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  1. Yeah, I really think there should be a special section for people who want others to listen to their songs. This business of mixxing it up with production techniques and so on is a bad idea. So many people post songs that you can't find anything else you're looking for. Not to say they're bad songs, but it's just an irritant. I think noobs should be especially cautious about adding their "brand new, hot off the mixer, great sounding songs" because often they're just crap. Here's another three btw... www.futureproducers.com www.psy-forum.co.uk www.samplecity.net
  2. Looks nice to me But don't take my word for it - I don't really play with mics that often.
  3. You're from Transylvania? Are there like... vampires and goblins and things there? Come on, upload your track again so I can hear it! Sounds like a stomper from what the other's are saying.
  4. I certainly wouldn't say it sucks now.... Perhaps you could add just a little more into it. Sounds quite like astrix's old stuff in a way (with regard to your control on reverbs, delays and some sfx). What set up are you using Xiphiaz? I'm interested to know where you get all your pads, synth lines and sfx. And are you working with Cubase?
  5. I really enjoyed listening to that xiphiaz, really nice work m8. You're music is coming along very far dude - I'm interested in stuff you make in the future. This only took you an hour!?
  6. Uhhhh. wot? Nice write up, but I can't manage to get thru half of it without my brains twisting. I guess its that time of the morning
  7. I think Rinkadink has come a damn far way for somebody with his opportunities. You must remember that his first album threw a whole new spin onto the psy scene - especially the sa-psy that comes out today. When I heard his debut album, I didn't know who it was (unnamed mp3's i must admit). I instantly, and for many weeks and months afterwards tought it was the best stuff I had ever heard. I got sick of it because I listened to that album over... and over... and over again. Now he produced most of that on his laptop - VST's, samples and headphones. If somebody can kick out those kinda sounds without hardware, I think you should take your damn hats off to him. I think when he produced his second album, he had a lot to live up to. He needed to make the same kinda sound everybody loved so much. So this album does sorta sound the same. Problem is, many of us are used to it now, and it doesn't seem so crazy anymore. I hope he'll adapt his next album a bit more personally, but I think he still did damn well.
  8. Yeah finish it I like your fat bass - you're on the right track if you're attempting full on... Now I wanna ask you 3 things If you don't mind... What'd you use to produce your bassline, the atmospheres in the intro and the those squelchy type synths I love so much. I'm trying to achieve that kind of sound but I don't know how! I those squelches are killllarrrh if you use them right! Nice work... keep going!
  9. I can third that. You're plugins go into a directory (usually steinberg\vst) as I'm sure you know, and that's where they stay. Cubase, like fruity or any other sequencer will access them from there. Just make sure you don't delete that directory! Also - some plugins like to install in their own folders in program files (I don't know who the idiots are that write the installers, but somebody should let them know what they're doing is wrong).
  10. I seem to remember a post here not too long ago with the offer of wizzy noise mastering cd's for a very good price. Maybe search it up and ask them if they're still in the business for doing that. I'm sure they'd do a fuckin great job. By the way, I think that if you really wanna put all you have into producing psy, you're gonna need to learn to master for yourself sooner or later. You need to start implimenting in basic stages from the start of your song. Also, you'll end up paying thru your nose with a record dealer when they "build it into your contract" Buy a mastering book. I'm planning on doing that myself. If only there were more on mastering psy, but I guess you either use your initiative, or get to meet somebody who know's what they're doing and hopefully shows you some ropes.
  11. If you can't afford you could... caugh.... caugh... look for it on caugh... soulseek caugh... just until you caugh... can afford it caugh.... or get it ordered caugh... sorry, need to clear my throat. ggghhhhhgguuugghhhhmmmm.
  12. Intensely powerful. Takes some serious learning however to use it properly.
  13. Deffo... That's the key - originality, but IMO you still need to be a good producer, and have pro skills. It's not just about the thought that goes into your songs, but the execution, and at the moment - that's where I'm fighting. Learning not only how a song must flow but all the little bits and pieces that go inbetween. How to process sound professionally, get great sounding synths, basslines, perc, acidlines, pads... that's only the beginning. Mastering the tools such as reverbs and delays... EQing (which I have next to no trained experience with)... and the list goes on. When I started making music I wanted to produce other varients of trance such as uplifting, prog, etc. In comparisson to psy I think it's piss. It's almost like psy could be one of the most difficult genres I could ever want to produce. So what do you do? Start with the easier genres and fold over into psy? Or do you put everything you have into learning psy and not getting your senses warped by the way other music sounds? I know everybody should try their hand at producing other genres, but I wouldn't expect to get anywhere with them without taking it very seriously and learning as much as I could about them (ie. more time). I don't think I'll ever give up on producing. It's just the anticipation. I've learned through the path that you only get better, never worse. The more you put into it, the more you get out - without a doubt. But I can't physically seem to find all the time. Maybe one day. I think the moral of the story is to have patience, and that can be said for everybody. Patience
  14. errr. I thought he said FREE bassline plugs
  15. Cinos! where's ur floating, sleeping alien avatar
  16. Those are the ones Shaft. They're keekers! So glad I bought them I got the white pair so that i could wear them undetected at intel, under my white helmet (it goes with a whole suit and all for working in the cleanroom). I would get the black ones for any other reason tho. Fontopia.... sounds like a font building program.
  17. That said, I've been in touch with Deedrah... I'm going to build him a web site - part of my personal portfolio. Hopefully I can spin a few tricks off him and maybe befriend some producers Thanks for the inspiration guys, some good words said. You've put me back on top of my day
  18. Listening to some new VA albums I got the other day, I was left with my jaw dangling open. It came to mind that some of these guys have been around for over a decade, and that time has sure paid off - being able to follow technology and gather the masses of experience and information necessary to become successful producers. The amount of different layers in psy nowdays is just phenomenal. So much goes on in these songs that there has to be some kind of formula to getting it right! Now - I have to wonder, will any of us newer producers ever be able to catch up to this level??? It takes many many years to actually get good at making trance, I know that - but every year that I've learned is another year that Logic bomb, or Deedrah, or Oforia, Alien Project, Astrix and how ever many hundered of these guys gets under their belt too! Where did they learn all they know anyways? Was it a really good audio college or just plain extreme experimentation? Am I just freaking out about nothing? Because I feel almost like I'll never get as good as the guys who actually get some money for what they do. Which means it woulnd't be a great career path If you think about it, so many people want to be DJ's and producers these days. Far more than parties can support. So it's more like a shot in the dark for most people taking up what is a very pricey career - a lot of time, a lot of music collection, which may pay off to nothing? Except some fun obviously. I need coffee.
  19. Go to KVR Audio for any free plugins you want. There should be something similar to what you're looking for there.
  20. I have a great pair of sony ear plug phones. They have changable rubber cups that lock the sound in your ear and outside noises out. Besides being extremely comfortable and wearable for hours and hours, the sound is crisp and bassy. I think I paid about £30 or something for them, but they're worth every cent and more. And they won't fall out your ears. I carry them with my MP3 player everywhere I wish I could tell you the model number, but they're the top ones in the sony earplug range. The play bass as low as 20Hz (which would be nice if you could hear that low)
  21. Ablino is great for a lot of things, I just got it and I can get some horrifying bass out of it. Me like a lot. Take a look at steinberg hypersonic and if you want more hardware sounding pads, then give atmosphere a try. I haven't yet played with it myself but I hear many people giving it praise.
  22. Hey Pixxan, go check this out http://www.tomshardware.com/consumer/20050516/index.html Its a full review on the Xfi which should be out soon. And also like I said man... I have one of the better Audigy 2's and I find it fine for making music. It's a lot more powerful than you may think. I would rather an eMU card if that's all I was using my PC for, but for a package, I like what I've got more here.
  23. I think that your BPM is all very relative to what you're trying to acheive. Psytrance as it is already sounds tremendously fast for it's BPM. There are so many hits and hats that it sounds faster than any other type of dance music for its tempo. Also, you need to take into account that with trance, people stomp - usually a stomp to the left followed by a balancing stomp, and then a stomp to the right followed by another balancing stomp. This is the way I've noted most people dance to psy at parties. If you think about it like that, then you realise that people need a certain amount of time to move to either side. I know it sounds funny, but really - it's like that. When the music gets to fast, you find yourself out of beat, sometimes falling about. This is especially true when you aren't feeling too sober or are tired and you misjudge your landings OK, so that's something to concider when you're playing a set, but then its also dependent on how energetic the music is. The less energy it has, the harder people find it to keep up when the pitch slider is pushed up a notch. I tend to find around 142 to usually be the the best for mixing energetic psy - at big parties anyway. I think you've got a good point there Mylo, it does seem to be the speed that most people can relate to. Every now and again, I think you should push it to maybe 146 or so, to get everyone going c-c-crazy but you have to bring it down again quite soonish or everyone will fall over or leave the floor from exhaustion.
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