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  1. Ah, it is in Januari... That is too early for me, won't have the money by then... Unless I win the lottery of course!
  2. I think I must start to plan some shit, because damn, this line up is bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hmmm just danced to Dog Day Bliss in my room on my own! Cannot wait to hear that on a big sound system with a crowd... Joske? ;-) I would be sooooooo happy, hihi rofl! PS Show us the time-table! ;-)
  4. Goddammit! I want to listen to this so bad at the moment... RIGHT NOW! Give me the new Filteria! Samples aren't enough. Grumble....
  5. E-mantra on Freqs of Nature... Definitely biggest surprise of the year. His new album is going to be a shocker! E-mantra live has always been difficult, not much going on the dance floor (@Joske, I wasn't at the Fractal Gate live, had to mix myself) but this time when his new music started playing, the dance floor was very magical... Loke on Midgard, full power forest madnes, totally loved it!
  6. I guess I will pick it up at the Fractal Gate Party then Oh man can't wait for it! My body and mind needs some serious trancing!
  7. Yeah right :S https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEG8aWUfnRA
  8. Best Suntrip season ever! I mean, E-mantra, Filteria and RA?? Epic! Really looking forward to the E-mantra album, fell in love with his new music on Freqs of Nature. Filteria's 4th is going to be madness. And a new RA is gift from the gods! Nebula Meltdown probably a acid stormer? Can't wait for any of them!
  9. Yes, I just want to see you dance on some dark madness for once... It is a totally different vibe while dancing, more of a "I am loosing my mind, but it is good because I am letting go of everything" idea. Oldschool would be more of "Total trance bliss, letting go of everything thingy". I hope you get my drift Too bad of Psychaos, last time in Belgium he was superb. ON TOPIC: What were we talking about? Does Crossing Mind not have more live elements? What is he using?
  10. Ah come on Jos! Hell? You are getting old! Even I enjoyed him at Freqs of Nature... Just try to have a different mindset at a set like that. There was actually some really good pieces in his set, beautiful sounds while the bass is 190 BPM. OT at Jos: How the *beeep* was Lost Theory??
  11. Great news! I was really excited when I saw this popping up in my fb-newsfeed! I will buy it when I have some spare cash.
  12. I listened to that one yesterday! Holy smokes! That VA rocks! Thanks for the recommendation. Raw indeed!
  13. Goa Trance Asia 2001 retro by Gilbert Etnica retro (happening this November in Belgium) BPC retro Ra playing an unreleased new mix of Beyond Control (I know really specific, hahaha) Doof retro Chi-AD Psychill Hybrid Leisureland (love this japanese chill out project) Connect.Ohm (their album delivered!) Lauge & Baba Gnome (happening if I go to Midgard festival) Koan Dohm (released 1 super nice track, would love to hear more psychill from him) Derango chill Forest Ka-Sol BotFB
  14. Don't want to sound like an ass, but you really need to change your post and make it pretty. I mean no capitals or interpunction? And please edit your tags on the bandcamp: Ultimae, Asura, Altar Records, Aes Dana, psybeint? What is up with that? It doesn't look so professional... I will check these tracks after I finished current ones.
  15. Almost a month passed by and nobody on this forum took the time to review Suntrip Records latest, released 20 april 2012: Crossing Mind - Innershift It is a shame, because damn, this album is god! This is one of the things I search in Goa Trance! I'm not going to do a track by track review yet, my advice is to listen to it in one go. 1. The Unenlightened Perspectives 09:10 2. Solarium 09:09 3. Modulated Self Reminders 09:27 4. Magnetic Fields of Life 08:46 5. Elastic Harmonies 09:49 6. No Way Wrong (2011 rmx) 09:20 7. Plutonia 09:27 8. Optronic Circles (Inner Shift mix) 08:13 All these songs have a wonderful story to tell. Each song starts of slow and before you know it you find yourself in psychotic melody trance heaven. Stephane always seems to take you on journey where you close your eyes, shut your mouth, dance until your feet bleed, your mind is cleared and then filled with all kind of emotions. The only thing that counts is floating in this infinite space of love and letting every note and sound tickle your body, mind and soul. It should be said that Inner Shift is less psychotic and direct then The Holograffic Paradigm. Inner shift has a more subtle deep feel about it. The best track is of course Elastic Harmonies (mod 2). When I first heard this song on his soundcloud, it dropped like a bomb... And it still does... It makes me want to go crazy in a happy way! So far my feelings about this album. Highly recommended! Bought here: http://www.suntripre...t/item/SUNCD25/ http://www.psyshop.c.../sut1cd025.html http://www.saikosoun...ase.asp?id=9054 http://www.beatspace...ift/detail.aspx http://www.goastore....nner-shift.html http://www.amazon.co...d/dp/B007K8W4TU http://www.bravoreco...et/product/5185 http://www.argosente...t/10598530.html http://www.zavvi.com...UR&locover=true http://www.bol.com/n...8335/index.html http://www.eci.nl/mu...d-5060147128239 http://www.freerecor...d-5060147128239 http://www.cosmox.be...d-5060147128239 Maybe I'll do a track by track review later, if wanted by the public.
  16. How did Tangra Festival survive after last year? There were like 10 visitors and 100 djs Beautiful place and best deco of the season btw! This festival deserved more people and I can recommend this to everybody!
  17. Oldschool, newschool whatever, you can't deny Suntrip is releasing very nice goa since 2004! Sometimes previously unreleased music, but most of the time new.
  18. Eén Kronkel Verder presents you an Openair Goatrance concept that intends to expand your awareness and is especially determined on charming a big smile on your face! Open your heart while enjoying some of the finest LIVE's and DJ's, Workshops and Meditations. LIVE's CROSSING MIND (Suntrip Records) A liveset with brand new material from his new CD. The CD will also be released at the event. www.soundcloud.com/crossing-mind/ www.youtu.be/gJwYb9C-Bfc KHETZAL (Suntrip Records) Will be vibrating your souls with the magical touch of his violin. Providing us with a Goatrance and Ambient set. www.youtu.be/Ok6nkr9251A www.soundcloud.com/khetzal AFGIN (Suntrip Records) Israel at its best!! A 100% pure goatrance Live Set of 2 hours !! www.vimeo.com/6713697 www.youtu.be/oKAkE5-9e4E LOST BUDDHA / AMITHABA BUDDHA (Phototropic Records) From the old to the new from the shadow to the light .. Expect the unexpected from Filipe Santos!! www.youtu.be/4bTNPTSsAXw www.youtu.be/SDWLxmyy-Js PSYGASUS (GanjaTree Records) This liveact is slowly but shurely making its way to the big stages around the world. From dreamy chill-out into euphoric trance. Playing with live instruments like guitar, bass, djembe, saxophone, sitar giving you this little extra intensity. www.youtu.be/vB38uPt83ro www.facebook.com/Psygasus TRANCE DANCE How many of you experienced a real trance dance? This is your chance. Blindfolded and under musical guidance of Dimitri de Veerman (Mantradeli), Aernoudt Knecht and a group of assistents you will experience something spectacular. www.trancedans.net DJ's MANTRADELI (Cronomi Records) Goatrance DJ-set ANOEBIS (Suntrip Records) Goatrance DJ-set PAVANE (Suntrip Records) downtempo DJ-set DJ POLYESTA Playing Global Beats and World grooves she mixes music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders. She enchanted the audience at Utopia Festival in Portugal, went to Paris and played at clubs and parties in India and Morocco. www.soundcloud.com/dj-polyesta/dj-polyesta-balkan-mini-mix WORKSHOPS - LECTURES - MEDITATIONS It is time to come out of your cocoons and try something new. We offer you a wide range workshops, lectures and meditations. We only ask respect for the teacher / reader and one another, We wish you a wonderfull experience !! More info Soon.. FOOD & DRINKS A wide range Will be offered to you at fair prices. We do not intend to make great profits. DECO Spiral Spectrum Productions www.facebook.com/spiralspectrum Goa'Rana Deco www.facebook.com/pages/GoaRana-Deco/176341975802819?sk=wall G-Visions Deco www.facebook.com/pages/G-Visions/348481530553 Bamboo Productions You will See : - ) Lighting Ben V. Klundert SOUND U.S.A.T BELGIUM will be providing us with crystalclear sound, which these acts definatly deserve. ENTRANCE : 15 euro @ doors 600 people max START: Saturday 11.00 am END: Sunday 06.00 am LOCATION 100% CONFIRMED: Outdoor and NEVER used before for a party !!! By car 15 mins from Antwerp City, by bus 25mins from Antwerp City. Location online soon : - ) See the FACEBOOK page https://www.facebook.com/events/375621289119685/ for the most up-to-date information!
  19. Odd? The first album was old music from around 2000, therefore released by DAT. After that he started to produce music again and showcased quite a lot of new tracks on his soundcloud. I think it is logical... I'm really looking forward to listen to this album! I've been waiting for it for around half a year!
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