, but it won't show - sorry
  13. I was actually just looking for a VST vocoder but thanks. I should be getting a Virus Ti sometime later in the year or maybe next year. You can run sounds through it to use its effects channels (and it has a serious collection of FX). If you guys haven't checked that thing out yet I can't recommend it enough (I've brought it up enough times on this forum). The link is http://www.acess-music.de if you'd like to go perv. They're gonna cost about £1600-£2000 depending on where you shop.
  14. Yeah, the sweetest thing you could buy for yourself would be an AMD 64 (one of the higher range). When you go home, see if you know anybody who can buy from Retronix or Sahara because they have some of the best prices by miles. About the laptop - again, I wouldn't recommend even a Centrino chip. It actually does matter very much on the processor you choose. There are good ones and shit ones. The shit ones are cheap but no good to you - trust me. Rather save and spend some more money on something you wont try and sell in a month because its not good enough. Don't go and buy top of the range obviously because you'll just get ripped off - just get a high end system. If you can find a laptop with a P4 Prescott chip inside, then that'll be great. Unfortunately there aren't many around and the ones are will be pretty bulky and heavy. Still, it's worth the sacrafices. If I was you, I wouldn't spend anything less than £1000 on a laptop. Even if you need to take out a loan to pay it off. Look online at http://www.dell.co.uk and build a custom PC. Gig of Ram, 2.8 - 3.2 Ghz P4 Prescott, a nice graphics card if u wanna play games, etc etc. Can't go wrong.
  15. What processor have you got, and what sound card? You really need a powerful laptop if you'd like to make music on it. 512MB of ram shouldn't be a problem with only 1 VST. You also need at least a half decent soundcard with a laptop. Centrino's are built mainly for office programs and playing media.
  16. I'm sooo sure I know the guy you're talking about. He's usually at all the big psy parties. He is insane isn't he!? There are some girls who I've seen plenty of times in Cape Town who are not only drop dead gorgeous but when they dance you can't help but stop what you're doing and watch them. Mmmm. I miss home :_( I love caning the dancing myself. I stomp my feet off and make dents in the ground while moving all over the place. It's all great fun for the first hour but you really start feeling the damage after that - especially to your knees. I'm a real burnout There have been so many times when I've come close to passing out on the floor from complete exhaustion and dehydration. Whether there are substances or not. But I love every sweaty minute of it. I find I can dance with far more concentration and even for longer without the help of stimulants. I dance every chance I get when I hear good psy. It's something I can't hold off. Whether I'm in work, at home, on the street, in a car or at a party. It feels like the music links to a part of your brain and puts you on auto.
  17. Like it very much m8, gr8 work! What are you using to produce your bassline if I may ask (just wondering). Good work on the production but I like the tune too. To tell the truth I don't like the piano samples you're using all that much - I'm sure you can find better ones. Or at least throw some reverb onto ithe channel. Otherwise, like I said - gr8 work! I'm sure it'll sell once ur done with it.
  18. By dancy I mean bouncy, very structured - almost formulated. Like I said dude, read my post and dont be reinterpretting what I say into completely different meanings. And another thing - I didn't say I can't pick out a psytune. I said I cant easily recall tunes in psy tracks. That's the idea. Psy is meant to confuse your mind. Are you farmiliar with what the term psychedelic means? Here you go - just for you I pulled it out of the dictionery: psychedelic - adj. Of, characterized by, or generating hallucinations, distortions of perception, altered states of awareness, and occasionally states resembling psychosis. Now, I (and I doubt anybody) feel the obove mentioned psychadelic effect from club music. Not that I'm saying this album is clubmusic. I said it's veering in that direction. Now I see little point in continuing defending myself to you in a thread that's meant to review this album. I'm not calling it a bad album. I fully support Broken Toy. I'm a South African myself and I love the scene that's growing there. So stop disputing over something I'm not even arguing about and find something else to gather your post points with.
  19. Dude, b4 u go ahead and flame me like that, go back and read what I said. Where and when did I say "the more coherent the melody, the less like psytrance it is?" How can you just go ahead and stick words in my mouth? I am well into melodic psy. WELL into it. And like I said anyways, I really like this album.
  20. Overdose r u capetonian too. Heheheh, this place is full of us. Psychocell, I was too at the astrix party you went to. It was soooo wickid. Upstairs, downstairs, outside, hippy gas, upstairs, downstairs, more hippy gas... on and on. People were molding all over the place and colours where changing everywhere. I don't remember much more than that and sipping on coffee in the chill lounge upstairs. Fark those stairs where long and dark hey!?
  21. Yeh it's crazy innit? Some of these tunes or lyrics have gotten completely glued into my mind since I heard them. I'm getting bored of the tunes even tho I'm not listening to them! Arrrhghghg! It's great stuff I must say, nice and fresh. To be seriously overcritical and at the risk of sounding like a bastard, I find that it doesn't really fit into psytrance that much. It's sounds so dancy that it could almost be club music. NOT that it's a bad thing, I'm just saying. The fact that I have these tunes stuck in my mind proves me that it's not very psychadelic at all. I can't remember how any other psy tunes go but I can pull almost all of these songs out my head at random. Still - awesome piece of work, I like it very much. What's that lyric? Boys and girls.... something about toys? Real porno huh.
  22. That's some real self-promotion right there. Talking about yourself in the 3rd person and all. There was a guy in Cape Town where I'm from who stated releasing hard trance (which is a rarity there too). He called himself Phase4. Wierd. I know it's spelled differently but still. Looking forward to hearing your album John. Why don't you register and join psynews?
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