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  1. To be sure ask the organisation. But I don't see the problem. Just sell the e-ticket and send it to somebody else... They won't check the ID, I have been to a lot of festivals but they never check the names on the e-tickets.
  2. That is superb news! Please remind them of that at least 3 times. ;-) Some artists seem to forget... So this will not be part of the announced Transwave's New Album World Tour? Or is it?
  3. Hmmm, ok... They seem to want to do an World Tour this year: https://www.facebook.com/events/636255899764178/?fref=ts
  4. Ow man, are you telling me that besides Etnica Oldschool I missed Transwave as well? I will never travel again!
  5. You could probably sell the e-ticket to some one :-)
  6. Insta buy! After dancing to him at Freqs 2013 I knew this is going to be a special one!
  7. I guess I will be joining the dark side this festival Looking forward to Ajja, Transwave (I prayed to the Oldschool Gods yesterday night ) E-mantra, Nervasystem (missed it at new years), Loke, Megalopsy, Orestis & OSOM. And let's not forget about all those Goa hybrids (Talpa, Braincell, Yudhistria, Loopus In Fabula, Rastaliens) & Forests acts. I already bought my ticket for the lean 50 euro and I am happy how the line up turned out!
  8. It is almost the same line-up as all the years I went to the Old Ozora and last years SUN. I have seen and will see Filteria this year a lot. Etnica/Pleiadians will not be my preferred sound, Prana will do a set in Belgium. MWNN has played a perfect set in Belgium this year. Only that Ultimae is making me drool...
  9. Was he? Where? His soundcloud shows a mix (nov 2013) from Deedrah with ok-ish full on remixes and there are some movies from Transwave on SUN Festival , which don't have the old school sound...
  10. It is shame that the festivals are at the same moment of time I am going to Lost Theory! There will be more freaks there, hahahaha! Too bad I am going to miss this perfect Ultimae line-up....... PS Don't forget to go to BB303, there music was pure bliss at Ozora 2011. Everybody was at main stage because of the special Raja Ram/Simon Postford set, which was way too busy for us (me and GF) at that moment and we wound up at the chill out during BB303's set. They somehow could move my body with their live-controlled alien space sounds!
  11. So let's pray! To the Gods! Let's believe! Lol ;-)
  12. Oh yeah, off course I don't have any expectations. It makes life so much easier!
  13. Did someone already knew this? https://www.facebook.com/events/636255899764178/ Apparently they are making a new album and are presenting that this year on different festivals! I will pray to the Oldschool Gods tonight... Please, pretty please dear gods I will dance my ass of for you if only it is the old sound!
  14. It is a great track! Powerful and floating. But as Radi is pointing out: I would like to hear some 'real' new material.
  15. I am a BIG sucker for key changes. It just works for me on the dance floor, I get totally mad. One of the first goa tracks I loved was Orange Night from Electric Universe. Also a bit a one trick pony, although I like the repetitive trance of some of Boris tracks. Didn't listen to Gohst Story too much. I should really listen to it soon... Listening to Schlumpen again, that song is top 3 for sure!
  16. Skreno! I even named a plush animal after that song. Skreno the Maestro, I gave it away to a certain person ;-)
  17. The pure bliss I feel after a good party! I feel so revitalized after dancing, it makes me want to spread love everywhere! And definitely the layers of melodies, especially when a layer pops out and makes you want to dance harder and faster!!!!
  18. How can I order 2 of these bad boys? I can't seem to drag anything in the shopping bag and the buy now button leads you to paypal where I can't edit the amount of cds I want to buy...
  19. Off Topic: I so want to dance with a bunch of crazy Japanese people on Filteria!!!! It has been in my mind for years already.... One day...
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