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    Good TV Series? Any?

    It rocks! It's like your in the middle of it. So realistically filmed. And oh the suspense! My favs: Sci-Fi: Battlestar Galactica Comedy: 30 Rock The Big Bang Theory (you need to get used to Sheldon first) Curb Your Enthusiasm (extremely embarrassing recognizable situations from the maker of Seinfeld Larry David) Seinfeld Action/Drama Breaking Bad Dexter House Psychoville (pretty crazy show, but very entertaining)
  2. It must be said that this album is ear candy. Apart from my few critics above, I have to say that: - the sound quality of production is of such high level, listening to each song is a true pleasure - some tracks are a cross-over between Goa and uplifting trance (Magnetic Fields e.g.), which I adore, since I come from a decade of listening to uplifting trance only - the whole album oozes quality, right now I'm never skipping a track anymore (used to skip the downtempo track), it listens away so easily - the energy in the tracks boosts my mood, always a great excuse to put the CD in the player and turn up the volume - the basskick... the basskick .... is so tight, heavy and warm, it's ludicrous Marvelous, Zsolt! What a piece of work.
  3. 1. Magnetic Fields 09:18 2. Trancemission 08:31 3. They Will Communicate 09:30 4. For a Better World 08:31 5. Tropical Sunset 08:22 6. Mysterious Fantasy 08:01 7. Beyond Lightspeed 09:21 8. Close Encounter 08:22 9. Delirium 09:17 Having listened to the album 5 times in a row now, here's my little addition to the -again- great Penzoline review. 1. Magnetic fields is a great opener. I couldn't find anything wrong with it. 2. Trancemission might be a less interesting track compared to other stuff on the disc. Still it ends in twirls of acid, but ok. 3. They Will Communicate has a sort of chunky bassline instead of a rolling one. So the pace of the album is brought down a bit. The last run of the track makes up for it. Total chaos in yer face. Goody! 4. For A Better World speeds up things nicely. It's like the album found it's second breath. Full-on energy and fantastic melodies. Top class! 5. This downtempo track has been placed wrongly imo. Right now, at this stage, I want to dance and break my head. But we're told to slow down. I find myself skipping this track, because I want to hear the next one. This track its place is at the end of the disc. 6. Mysterious Fantasy is one of my favorites. Psychedelic to the bone! Deep and floating, but with enough chaos to melt your mindmass. Fantastic stuff! 7. Beyond Lightspeed is the best track on the album for me. This is Filteria stuff right here. Only, it's Artifact303. And he has that uplifting touch to it. It explodes, again and again and again. This will cause an earthquake on any dancefloor!! 8. Close Encounter is again a psychedelic stormer. Really enjoying this one and wished it never ended. 9. Delirium. After lots of listens, I came to the conclusion that Delirium might seems a little shy first, but it unfolds in a Goa monster. The end run is so psychedelic, it's incredible. Great ender for a great album. So I agree partly with Penzoline. While the start is somewhat hesitating, the album gets better and better near the end. It's a perfect showcase of Artifact303's artistic talent. It's right there in the top with Arcana and Exodus. All equally good.
  4. It's a plague nowadays. I'm always scared how many cracks and breakage I'm gonna find on that nice cd I ordered. Mostly it's a crack in the case and when it's not that, the little teeth of the disc holder are all torn off. Then it's time to find a replacement case in the attic. Real shame. Anyways... I hope someone will give Back To Space a proper review, 'cause this one deserves it! All tracks are fantastic with Mysterious Fantasy and Beyond Lightspeed as the absolute highlights for me. These tracks hit you with a wall of sound, which I could never have thought it was possible to create. Just listened to the entire album om the train and I can say that this is the best Suntrip release to date. The Antares album made clear Suntrip was aiming for the best of the best, but with Artifact303's album released, they are aiming for an eternal legacy. It was worth the wait, definitely.
  5. Yesss, the CD arrived in the mail today (Thanks Suntrip!!!)! And what do you know: not a crack in the jewel case! That doesn't happen often. It's a sign: this album is perfect! :-) Just started listening to the first track: I'm in love. Will be back.
  6. Yeah, that's the only reason for me not to buy it on CD. First half is awesome stuff by E-Mantra (can he ever do wrong?), but the rest is nothing like it. Well, just not my style.
  7. Ever since I heard Aggressor, I followed very closely the due release of Goaliens album. Like Anoebis, I'm also more into 'normal' (hehe, what is normal?) Goa Trance. But Aggressor did something special to me. It is fast, aggressive and it never lets you breathe. Blown away, that's what I was. Now that I get to listen to Goaliens album, it's pretty overwhelming. Personally, I can't handle a full disc of Nitzhogoa. I know, I'm probably a pussy. But it gets a bit repetitive after a while. Now with that said, there were more than a few surprises. Some tracks just grab you and don't let you go. Psychedelic Dilemma, Aggressor and my oh my Tragic Kingdom are some of the best tracks I ever heard! I can't stop listening to them. Perhaps it's because they sound more psychedelic to me than the others. However, Tragic Kingdom is less psy to me, but what a journey this track is. In this track I could finally breathe. Wonderful stuff right here. You have my full attention, Goalien. PS: Trance2MoveU, you're the king.
  8. I just previewed all tracks a bit and it was immediately clear that this is shallow stuff. Loved most of Cosmic Experience, but this is nothing like it. Tracks are going nowhere and it never gets interesting. Pitty.
  9. Arcas and Kosmodrom are wicked! They are more psy influenced than the sound of Arcana or Phantasm. But it's great. It adds punch. I don't think anyone should remix Oxygene. The original is the orginal and the rest can't really move me. Sorry Emmanuel, but I can't like it all. Stunning EP again!
  10. Earthrise and Wormhole are my favorites, for sure. But when I re-examined Eyeless Observatory upon Jon's review, oh my shit! It leaves bruises on those feet. Yes, this is Filteria's best. By far. It's a ruthless goa ass kicking you get and won't forget.
  11. Aspartic

    Filteria - Sky Input

    Damn, this album is still a big ass favorite. Galactic Rays still does it. Boom, up your ass! Spank it baby. That's what Jannis did with Sky Input. The energy and melodies of these tracks are so addictive.
  12. As Arcana was almost the best thing that happened some time ago (for me), I just had to explore E-Mantra's other side. The downtempo side. This is a review of the latest addition to my cd shelf. Visions of the past The door opens as one would expect, with lush pads. Some ethnic vocals welcome us. But soon, a darker mood surrounds us. Choir chants silently lead us through. After this moody and great intro, the psy-elements start to appear. Out of the blue comes this fat 4/4 downtempo beat soon accompanied by some raw stabs. E-Mantra, even downtempo, is still psychedelic here. Many little sounds add up to the whole and something apparent for the rest of the album: the sounds keep changing without the listener knowing where it's going. If you're into that, this is for you. A little melody now appears to guide the beat forward till the end. An intro that has passed-by very fast. Forever Sounds twirling like a vortex to suck you right in. The downtempo bassline kicks in right away to set the pitch. The tracks has a break kinda feel to it, downtempo break I mean. As in the previous track, some tingling sounds enter to move everything forward, while the pads in the background go up and down. Can't help nodding my head slowly up and down to this one. Around 3,5min we have a break where everything starts to build up again and the melody sound twists a little. Towards the end there is a greater trance feeling that goes more the uplifting way, but very subtle. Secluded trails Pure trance, that's how this one blows off. But wait, E-Mantra kicks right in with the basskick and the overall feel you get in the beginning is a dancing feel, nice and easy, but dancing. Some melodies remind you that this music is definitely still goa-influenced, some Indian touch. After a short break, everything is back to run towards the finish. Perhaps a less interesting track here. Menhir (2010 Remix) This one starts off pretty dark with some thriller-like sounds. Some bassline bubbles precede the always present basskick. The amount of psychedelica is much higher here than what I've found in the previous tracks. This is what people call, I suppose, psybient. But correct me if I'm wrong. More and more sounds enter the room and they all fit so nicely. I'm really enjoying this. There is a lot going on here. And then the melody. You like it or not. I can appreciate it because it doesn't overwhelm too much, yet it needs to be there. The second half of the track is simply stunning, warm trance pads put your mind at ease. Great track. Hypnagogia Well this one has the intention of being a true goa trance track. And well, it seems it is. :-) This one takes up the pace to 125 BPM, so definitely dancing material. The track evolves slowly as an easy-going trance tune. Some pads add a bit of mysticism to the whole. Nothing much happens here, but the atmosphere is quite relaxing and dreamy. Mindfluid Aah, a voice sample from Sam Neil as narrator in BBC's documentary Space. I own those DVD's. ;-) He explains some things about stars and galaxies here. I can highly recommend the documentary. It's great. The track also starts off great with those beloved acid stabbies. Again, a more uptempo track. The acid and some added sweeps continue to form a great deal of psychedelica. More and more psy elements come in to suck you more into it. Love this. Last day of the butterfly A breaks track. The sounds continue a bit from the previous track. Some true goa sounds intertwined with arp pads. They create a nice atmosphere. Soon a more prominent trance melody appears followed by the full power of the breaks beats. Quite the dreamer as well,this one. And I love butterflies, I used to breed them. :-) Emptiness (Reasonandu Remix) From the beginning this track oozes trance. And when the 4/4 beat enters the place, I can only further agree. Around 3min comes the surprise: a huge sharp trance sweep that grabs you. But it fades away soon to change into something else. Typical: ever-changing sounds on this album. The break is truly soothing, very calm and beautiful. Again, when the kick is back, I can't help shaking my head slowly up and down. The track is very trancy, but it has enough psy elements to make you trippy. A truly marvelous one. Echoes of an empty room Breaks track to finish the album. Around 3min a prominent melody shows up to evolve a bit later, very naturally, into various other sounds. The break is a bubbly affair surrounded by warm pads. All elements are brought back to restart the breaks beats. This one is hard to review since it changes to so many things throughout the whole track. At 7min things start to unwind and the feel is much slower now. Almost finished. All sounds fade away and ... done. Conclusion It's a special one. It doesn't quite fit in the ambient corner. Downtempo is the name for it. Downtempo psy, or psybient. The first half of the album is very slow, but always with a basskick. The second half increases the tempo a bit and would be perfect for morning dancing. Some chill albums are perfect to put on before sleeping, but not this one I'm afraid, it has too much beats. But I don't thing E-Mantra made this one for sleeping. :-) The sound is crystal. And how E-Mantra manages in some tracks to go from one sound to the other is stunning. Noteworthy, the album is made of separate tracks and they don't really flow from one to the other. It doesn't have that whole trip feeling, although the album uses the same atmosphere from start to end. The music is perfect to listen to as background music while doing some mindwork. The cover art is simply fantastic. Favorite tracks: Visions of the past Menhir (2010 Remix) Mindfluid Emptiness (Reasonandu Remix) Buy at Psyshop
  13. Lost Worlds and Back To The Future are bombs!! Can't believe these tracks are for free.
  14. Just listening to 'Dancing With The Winds' right now and it's delicious. Loads of energy in this one. Perhaps the same vibe is present in all these tracks, but they all rock. It's Goa, oh yes, it's Goa.
  15. haha, yeah, I always say that to myself. but in the end I always order it the moment it's out. just can't help myself
  16. I agree that this is an album that should be listened in its entirety. And it's such a wonderful journey. Not aggressive, but with enough powerdrive to get the adrenaline flowing. Dreaming Universe is my favorite, without a doubt. It's deep, floating and has a solid basskick. It takes me away instantly. I'm proud that this disc of my fellow belgian is now sitting in my growing Suntrip collection on the shelf. Excellent work, Simon!
  17. Astropilot's best album to date. Just pure beatless soundscapes that make you trip away into space. Ordered it yesterday, together with Hybrid Leisureland's Scroll Slide. Solar Walk will leave you at ease, at the end of the cd you will feel total calm. I had the feeling I had to listen again, it was like a drug. Wonderful music thus. ps: Trance2MoveU, beautiful review mate. You nailed it.
  18. Just to clear out some misconceptions about the 'regular' trance scene. I've been to hundreds of huge parties such as Trance Energy, AvB concerts, Tiesto concerts, Innercity, etc... and I can guarantee that more than 80% of the clubbers do drugs. But I don't care, the vibe is always super duper. Just to say that it's everywhere, it doesn't stick to 1 genre. Trust me. Now I should almost forget to comment on this EP by Afgin. :-) Well, the least I can say is that I'm surprised. Shifting from Goa to Eurotrance isn't exactly a shift one takes overnight. So I'm sure Afgin really thought about this and decided that he feels better making eurotrance. At first listen, the music sounds as it should sound: catchy, happy, uplifting, but with enough variation to make it interesting. That's what sets this EP far aside most trance releases nowadays. I'm also glad Afgin does not (yet) take part in the loudness war, that seems to dominate the current trance scene. I do, however, wonder if this EP will appeal to a larger audience as it sounds more basic (which is better in my opinion) than the others out there. For me personally, I enjoy these tracks. Especially while playing my favorite racing game. :-) They bring me into a happy mood and that's always a nice thing.
  19. Aspartic

    V/A - Erta Alé

    Ah, so this is the thread to post stuff in. :-) I'll repeat myself: Decent! Some real psychedelic stormers here: 5. Lapsus – Holocron 6. M-Run – Goat Man 7. GoaMech – Synthesized Not Yet 8. E-Mantra – Perihelion Try to stand still, impossible. ;-)
  20. Wow, a great release here. It stands out from much other releases labeled 'Goa'. It's really wicked and intelligent stuff. My favorites are: 02. Lost Worlds 03. Back To The Future Bliss! More of this please. Congrats Sky Technology!
  21. Yeah baby, the time has finally come! This is such an album to buy blindly. The samples reveal that this is an outstanding piece of work. Floating and floating with a solid basskick, just the way I like it. You're spoiling us Peter, Anoebis and Mars! Counting down to May 12th Mysterious Fantasy sounds like the future favorite of mine. Trippin! ps: wonderful cover art
  22. Decent! Some real psychedelic stormers here: 5. Lapsus – Holocron 6. M-Run – Goat Man 7. GoaMech – Synthesized Not Yet 8. E-Mantra – Perihelion Try to stand still, impossible. ;-)
  23. Haha, that's the spirit. So a debut from Artifact and also your second goa album, Emmanuel? Wow, Suntrip's sales are going for a boost this year. Can't wait!!
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