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  1. Post's background color change. Under the "Special BBCode" button I can select Background-color item. But it is not interpreted: Supposed to be with custom background color. EDIT: It's actually working! Sorry, remove this.
  2. Using Linux (Debian) as a desktop since 2007, Ubuntu since about 2010.
  3. Some interesting good looking items I've found here, so will post one of mine. Bought it a week ago or so, so it is now proven to be a good device: (the chord is also WHITE!!) At first I wanted to get an ethnic hand-painted one. But after I saw this totally white new gaming (!) mouse in a megamarket for just $9 I couldn't have passed by without getting it! A little bit of "Chinese quality" but still good enough! PS. Interesting thing: it fits my hand so perfectly and acts as well as looks so great that I somehow felt a strong need to put into the left hand and start training the
  4. Then you are definitely missing http://music.yandex.ru with some other site. Here, no downloads are allowed - only streaming but including mobile devices support.
  5. This is the exact case of the 1%. Yandex.ru is Russian's biggest search engine. Similar to the well known Baidu in China. In my other post in another theme, I have told and will repeat here, that the music content is available only for 3 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and only for streaming using their site (including mobile version). It is one of the biggest Russian internet-based companies. The logo of the project music.yandex.ru has this stamp: It means: "Only 100% LEGAL music". Here is a list of companies with whom Yandex have purchased the streaming rights: http://help.yan
  6. Probably, you should nowdays rather also mention "streaming sites", official of course. And I have a question regarding this. At my local legal streaming site, music.yandex.ru only "Crossing Mind - Inner Shift" from all the Suntrip releases is available. And this is very strange, because, for example, Phototropic is fully available, while Dimensional and DAT - none. When Suntrip is only partly available (with a single album), very likely there is some kind of mistake.. Or maybe it has been also released by another label I am not aware about? On the streaming site the label is not shown and
  7. After the latest discovery, the situation seems to be not that bad, after all: 1. There is a lot of really good free music and always have been. 2. Music is not that expensive and becomes more and more cheaper due to increased amounts of the legal ways of availability including: - cheap mp3 stores - second hand stores - full length preview services (bandcamp), sometimes with custom playlists ability (myspace, soundcloud via API) - free/little monthly fee payment online streaming services (spotify, deezer, rhapsody) including various local ones (music.yandex.ru) I would also like to mention s
  8. How about: Vectrolab - Tsunami Vectrolab - Triathlon Ultravision - The Tunnel Fuzzy Logic - Mega Goa ? You can find them on these compilations: http://www.junodownload.com/products/future-sunrise/1935813-02/ http://www.junodownload.com/products/the-greatest-goa-trance-collection/1545128-02/ http://www.junodownload.com/products/sonic-electromation-goamatic-trance-tales/1955068-02/
  9. Second one is very very much something I was eager seeing! (Except the "Mtv" logo..). Thanks!
  10. Feel free to post them too! I haven't done any yet, preparing..
  11. For a long enough time already I'm thinking of making the animations using the CG. When I'm looking at this, I'm imagining how would it be animated.. and it works!
  12. Not really a "vision" but imo absolutely awesome "new school" "goa-trance" track! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3xCK6vJQmg Artist: Terminal Storm, Song: Innerverse, Album: V.A. - The Sound of SceneSat Volume 1 (2009), Genre: Goa trance. This compilation can be freely downloaded from here:http://scenesat.com/forum/threads/105... Another song (Cyberworld) by the same artist, not less awesome "new school", but with more "organic" feeling despite the name: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9hk4RvLMoE Download link can be easily found.
  13. I have about the same feelings about it (except the "dark" samples and name) and the quality seems quite good to me! And another great finds, just to keep track of them in one place: In addition to yesterday's Goa / Psy-Trance / Free Tracks Discogs group mentioning, there is another track worth to be listed here: Jaia (320 kbps) First Of 01 7:38 Source: Official Jaia Web Site It is a great "Goa-trance" track as for me! It seem to have some stereo issues notable when listening in headphones. Also, this track in unreleased which makes it more valuable! *** *** ***
  14. Do not want to forget about this great album: Nuclear Ramjet ‎– Age Of Aquarius [1998] (160 kbps) 1 Planet Krusher 12:18 2 Minas Morgul 12:48 3 La Chevauchée Fantastique 8:54 4 Igniters 8:11 5 Swirl Damper 10:17 6 Entering The Age Of Aquarius 10:50 7 Target Aquired 8:06 Source: Nuclear Ramjet's MP3 archive 6 tracks out of 7 are pure "GOA-trance" ones! Very very enjoyable for me.. Actually, I can't stop listening to this at the moment.. the more I listen the more I like! On their MP3 archive archive there are also many other full length tracks. But
  15. You seem to be totally correct! And I have to apologize a little.. I have checked this settings page of course.. And somehow it looked correct to me.. And I am sure I was receiving the notifications before the board software upgrade. Very likely they have been disabled since then. Thanks for your help! I feel pretty sure now that it would be working now!
  16. I am having several problems with notifications but don't know exactly where to mention about them. Decided to use this thread. 1. I wanted to start following this thread, so I've edited my last post in it and using the "Full Editor" under the "Post Options" tried to enable the option "Follow this topic?". But after then pressing "Submit Modified Post" I have found nothing added in "Content I Follow" page of my member section. I've tried to edit the post again - the "Follow this topic?" option was disabled! No matter what options I've tried using, even adding some more text to the actual p
  17. In the "Introduction" section of the topic I have tried to be as much clear with the attitude. Of course, it is totally on the section of "morality", with the highest possible means. I thought this would be understood, especially, from mentioning the well known religion commandment as the name of the topic and the "cutting of the ears and entering the Divine being deaf but not dead" saying.. Thanks for the valuable replies so far.
  18. Introduction: This commandment has not been yet used on the forum according to the search, so this is a new discussion on the subject. The main purpose is to help to determine for myself is it possible to listen to GOA trance music while living in a poor country regarding material values for it's inhabitants. I grew up in a so called "3d world" country, which is Ukraine, an Eastern Europe, a post-Soviet Union country. My main concern is whether it is possible to get enjoyment from the GOA trance music for the person, no matter where he lives but having a very minimum amount of
  19. Strange what you are saying.. To me it sounds almost identical to Stella. On my CD it plays somewhat slower than on the video though which makes it even more hypnotic. Let's see what the topic starter will say.
  20. I warned that the last 2 suggestions are more from the GOA side, but they do indeed share the same "hypnotic" spirit and are very unique from all GOA tracks. The way you are surprised to see them here might help others to realize what actually the author wants. IMO these 2 tracks even being form the GOA side are much close to the search than all the other suggestions. And, not to get it lost, I repeat the very exact match: Three'n One - Down in the hole
  21. The Desire track is the most close, but still, very far to be of the same style IMO! All the tracks your provided here are from the more "lighter" group. It's like take the dress the author of the topic wants, then make it transparent, very light by weight and add some colourful flowers on the top. It might be good for it's own purposes, but it would be another group already! The dress will loose it's strength and would not be applicable anymore for the original purposes. I believe, the key word is "hypnotic" here. All the tracks you shown are too multi-layered to remain hypnotic.
  22. I'm not talking about sounding exactly the same of course, but about about something close to the meaning of these words: - sharing the same spiriting - being on the same wave - talking about the same thing (musically) In other words, I can compare it with dressing up. Many of the dance scene people dress like hippies or, not to be offensive, but really close to clowns in the circus. They might look really different to each other: this one has a feather in the hair, another one has a respirator on his face, the third one is dressed in a cosmonaut's suit... But they all share the same, y
  23. I am also a big fan of Stella track. The first track also indeed sounds like Stella to me. But none of the other tracks suggested sound close enough! They just do not share the same spirit if so to say. I have found that people nowdays unfortunately are not careful enough to listen the others.. and they just do not have the ability due to the internal laziness... And I have found the very true similar track! I have found it very occasionally. I purchased a single CD because of another track and this one was a bonus, but this bonus was priceless! It is even not on youtube.. Somehow p
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