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  1. I think Asia 2001 retro live is the wet dream of every Belgium Goa Freak... Or was that Etnica retro? Let's pray for this one first!
  2. Hihi, was listening that cd too at almost the same hour. Just love that album!
  3. I know what I'll be playing in the CD player when I drive back home
  4. Anyone an idea what musical projects he does nowadays?
  5. Somnesia vs PharaOm - God's Tears and later on my first listen on False Mirror - Derelict World!
  6. Nevermind... Problem allready solved.
  7. I had the privilege to hear the Filteria track twice already (thank god I live near Belgium!) and what a crazy track it is. Totally insane madness. The last time it was at the end of a party when Jos (Anoebis) ended his set trancy and everybody was chilled out by the nice tunes. But then he gave us Illogical Logic and everybody started to look at each other and said: wtf? But not long after that we all went freaking and dancing like crazy. I actually managed to hit myself during the dancing, which caused my glasses to fly through the air! During the air time I almost catched it two or three times before falling on the floor. Luckily nobody stepped into it Too bad there isn't any footage of that wonderful twisted moment! Anyway on topic: So looking forward to this album!
  8. I'll try and ask him the next time I see him!
  9. Thx for posting it here, I was planning to copy/paste also, but you were faster than me!
  10. Can anybody tell us what track this is: We would be very grateful!
  11. Yup! The others are BB King (the bear) and Nonsense. Listening to E-Mantra by the way and it is.... wooooooooww! I am dancing like crazy between typing! The Photo:
  12. You guys should go to the Suntrip (& Psynews) Party the 12 of december: Ra en Artifact303! Loads of fun but be prepared to get a bit (or totally) crazy... Those Belgiums know how to trancedance, hahaha.
  13. listens to some good goa

  14. +1, definiately would buy an orginal copy!
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