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  1. Thats all right! First track(s) would be perfect, but others, in which it plays the very important role, especially in GOA trance, would be great too!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxH6ah7L86I I am curious about the sound sample which starts at 0:52 and then lasts for almost the whole track long in the background, sometimes coming back to foreground like at 03:28-03:54 My curiocity about the roots of this sample. In the whole trance music it is the most important one to me. So, what are its roots, origins? What are the other tracks (preferably from GOA trance) you know that use it? Maybe it has came to GOA from Hard Trance? Than from where exactly? Section X? Please, tracks, artists, dates.. **ATTENTION** In case you lis
  3. Yes, there were several topics here about this subject. The most infromative one is this - is flying rhino records coming back? (I created the link right to the official message left by the FR guys, quoted from Isratrance itself). I was very curious about this myself and discovered about it simply by looking on FR profile at Discogs, where its been said that the former label is giving away most of its back catalogue for free. The most valuable for me were Darshan's and Blue Planet Corporation releases. When I went to "CD Albums back catalogue" page, I discovered that MOST of the
  4. ..That people call as "psychedelic" the music which is actaully a "psychebullyc" one.
  5. It would be great if you would upload Atypus's "Full Speed" album's tracks!
  6. Just the day before yesterday I was coming through Discogs's "GOA mp3" search and suddennly appeared on Cygnetic Records page. Through "wayback machine" I discovered that they offered several tens of GOA trance tracks for free download.. but no longer available! And today (after getting enough of dealing with other free downloaded goa..) I found this topic.. with most of the albums been uploaded! Hehe. Got some really powerful Impreial Project tracks! Now I am curious, whats covered by this: Hard Trance / ACID Trance / Rave (fully remastered, oldskool tracks ) ATYPUS - "F
  7. I was mentioning about Tri Guna here, but then decided to delete all the info as this place seems to be too trashy
  8. Uhm.. I see I cant delete my message. I wanted to ask wether I can create a thread under Music Promotion titled "KICK-ASS-FREE-psy-goa...TRANCE tracks list selected by me". I guess I can. Why not? Then delete this message I suppose. Upd: Its meant about FREE tracks only
  9. '96 Here among others you find one of the fastest GOA tracks (155bpm, and my first love to GOA sound) - Wavemaker and its Sectoid remix. Some tracks may sound somewhat house like, but its psychedelic for sure!
  10. Well, sometimes, by overcoming obstacles is a better if not the only way to feel or express the love towards something. In my case the feeling was even kind of times more as I also love quests themselves.. And thus solving this quest brought even more love feelings to the whole thing. As after going on Margeurite page and clicking on "Get music!" you are getting an error. But after applying my "hacking" skills in a good and absolutely unharmful way, I discovered that all tracks are still there. From the still awailable releases, I disovered, that there are no numbers for tracks an
  11. 2 Cybernetika With this release, I noticed, you updated your website and deleted all of your unreleased tracks (from their previous place at least). Would they be available to get? Thx
  12. 1. This thread should most likely have been titled as "Gangguru - Dreamtime" as on the youtube video provided on the first post, exactly Dream time is playing. 2. I have no connections to on10 member. 3. And now, acutally my post. I have no intention now to comment everything being told here by some members about people, spirituality, music, culture, parties and something else. I will just describe what caused me to write this. So, YES. Gangguru - Dreamtime is one of the best goa trance tracks I have ever listened so far. While I have enough of all kind of experience to say this
  13. I dont care what you want to think. I have told here everything how it has actually happened and tried to describe my feelings in a best way. PS. My name is Eugene.
  14. Indeed! Their track "Galaxian" was even if not the ONLY one that I could call as Goa trance, actually a trance in terms of non interruptable motion. Later, each discovery of other Section X tracks (Explorer 1, Drive in/Drive out, Sector X, Identify, Atlantis, Futur Child, Jesus Krist) where just up to my expectations!! And I still havent found anything sound close to them... The next is: Aqualite - WaveMaker - 155 BPM This track Ive heard in '98 for the first time and it was my first lovely cant getting enough GOA experience. After so many years later having so many journeys
  15. Abour a year ago while been looking for free psy/goa releases by a certain reasons, Ive suddenly appeared on Cosmic Flower Records web site. After full ektoplazm and whole Cybernetika's (included hidden) albums and tracks exploration I was seeking for something more. And I was positively surprised by the amount of tracks available for the free download. Part I. Marguerite. At first it started mostly from "agressive darkspy" kind of music which was not kindly what I wanted to hear.. I wanted something more "bright" and yet still deep and poweful. Then it turned into pure goa-li
  16. Very harmonious. Especially the Unleash part From the other side, it often does really feel as of sci-fi movie hehhe, with global level events. Atropos is the most strong track and I would say a very good one. Closer to the end it started to very strongly reminding my most belowed DNB from Extreme-G 2 video-futuristic-bikes-racing-game Before downloading.. I read all the track names and these Greek mythology stuff about death. The most influential was mentioning here of the word "Journey" and I wasnt dissapointed at all!
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