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  1. Have not listened to Hunab Ku, but here are the suggestions according to what you have described: Doof - Secret Sun (Sunbeam mix) Doof - Sunsrhine Bypass Unit - Cruiser Bypass Unit - Shanti (there may be more by Bypass Unit) Paradise Connection - Portamento (one of my all time favourite, may be over emotional though). Rainbow Spirit - Smooth Elevator (may be more by various Boris Blenn projects)
  2. I believe it is a prog track from about '05. Something similar to Human Blue - Rollercoaster, but much more lighter and simple. So the lyrics are: In the very beginning you hear a deep and hard man's breath, then a voman's voice tells: "Relax. Open your eyes (mind?). [Voice of breath in/out] You're going to ... again. [Music starts]" It is very remarkable intro..
  3. When I first heard the part of Perplexed track in a Neogoa announcement clip, I thought to myself, that THIS is the music I was eager for years! THIS is how "trance" music should sound: fast, intense, strong and at the same time: simple, clear, straightforward. The demands are really simple, but almost nobody from "GOA" producers, was not caring about them, until this. When I've heard the full version of "Perplexed", the impression became worse through, the intro samples, outro are definitely from the "evil" (destruction) side, bring nothing new constructively good, the whole main part
  4. Great news! Klangstrahler Projekt - Sinnestauschung [1999] 1 Things Can Change 2 Deep Thought 3 Maranatha 4 Extremely Well 5 Take A Breath 6 Savoy 7 Multidifferent 8 Nexxus (Il Profondo Legame Con Le Tradizioni - Remix) Source: klangstrahler-records.com Thanks to: RTP *** *** *** Microcosm - Higher Levels 1 - Ultraphoric Spacevibes 2 - Eternal Circle 3 - Beautiful Hallucinations 4 - Ignition 5 - When We All Come Together 6 - Ultimatum 7 - Perpetual Sunrise 8 - Spacey Kebab 9 - Destination Paradise
  5. Aww.. Files are already deleted...
  6. Hello. Feel free to share Atypus and all others which were not released in this thread. Thanks
  7. Pardon me, but may I ask a few questions? At first a little intruduction. I am a russian living in Ukraine since 1 y.o. For the past year I have also became deeply interested in this kind of thing. But not from religious side, but from the side of searching the roots of the nation I am living in and "coming back to nature". My main interests here are: food, crafts, art, beliefs. I am trying to restore information about the past. And about music in particular. Trying to find out the real native instruments of slavs. There are some ones widely available, some less and many are take
  8. I was posting this video once here under another topic about usage of psy-music in real life creations (outside of "psyculture"). So here it is once again: Maxus - Road Warrior [media=''] [/media] It's a fast, really great (to me) dancable goa-trance track with videos from the same ASD's Lifeforce.
  9. Then post at least one following the format described in rules. I will correct you then if your was wrong and where.
  10. RULES: You may only post a timed link to a song's portion (together with it's author, title and time) which sounds VERY similar to this:
  11. As for Ukraine, stats are definitely at least a little wrong...
  12. As referring to the evolution, it seems that a "newborn" child acts on behalf of the peak of all mandkind and for him the begining is where things were left. So what for his predecessors were fast speeds, he treats as normal or even slow.
  13. Well, the relation BPM <-> speed_feeling is an interesting subject of course, but a somewhat sidetopic. The main subject is Track_production_year <-> speed_feeling to remind.
  14. I don't mind higher BPMs. I'm actually very eager for them! But only of the "bright" side.. Also, if a track is greatly made and every sound harmonically feets each other, even if its very fast, IMO you "can feel and hear every sounds" but feeling yourself somewhat "higher" (due to the faster speeds) And I just wanted to state a fact and see if my vision is right or no because I "grew up" on faster sounsd already.
  15. Ok, thanks for sharing! It appears that in order for the "track" to be faster, it does not necessary to be of a higher BPM. But newetherless the (new) music feels faster with time. Would you also mind sharing some of the examples of ?
  16. Let's take from the "proto-goa" times (or how is it called), like late 80's till now. What is the biggest noticable change in music? To me it is simply... speed! In those late 80's (and maybe even earlier) the "trance" music was very slow, calm, easy going. Then in early 90's fast tracks start to appear and the overall tempro of tracks increased. By '98 or so we are having full length extremely fast (compared to 'old times') full-length albums, like "Cosmosis - Synergy", "GNOTR" and maybe many others. So, the whole music became faster! Another 10 years later, by 2010 we are
  17. Listening to /0 at the moment, and noticed to myself "what a good, really happy track!" And then "wait a second.. the kick+bass line pretty much reminds me KoxBox sound..". Checked /0's playlist page where it shows tracks and indeed - white compilation [tip 1997] psychopod - dreampod And as this track been mentioned here and I really dislike koxbox's music, decided to share about this great discovery here. The track is still playing Really great!
  18. China has parties at least in Hong Kong and Shanghai. These cities, in particular, are huge internetional megapolices and have a lot of people from all around the world. I've also seen some amateur producers from a chinese electronic music netlabel. There are like 3 eps and most of the tracks are religion related, have samples of monks chants and prayers.
  19. Brain Accent - Orange Acid [media='']http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag8yIdVW66w[/media] By listening to it via /0 radio just noticed it makes really an incredibly great resonanse within the source of myself, which makes me feel really just as.. khm khm.. I was on drugs. Seems to be seiousely and clearly made music composition. Also, totally +1 for that this kind of music should give help to get high without any "drugs" absolutely naturally. This is how it was supposed to be I strongly believe. But the above mentioned track for me is like the beginning, the starting point,
  20. It's really a big pleasure for me to come back again to the matters concerned with Juno Reactor's activity. I really praise them! For being used in so many artifical intelligence/computers/technology related real life creations. Especially for this one: [media=''] [/media] I really like every single sound of it!! And it sounds so ahead of it's time! So <<<HIGH>>> tech, so spacey and solid at the same time remaining so ethnic and tribal! Most of nowdays "goa" music sounds MUCH more dated to me if saying so. But Juno Reactor's sound is an ethalon of how the eternal-
  21. I wanted to say the below for the several days already. But there was no an appropriate thread for it.. Until now. It was in about 2002 or so. 8 am in the morning and students go study to the university in a tram. And there was a conversation I occasionally heard by riding in the same tram with them: - Have you listened to GOA trance? - Well, yes, but I did'nt quite liked it. - HOWCOME?? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! THAT'S SO STRANGE! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT THERE IS SOMEONE WO WILL DISLIKE IT ONCE HE WOULD HEAR IT!! That was the first time I've heard about this electronic music style and
  22. MFG 'Overload' From the movie 'The Lawnmower Man' PS. Just listened to this track via /0 online radio and the samples reminded me The Lawnmower Man movie. I've checked then psydb and appeared to be just right PS2. And another track that feets this: Toï Doï - Replicant There seem to be no psydb entry for this, but it seems to me that it is from Blade Runner movie. Also, seems like whole Toï Doï - Technologic album matches by looking on it's name and the cover!
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