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  1. We doo!! Not sure yet but '4 stages of life' might be my favourite track. At least it is very beutiful and warm. 'Crimefighter Frog' has a great twist, element of surprise And track title.
  2. http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/ Motu has great F/w and USB stuff
  3. Edit: Old news =) "One of the original and most influential psychedelic trance record labels is back as a new collaboration between George Barker, James Monro, Dominic Lamb and Will Stoner. Flying Rhino is Reborn! The Back Catalogue is gradually becoming available for free download via the website (see below). The new status of the label is now Non Profit Making so be prepared for some unusual and very original new content to follow soon." http://www.flyingrhino.co.uk/ (I'm just a messenger Noticed this on a Facebook group. Have a great summer everybody ^^ )Edit,
  4. Great. Especially when the 303 appears. And a lead + pads appears. Very good stuff
  5. Hi (my first post? Hello everybody ) About this track. It has qualities and you have a bright future. I don't know if the bass is weak or to "nice" somehow. Would you like to make a longer edit with structure? I think the melodies can be interesting if put in a context, kind of.
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