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  1. As it is almost June, the festival season is almost about to begin! I can't freaking wait, last year I only had two weeks of holidays as I needed money and my friends and I didn't do a festival tour as the Tasty Tonka's (our mobile festival restaurant). This year we won't be having a festival tour either... But I quit my job to travel again! So from july I will be on the road again. I am looking forward to partying. I will be going to Freqs of Nature, Balkan Goa Fanatics, Momento Demento and Lost Theory. Four festival in one month, just the way I like it I will looking forward to dance to Megalopsy (loved them at the Odyssee), Procs (day & night set!), Filteria, Kasshyykk (never heard him live, has got a few good tracks) Will O Wisp, Orestis and Zik at Freqs of Nature! The weekend after that is Balkan Goa Fanatics. Holy Cow! This going to be bliss! All Goa festival! I need only one addition to the line up: Crossing Mind. Open air. Hypnotropic 2014. Hopefully some of my friends from Holland will be there... Then Momento Demento. Last year everybody was raving about that festival. Beautiful location, underground music (so forest and psytrance I guess?). Derango is playing there. I hope he won't be as evil as last year on Midgard Festival, damn that was some triiipppppppy stuff ;-) Last planned stop: Lost Theory. I have been there the first two times and missed last years edition. This year there is a lot and I mean a lot of dark planned and not so much Goa :S Too bad, luckily I planned to go to Connection and Steve-O is organizing BGF. Osom will be there though! I hope they will play the last day. Kindzaza, Psykovsky and then Osom. Rrrrrrr! Expecting a lot from Transwave too, never had the chance to see them live. Hopefully they will deliver! I will be missing SUN festival... That Ultimae chill line up is pure bliss. Next year though, next year! Anyway this post is getting to long. My question to you all is this: what are you doing this summer? Which festivals are you attending to? What acts are you most forward looking to listen to? Boom!
  2. Too bad it is impossible to 'convert' some of the darkies from Berlin... They just like the dark too much and think Goa is too soft... A friend (Dark/Hi Tech fan but likes Goa as well) brought a darkie at Freqs to GNOTR, but he wasn't convinced at all, and went back to the Forest Floor, almost immediately... It seems like a lot of Goa fans don't like Dark and vice versa... My Tasty Tonka friends like both. Although there are some people from Belgium who were mainly Goa fans and seem to enjoy Forest more and more and nowadays I don't see them that much anymore on oldschool parties... They even enjoy Psykovsky nowadays! Getting a bit off topic, sorry about that For me the flow is the most important part of Psytrance (all genres). It needs to go on and stay interesting. That is why I tend not to like Prog and Fullon that much, that music has in general too much (boring) breaks and that interferes with my flow of dancing.
  3. Hey everybody! Listen to this madness: https://soundcloud.com/crossing-mind/hypnotropic-2014 Is this the best of the best or what???? The original was great already, but what he did to it is just... perfection! That beginning, that flow, that part around 7.17-8.00 and that ending! It makes me crazy, happy, emotional and angry at the same time....
  4. Super nice video! Love the bouncing around from everybody!
  5. In my opinion this album is HUGE! I didnt like Pathfinder that much, but this album strokes me the right way. So much tracks to love.
  6. Listenend to Azriel - Les Weirns on Peace Therapy vol 2 yesterday and this song will forever have a special place in my heart... Wow, what a track! I remember that he has only a few tracks released, so I checked discogs. Then I see a CDr EP on his name which I never heard! Does anyone has this release? Can someone just tell me about it? Can't find it on Youtube... Is it any good?
  7. Too bad. As I said, I think 7+ euro postage is way too much for me for 1 cd... I never had any problems with the 2 cds send for 5 euro from Israel. Will wait for a different option to buy this cd then.
  8. When is New Born releasing an album? He deserves a release as well!
  9. It is here! http://pleiadians.bandcamp.com/track/alpha-draco-live-edition No opinion yet, it is released 22 minutes ago! Ok here we go: pressing play right now...
  10. So this other express shipping method will be the old price, which was around 5 euro, per two cds again? Because 7,15 is just way too much for me to order just one cd...
  11. I really want to buy this cd, but there is one thing that is bugging me. When I got Tribal Encore, postage for 2 cds was 5 euro to my house. Now it is 7.50 euro for 1 or 10.56 for two... How is this possible?
  12. The description says it is "Tanecsveta" by Psykovsky
  13. Pffff, that is going to be a big list...
  14. I think I read somewhere that the name Hi-Tech comes from OSOM (Psychovsky & KinDzaDza). It is a call to make intelligent fast paced music and is related to Darkpsy.
  15. I guess I don't consider Nano as Full On, but as Psytrance. But I have to say that I don't listen to that subgenre that much, so I might be talking out of my ass. :-) What I meant is indeed morning happy happy joy joy extremely climax based rolling base pain in my ears trance.
  16. Forest, Darkpsy & Hi-tech (best scene for freaks, fairies & die hards), Psytrance and of course prog. No real new names & little (oldschool) Goa Trance this year. Full on is definitely dying (or is already dead). Shame the german festivals don't book other Goa Trance than Filteria (or other Suntrip artists) and GNOTR, I would like to see some other names...
  17. Good luck finding each other! ;-)
  18. https://www.facebook.com/events/184637305059113/?fref=ts Goa trance wise it has been downgraded... Only Filteria is coming, while last year there was E-mantra, Dimension 5, GNOTR, Anoebis and Ghost On Acid. It is a shame that almost all the German festivals don't have any Goa trance except for Filteria. But I have to recommend it anyway, last year the Forest Stage had some really good vibes. It is a super cool location with little hills and bunkers. Deco was amazing!
  19. So can anyone tell why I don't see that many Croatian goa artists on Life Celebration, Momento Demento or Lost Theory? Lost Theory might be too 'high end' for some, but I expected to see some on Momento Demento this year... M-run was on Lost Theory last two years though. And Steve O off course! You guys should harass the festivals more ;-)
  20. Hamburg https://www.facebook.com/events/256937341121703/ I'll be there! Time to party!
  21. Hahaha, don't get me wrong! She was just going to her home for work and I was continuing my festival tour with my friends :S
  22. Wonderful news! I always wondered why this was not released on Inner Shift. First listened to this track in Budapest after saying good bye to my girl. Tears to my eyes...
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