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  1. Downloading Sichuan now. I want to go there and eat spicy Sichuan food!!!
  2. $500 for pure... or i can hook you up some dirty shit for about $300 PM me
  3. I hear Audigy is shyte. I just bought M-audio 2496. I woulnt waste money on soundblaster...
  4. Hallo Hallo! Having a bit of difficulty getting fast full-on apprg. melodic basslines... Using vsts.. at the moment most my basses are produced on Vanguard.. I can get simple apprg. basslines but they are getting boring... Phat Controller seems to have masterd this. Please help
  5. Thanks for the feedback.. Also I have another query: I have spare SDRAM 128MB x 2 and 64MB x 2 To save money I was going to use the 2 x 128MB SDRAM in addition with buying maybe a 512MB RAM... is this a good idea or should I avoid SDRAM at all costs?? What implications does using SDRAM involve? SDRAM Vs DDR.... thankss
  6. why AMD over P4?? my budget is <$1000au at moment
  7. I've been making psy for a few years now and I'm finally going to invest in a decent setup... in a few weeks I will be putting together a computer in China and Thailand.. At the moment ive resorted to using my g/fs laptop and have fallen victim to latency, and basically cant make any tracks till i get some new gear... Currently I am only using Fruity+vsts, but will be running Cubase and eventually hard synths on the new setup.. Equiptment Im planning to get: -CPU: P4 530 1024KB or something similar -512MB + 256MB RAM -M-Audio soundcard: Audiophile 2496 -M-Audio MIDI Controller keyboard: MK-425C (small but i will be travelling) and maybe.. -Studiophile DX4 for monitors although they might be a bit small... http://www.m-audio.com Basically just wanted feedback on these products or similar setups... Whats the minimum computer hardware i'd need to keep latency at a very comfortable level... thanks
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