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  1. Haha, that's the spirit. So a debut from Artifact and also your second goa album, Emmanuel? Wow, Suntrip's sales are going for a boost this year. Can't wait!!
  2. Great, more E-Mantra. But now the other side of him. Can't wait!
  3. His two tracks on Energy Waves kick ass. Especially Athanaton. I'm so in love with it. Has a killer bassline.
  4. Ah, my favorite label. This is an easy one (I have these discs): 1. E-Mantra - Arcana 2. Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives 3. VA - Energy Waves 4. Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness 5. Ra - 9th 6. Khetzal - Corolle 7. Filteria - Sky Input 8. VA - Apsara 9. Filteria - Heliopolis 10. Merr0w - Born Underwater May Suntrip be around forever!
  5. Yeah, surely gonna get that one. Amazing artist.
  6. Reall pitty, Archipelago and Exploring The Tributaries are top albums. Lungs of Life wasn't half as good as the former two, perhaps it was a sign. Sad to see good groups go. They will be missed.
  7. My Sennheisers HD-25 do the job just fine. Lots of bass! That's the main point. And they shield the environment sounds completely. Just a bit uncomfortable with my new (thicker) glasses. Gotta buy new glasses.
  8. Khetzal, Filteria and Merr0w are all kick ass tracks. I'm more of an uplifting loving person, that's why I find the other tracks a bit too harsh. Really nice that Suntrip goes harder too. Variety is necessary.
  9. The best Suntrip compilation to date for me. I'm a proud owner. All tracks ooze sunlight and are so uplifting it's incredible. This one gets several listens every week in the car. Just love it. Astrancer's tracks are top. And E-Mantra's remix of Indian Attic took some time to grow on me, but now it's one of the best tracks I've heard lately. The energy boosts he uses are amazing. Classy work. Only the Space Elves track sounds too much from the 90's. Composition wise it's of course ok, but I'm not so for (really) old sounding productions. edit: oh yes, the RA track is incredible. Go Suntrip!
  10. Yes sir, blasting EP from E-Mantra and his friend. The energy is again here with Gliese being my favorite. It's less aggressive than the tracks on Arcana, but equally good. Just sitting on the train looking at people while listening to this, just great.
  11. Great site man! At last someone setting up a proper neogoa portal. *Bookmarked*
  12. Aaah great! More E-Mantra for da soundsystem. Looking forward to getting this. Thanks for posting.
  13. Aspartic

    V/A People walk funny

    'Amanians - Fireworks' is the one for me here. Madness!
  14. Aspartic

    E-mantra - Arcana

    This was the first cd I bought from Suntrip (not the last of course), because from the other tracks I've heard from E-Mantra I just knew this guy has a unique approach to Goa Trance. Yep, it's all floating, energetic and simply fantastic music. No huge melodies, and that's a good thing here. E-Mantra has the geniality to create masterpieces by using a shitload of layers that work so well together. I like to call it controlled chaos. Just like another listener here, I just couldn't help laughing out of pure joy while listening to the CD. My favorite is by far War Of The Hierophants, a tracks that brings the best of E-Mantra. Total mayhem. Yet never losing control. It's all there, trance pads and explosions. This is my nr. 1 album now, and it will be hard to top this one. Thank you E-Mantra and Suntrip. This is the future right here, right now. It's right here on my shelf, amazing.
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