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  1. Pressure is not an option, would be a lost in music quality. Maybe a collab. with Filteria. Ra vs Filteria. Both with 4 - 5 tracks.
  2. Hello, I don't see Ra in your schedule for 2015! Too bad.
  3. Right in your face melodies. I like it. powerful, energetic, dark with oriental touch. Thumbs up.
  4. @ healium Yes, and this release is more warm. The bassline and kick. Do you like his ambient work? Air song is indescribable.
  5. This is a great album. I like it more than the first trance release in 2007. Really hypnotic and it has it's own style, not the todays formula of prog trance, that get's me bored sometimes, because most producers using the same build up, bassline, sounds. This is different and I like it.
  6. Sorry I don't like it at all. Boring full on bassline. Most time the build up going nowhere and the melodies are to confused. I had good expectations after the great EP "Mother pitch".
  7. Why everyone in these days asking for donation? I hate it. It's like "hey guys I have some good things for you for free, but you can give me your money if you want". Everyone who selling there stuff are more honest.
  8. Nice work. Which genre is your favourit?
  9. Great multi-layered synths, build up, story telling and one of the best goa tunes on earth Elastic Harmonies. For me, the best suntrip release till now. Maybe you are Filteria infected.
  10. Khetzal, Nebula Meltdown, Daimon sounds promising. What about Red Gravity and Ethereal?
  11. Oh yes, the samples are sounding promising. Life in orbit is just beautiful. I like his unique style.
  12. Cristo Sol is a stunning track. I hope someday a better mastered version could see the light. Nothing to hear from him since long time. I thought he's gonna release an album on suntrip. Any information?
  13. Full agree. Indeed It sounds like the good old days. Portamento and Space Elves proofs that the sounds of the nineties aren't dead.
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