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  1. I think full on is more descriptive of a sub-genre of psytrance. True - the basslines usually fill the bars with 16 beats per bar or 4 notes to a kick but they can also fluctuate, some having longer notes or missing notes to create a flow and groove. In my opinion it has more to do with the sound of the song altogether than just the bassline structure. Most of the more commercial sounding trance is full on but I wouldn't say all of it. Think of fullon as really in your face trance. It's loud and it gets you stomping at a party until your feet go numb. Well... mine do.
  2. Is the creamware pulsar 2 system any good? It looks pretty nice. Heard good reviews...
  3. I thought so too..... I dig CPU. If you want to find similar music, look out for Timecode recordings. They're South African based and verrry underground. The most grinding music I've ever heard gets played at their parties. I can list a few albums if you want: Broken Enroachment Firewall and ummmm.... dammit I've got quite a few of their albums. Can't remember right now. Anyways...
  4. Do any of you love any of your particular synths for making psy? If you have a synth that is great for making psy and would like to share information about it (such as what it's particularly good at) with other music makers who may not have even heard of it, please do it here:
  5. Niiiiiiiiiiiice ONE! I can't wait to get home and put my greedy mits all over these highly rated samples. Sounds wickid (excuse the pun). Thank you so kindly.
  6. How much can you get those mackie's for??? In Europe they go for around E400.
  7. Mackie make some excellent speakers. I think I'd go with the SRM 350's myself. Looks like a very good price if you ask me.
  8. Luvvly. I must come add some more soon as I have the time. Been a bit busy with multimedia design and all, but I'll post some more soon.
  9. Don't steal my thread! There are plenty on this forum. Look at the "layered basslines thread". There's some info in there.
  10. Yo guys was wondering if any of you know about any psy parties going down in Dublin - besides the Neutronix parties in temple bar music theater. Thx
  11. You're quite right. People do tend to leave out ableton and cakewalk. I'll tell you one thing though. As far as cakewalk goes, it's probably just as good as cubase is. Infact, it's the most common choice for those living in the western hemisphere. However, if you live in Europe, you would probably find it a lot handier to use Cubase because there's so much support here. I haven't yet dabbled with Ableton so I'll keep my mouth shut about that.
  12. Sing for us ajay! btw... you do sound really confused - I can't make out much about what you mean. What are you saying about all the psytrance and 1 basic beat? I think you need to listen to some more maybe
  13. That sounds like the secret to web-design... I like where this is going...
  14. Yeh, when I bought the vynil album I was quite pissed with how much Avi has changed his style. This album is nowhere close to as good as eye to eye, but the production quality is very good i must say. Although the word 'commercialised' appears in my mind every time I crack on the album. I hope his next album goes more underground and that he stops trying to keep up with infected mushroom (who he loves). I think I'd give it a 5/10 for style... 8/10 for effort.
  15. OK... - I'll start off with one - I just came across this (http://www.musiciansfriend.com): Believe it or not, some thought should be given as to where the compressor goes in your signal chain. A good rule of thumb is to place any gain-type effects before modulation effects: i.e., compressors and overdrives before delays or flangers. Another one that's practically set in concrete is to put the compressor before any overdrive, distortion, or fuzz pedal - in order to send a stronger, better signal to the other effects. There are some musicians who place the compressor last, though, to boost their signal just before it hits the preamp of their amplifier. The drawback to this approach is that any hum or hiss introduced by other effects will be increased by the compressor's output gain. Sometimes you can remedy this by placing a noise gate before the compressor, however, the noise reduction can have an effect on the tone quality. A best-of-both-worlds approach might be to put your compressor first and use a signal booster just before your amplifier. Some musicians also like the sound of putting their wah or envelope filter before the compressor to give it a wider frequency range to affect. Experimentation is always encouraged, but putting the compressor first is recommended.
  16. Anyone ever think of starting a thread full of production tips & tricks? If anyone has any ideas to start off, you can put them here: (That is, if you don't mind sharing a little of your knowledge)
  17. Now there's a fair enuff reply... Also eonmak, there's nothing that'll stop me druling over the Virus Ti... It's completely as controllable as a VST but it's hardware. You control it from your PC or off the module. It's also running on a dual processor - so it's muchos powerful. I think it's a sick synth, I've never heard much software come very close to even a normal virus. Must get albino and atmosphere too though. Do you guys use Logic? Isn't ES2 only available for logic (i could b wrong)
  18. You're forgetting about the Berhinger B2031A Truths. I got them from Thomann Cyberstore for a good price. E400 including delivery from Germany I think. I've had no complaints with them, infact I'm really impressed. They're loud, great sound reproduction, quite a bit of bass and they're fitted with a lot of safety electronics. They're 225W RMS. Pretty huge and heavy though (which is a good thing) http://www.netzmarkt.de/thomann/index.html There's the link for Thomann. They have a few stores in Europe I think and supply loads of equipment.
  19. Nobody said it's a necessity... Software is all well and good if you can use it well. But no software VSTs can compare to a Virus Ti or a Nord just for instance... It's just the higher end of the scale. You get some software VSTs which are better than some of the hardware out there too - but only lower end hardware in my opinion.
  20. Polish a turd.... ROTFL! I would have givven a fuller review if I wasn't at work I'm afraid. Also you're right. What's the point of getting nothing but positive critisism? Don't forget though, you have to be careful what crits are good to take into account. Some people talk rubbish (xskuze the pun) and shouldn't be listened to. Tell me guys, what softsynths did you use for these tracks? Your sounds are of very HQ. I weeeesh I wwwweeeeesssh that I had a virus. I'm tairing my hair out saving for one!
  21. Ummm. What version of windows are you using? I think you should be using XP nowdays m8
  22. Jese, everyone has answers.... The talk of money has got everyone excited. OK... simple: You need sequencing / composing software to put everything together. Here you have 3 or 4 main choices: Fruityloops - easier for beginners, very good capabilities, easily expandable to work with other programs. Latest version - FL Studio 5. Reason - great package, contains all you need to get going. Unfortunately is somewhat limited with the instruments as you can only use the ones it has and no other "VST's" which are software synthesises. You can however plug it in to hardware synthesisers. Latest ver. - Reason 3 which has just hit the shelves I think. Cubase - Most professional mainstream composing software. Used my many of the pros. Quite complicated but very powerful and the best sound. The latest version of this is Cubase SX 3. Logic Audio - Made for macintosh but runs up there with Cubase. You'll also need a good soundcard if you want to be able to edit your tracks without skips and hickups every few seconds once things start getting busy. I won't say anymore on that. However, I'm using a soundblaster audigy 2 platinum eX and it works great. And they're pretty damn cheap in comparrison to other soundcards I must add. It's not really a professional card however. Once you have that, you need to think about studio monitors which everybody is saying. There are many cheaper models that'll work perfectly until you hit a pro level. Examples of these are the Behringer B2031A's (which I have and am very happy with). Alesis MKII and a few others are also good buys but usually not quite as powerful as the B2031's. Do some research to find the pair you'd like the most. If you produce trance you might think of getting a sub-woofer monitor too so that you can hear lower bass tones more. Monitors are important because they give a flat level of sound for almost all frequencies. When you produce music you need to hear all the frequencies without exageration such as stronger bass that hifi or cheaper speakers will give you. They are an essential mastering tool. OK, next thing you'll probably want is a half decent keyboard. Doesn't need to be too fancy, just something with a few knobs and sliders that wont fall to bits on you. If you can play a piano you might want semi-weighted keys which feel more natural to play on. Remeber, it's just an input-controller and you can always edit your notes in the sequencer package if you're not happy with them. You can key everything in to the sequencer too if you like and eliminate the need for a keyboard, but you'll probably find that it hampers your creativity. Now you need something that actually generates the sound if you're serious at all. Most sequencers now days have simple software-synthesisers built into them. But you'll need more than that. Either software (VST's or DXI's as they're called), or hardware. If you have money, hardware will always be the better option. Depending on the amount you want to spend, you'll get hardware synths which have more power, capability and flexibility. It's usually a good idea to couple a good piece of hardware with a few VST's. Some of the best hardware out there for psy would be the Virus (http://www.access-music.de) or the Nord Lead. There are plenty of other capable specimens but these seem to be the most popular choices. If somehow you're left with any money after that, you should get a good wav editing package. Cool Edit Pro 2 is excellent, as is Sony Soundforge 7. Hope that's enuff to get you started. You might want to build a studio one day if you're anal on accoustics. But hey - that's expensive talk. Goodluck
  23. Jese, what a bastard. Just tunes you rubbish. Never mind him - I think you guys are making some really awesome music. Just because the majority of psynews members can't appreciate fullon (must be a closed-minded thing) doesn't mean that fullon is crap. Don't waste your time posting worthless comments ppl - keep to judging the goa stuff. They don't understand that some people like to dance and not just send their mind to another dimension. Wottayouthink fullon is for DUMMIES? It's a combination of techno and psychadelia AAAaaanyways - back to the matters at hand. Nice high production quality level guys - good work. I think squeezyvision is veeery groovy. Double Helix-Armageddon is coming on nicely - I think you can take it a bit further tho, put a nice melody in it or some caning riff. Mikroship is a particular stomper - I like alot. I like the eerie pads and fx you have in the background. The riff sounded a little loud over the rest of the bassline though. Maybe just a few db softer. Also when the melody comes in I think you should tweak your synths some more to give it more interest and push. It's also a little loud - you lose the momentum of the song when the riff is too loud. But good song, no less. 3.33 is nice and dark - I like it. Good sound like with all of your tracks. On the whole I think you guys have a good future ahead of you. I'm quite impressed and I think this is some of the best fullon I've heard on Psynews so far. Keep it up!
  24. Yeh for sheezi. Sounds like phun. I'm a graphic designer too. I could help you out / maybe colaborate and even just make it ready for print or something. You don't need to use images as in full colour images. There are many alternatives to making a good album cover even using text or simple iconic graphics. Lemme know if you need a hand. jamesmdonaldson@hotmail.com chowping
  25. Well everyone has their own opinions but I'm not gonna tell you whether you should do this or that - I do like it a lot. I see where you're going with it. Sounds very tribal techno. Great work. For some reason it sounds a little grainy though. The bass isn't quite eq'd aswell as it could be either. On the whole - well done I'm jealous too!
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