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  1. Yes, this is the exactly kind of tracks I am looking for in this thread! When I was listening to this Etnoscope`s album, I have mentioned this and maybe some others tracks to myself! But when I was creating this thread, I totally forgot about it.. thanks to remind I wish there were more tracks that are made to fit with organic instruments and used them. IMO it would have made them more rich, alive and enjoyable, because without them the music sounds too `techy`... And there should be MANY, MANY more tracks.. For example, when I listen to the mix section of divbyzero.de
  2. Analog Pussy - Angels (2004) - Cello http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq-D0nrJM_g
  3. For me, 80% of all tracks should contain the organic instruments sounds from the place the artist has been raised in. But somehow this is SO RARE occassion. At least to my notice. Here is a perfect example how the music should have sounded now days. And it`s a free to listen track. Judith & SubConsciousMind - Desperation Symphony (2009) - Cello, Viola http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00uf30q0UCY
  4. Examрles Element Over Nature - The Age Of Cyberspace Shakta - Neuromancer Cybernaut - Metal Birds Are there any more ?
  5. Here I am searching for the special tracks which been made to simulate a preferably fast motion with its sound. Most of them have motion reference in their names. And its easily distinguishable by the sound itself. Examples from my collection - Frree tracks. Maxus - Road Warrior http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5C4GVMqDu2c P-tec - Lost in space Sybaris - Welcome to the Gods Battle of the Future Buddhas - Here comes the Sun! Nova Fractal - Autopsy Commercial. Ultravision - The tunnel Electric Universe - The Rising Sun Electric Universe - Astral Voyage Electric
  6. I am searching for the traces of usage of the Psy/Goa trance anywhere in life apart from the so called `psy culture`. Anything from a `real world` clothing shop, cafe or anime soundtrack. Any audio/visual or just verbal proofs. I`ll start off myself with a `97 Dream Trance mp3-CD from my personal pirated CDs collection. Notice Robert Miles In The Mix mentioning. It contains Prana - Geomantik which can be classified as Goa trance and Robert Miles himself does not belong to Psy culture as well as the above CD. Then goes a Reebok shop in my city back in about `99.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! A NEW SUB GENRE OF PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE IS BORN!! -= LIGHT-PSY =- I was personally very eager for this to happen for years already.. Despite the track doesnt seem to feet well my own imagination of this sub genre, it seems to be historically the first time ever a track is called as 'lightpsy' intentionally which is still an awesome thing!
  8. +1 Chosen them because of that red circle..
  9. I also (obviousely) consider this to be the best track of his! Next one is 'Hiptonic Dance' which is still not good as this one. His album 'Logical Evolution' is now for sale in digital format and I'm still considering getting it.. He also got one of the longest tracks ever called Victory and I 'own' it because it was released for really cheap version in my country. But it's all not as good as this track. So I contacted him personally via facebook proposing to get all this music released on a defunct now label Deja Vu to re-release for free at Ektoplazm. He replied that he didn't k
  10. And yes, strong does not necessary mean fast. The strong slower old school tracks (if my internal BPM counter is right) are Afrotrance - Spiritual Energy and Disco Volante - Chameleon. I would also love to hear something like this made today. But it seem to require really some big idea (energy) to be put into the track and nowdays people seem to be lacking of these things.. *** As for the Suria's track, it has been put at the end of the compilation it has been released on. And for a reason, I believe, like to summ things up This what (and only) has been said about this tra
  11. Yes. To me the strongest is something that gives you an 'over all' feeling. Thus it has to be simple and yet strong. One of the interpretations might be as a barrel's hoop: It's kind of very simple, plain, but yet strong enough to hold all the various internal fillings. It will always give a feeling of having a huge and great work done, staying on top. Oh.. and well.. what is the best asossiation with the word 'strength'? For me it's the fist. Search google images for strength.. Most of the images give the same feeling.. How simple it is, how clear. The o
  12. That's the only really inspiring "full-on" to me so far. Something like Section X - Galaxian from the 'old school'.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyG2dLQybog
  14. I wasn't going to post here initially, but after things like on the image below happened, I've gotten totally motivated for the post.. I opened this thread JUST after listening to Alfalfa track from exactly Fill Your Head With Phantasm compilation which was precending in it's turn Doof's album.. No Future Prophecy here.. but well, that's for the future Every time I listen to Alfalfa track I am getting additionally fascinated and inspired. It is on the very few special tracks, one of the most emotional ones. Maybe even over emotional.. And as for the discussion trac
  15. I've seen some Linux discussions here. So I've post my current desktop picture, which is just default one supplied with my Linux system. "Occidendtally" it is also on a space theme.. like that russian table game In Linux (Debian) you are in the Sky by default
  16. Yes.. The favorite table game ever in my life! I was seeking for the opportunities to restore it in my memories and kind of unexpected to have this happened via this forum, thanks for sharing.
  17. WOW! There were many table games like this in our family, but this was one of the few of my favorites!! I liked so much all the spacy theme in it! You can find here very ordinary things and even ancient but all with space engine attached and spacy styled. It was so futuristic, so inspiring! Especially the huge jet exhausts, the train and the bus by which I remember the whole thing.. Edit: I was having a version more like this though: With the Comet and somewhat more high-tech feeling.. Oh yees.. You can also read here on the image the name of the game: "The Great
  18. After talking to 12 moons, already have some news. He given his 3 full albums for 320kbps free download: 12moons - Solid State (168mb zip file) Healer - WonderGround (160mb zip file) Healer - Higher Grounds (157mb zip file) And placed a donation button. This is what he wanted to do as described in my letter to me. On the site he promises to release all the rest of his music till autumn. He also mentioned that 'Ektoplazm guys' did contact him, so maybe all this would appear on Ektoplazm. Note: Despite Candyflip records still sells 2 of these albums in digital
  19. Tracks, that give you a feeling of having one piece of energy: Disco Volante - Chameleon ('96 Transient) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSZ1GqJiY7w Afrotrance - Spiritual Energy ('94 Harthouse) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQjePtGnsvM Like the absolutely concentrated energy. IMO top energy tracks. I know one more, even better, but I wouldn't post it, because I don't "own" it
  20. Give me few days plx. Download link will be here next week for sure. Quite a lot time already passed.. But I'm not really insisting, just still curious to listen to it and it was impossible for me to find it elsewhere..
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