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  1. Now, we've got at least something! Great. I want to get the chain of both music and the human 'mind' progression. They are as euqal important to get one big picture.
  2. Well, I will open all of my cards now. There are 2 main goals: After discovering the whole chain: - try to imagine another, which would lead to exactly the same Goa-trance (at it's best), same states of mind, but absolutely without drugs involved (at least in the past centuries) - try to imagine how the music would sound if all of the Goa-trance artists would follow ONLY their native instruments as the base for sound synthesys. And create this music based on my own nation. This would be 100% psychedelic (as spirit manifestation) sound's cuncopia! As currently you have Fin
  3. Hmm why not? Anyone ever played a game from Civilization ® series, they might know that there is the `Investigation` section (or Science). Thus, to build a train, you need to first discover the wheel, then the horse riding, then..., then iron, then..., finally train. Transorming the same approach to music, I want to discover the chain to look something like (just as a brief example): - In the prehistoric you need to invent the percussion and flute. then..., then in 17th century a violine and a-likes, then..., then in 19th century a contra-bass, in 20th - electronic bass TB-303,
  4. Well, I am expecting the replies to be more relevant to my exact questions please. My main curiocity is to discover how the sound was born used in the music genre known as Goa-trance. It`s not very important if all the pioneer tracks were created during the effect time of `drugs`. The most important for me know, wether 99,9% (or how many?) of pioneer producers ever tried `psychedelic drugs` and ever tried listening music under their effect before creating own tracks. And if it`s true, that the majority of pioneer Goa-trance producers first tried `psychedelics` with music, what w
  5. - Did at least 90% of all Goa trance pioneer musicians were using `psychedelic drugs` ? (I`ve read here in the recent topic, about `darkpsy` if I recall right, that MFG were not using at all, or something like that) - How did `psychedelic` effects in music were found? I`m not knowledgable enough to name them all correctly, but at least: flanger, fazer, `acid` ? Where people taking `psychedelic drugs` and just experimenting with sound ? I remember I`ve read on Wikipedia about flanger (or fazer) that it was invented like decades ago when someone was copying music from one cassete to an
  6. My mistake is that I did not mention classic tracks of which genre would it list. Looks like subconciousely I was considering that there was nothing but GOA trance. Not psy-breaks, forest or suomi.. which I thought appeared later. I`ve listened to the tracks once again. I still don`t know if I should include Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa, but Freak Brothers track do really all sound melodic and goa-alike. It`s just my current attitude to the `freaky` things.. Also tracks Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa, Freak Brothers - Boggled Beyond Belief and Freak Brothers - Failed Stealth Attempt (als
  7. Thanks for the participation Yes, I\'ve noticed.. They are either unreleased or a really hard to get ones.. Yes, I know.. Also BotFB\'s track Brainscar is accessible only via Schlabbaduerst ReKkords page. Maybe you should fix this and inlucde the link somewhere in thr group of BotFB. From what I could find so far, Schlabbaduerst ReKkords offers us the next tracks in WAV quality: BotFB - Brainscar [already included] Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa Freak Brothers - Boggled Beyond Belief Freak Brothers - Psychotic Mind@!$#%$@!ck [name censorship edit] Freak
  8. This will be a perfect occasion to make a contact attempt once again. I will update with results. Thanks for the attention
  9. 2 Sideffect...: In this particular example (which is a very good one), from where our conversation has started, the situation is as follows: - There was a CD album back in 1996 by `Eternal Bliss` artist called `Pyramids` - Currently the used version (in new condition) is for sale at discogs for about 15 euros - For about the same price (from $15) it still available either as digital download of physical purchase from web shops like cdbaby.com (all the links are on the artist`s website) - And 2 tracks from the album are avilable in full length download in mp3 128kbps qualit
  10. Yes, I have contacted a dozen of artists already. If I find a track that I really like (reffered either from my past mp3-only experience or from other users feedback on the internet), I try to find wether is this track still available for sale/download/used condition sale. So far I have contacted: Pleiadians: regarding their `Pleiadians` track. - They said would probably release it on the latest DAT records release. Not likely to give anything for free. Deviant Electronics: regarding `Brainwashing Is Childs Play` album - I have contacted Helix label manager, he in h
  11. Hm. Well, obviousely, if people could afford that sum just on a sound system, they could afford buying the whole CD which is in this case still for sale. I believe that `quality` does not play much unless you could easily distinguish all the necessary details in music which could lead you to a certain state. And from my experience 128 and even 96 kbps may be enough if the record is done well. PS. Another update. California Sunshine just given it\'s newest album Rebirth for free download (in 320) which contains the next tracks: Rain 2010 Summer 89 2010 Alala 2010 The Flag
  12. One of the last submissions from my personal collection. Eternal Bliss [mp3 128] Hallucinate Indiamagic After I\'ve contacted the artist, he put them back online and might also release his album Pyramids for free in hq. Hallucinate is a very great track and mp3 128 quality is still very ok for me
  13. Ok, now I understand completely and have absolutely no a single more question to ask about this! Thanks for such a comprehensive explanation PS. Also, it is somewhat interesting and very strange to me this thing about royalties as these tracks are being sold up to now by 2 different labels, which I would say are both a major ones.
  14. Great find, thanks! Very refreshing music. Added 12 tracks to the list! Also removed 3 ManMadeMan`s last 3 albums as they are not `classic`.
  15. Then, just curious how has your attitude towards copyright holding changed as previously, you was giving them away with no probs together with many other even `contemporary` tracks!? To mention, all Kaaya`s tracks are available trough 3 compilations from Dragonfly records via junodownload.com (and maybe others of course) and Kailash`s Higher (original) and Mystery Brain is available via Matsuri`s compilation. Another question: would you get the penny from those `digital downloads`?
  16. Got a little update: Radiotrance Russian act mostly known by Vostok-5 given away their 2 first albums for 256kbps free download. Most of their tracks are somewhat innocent happy hardcore, but also got 2 GOA tracks: Vostok-5 Plasma which are added
  17. Do you mean at flyingrhino.co.uk ? If so, yes, if I remember right, some Technossomy or Darshan tracks. Well of course, I will add what other people would suggest, this was the reason of creating this topic! And as you could see, I\'ve already done that with Sheyba\'s tracks. I also have some more tracks already downloaded, but when visited the artist\'s page once again, they are no longer for free. It was another reason of creating the list to have only the actually available for download tracks. And yes, Ubar Tmar got some tracks matching the list, thanks for the add
  18. Yes, sorry, totally forgot about Sheyba! I also know about various Flying Rhino mp3 128 kbps releases. But after talking to the artist like Blue Planet Corporation, who said he did not give any right to release even the vinyl mp3 128 version of his Blue Planet album, it\'s very hard to call all those releases as \"official\". Releases from Atmos in wav, from California Sunshine and Double Dragon in particular caused me to create the list as many tracks are really great in great quality and given for free directly from the source (artist) but only a few people might know about this.
  19. 12moons - Healer - neser DNA [mp3 320] Source: http://12moons.se Status: Gives back again his 3 full albums and promises to release the rest till autumn. Placed a PayPal ® donation button. 12 Moons – Solid State Analog Haste Ovation Pilot The Collective Without Within Ananokki Small Adventures Halo Interlude Flair 12 Moons – Beyond Infinity 12 Moons – Zero Gravity (original version) Healer – Wonderground Speaking With A Def Man Illusive 1,000 Years Angels Monofonica Continents Go To Sleep Healer – Higher Grounds The
  20. Sounds great! And how about these: http://www.discogs.com/label/Not+On+Label+(Kris+Andersen+Self-released) ? Except the last one in that list of course, particularly: Kailash Higher E.P. (EP) Kaaya Braindance / Ormazd Kaaya Circular Sanctuary Elysium The Light These are REALLY good!! Any information about the plans to make a release on Ektoplazm..? Or what should I do with my files...? :-] PS. Also great that this one is finally released: Elysium - Wind Of Dust (Elysium & MOS Remix)
  21. Update: After I've downloaded the 3d album, it also sounds like that with the drum kick in the left ear which makes me feel uncomfortable in the headphones (unlike ALL other music I've listened). In both preview and youtube it might sound mono, so it's the explanation why it seem to sound right. So, in order to listen the issue, you need to download, unzip and play.
  22. Didn\'t know where to post this and decided here. A well known band California Sunshine has released 2 (oh, it\'s already 3 of them!) it\'s first albums for free in 320kbps which can be found by these links: http://www.phonotool.com/promkit_info.php?promkitcode=CAL01&full=true http://www.phonotool.com/promkit_info.php?promkitcode=2075-2&full=true There is a full length preview there, so no need to download. Especially in the first album, you could hear that the kick (drum) is always in the left ear and during the most of the track the sound is always switched to the left ear, s
  23. As no one seem to care, I will reply, as I care so much about this... The first file "Unknown 1 (Section X ).mp3" is indeed Section X! First part is totally remarkable by it's unique vocals - "Drive In Drive out" from the same titled Vinyl Drive In Drive out EP. Second part of the file (from about 1 min +) is also quite remarkable Section X creation. It has their very own and unfortunately so unique driving force, but a bit slower beats than usual, which give you a little bit of "tribal" feeling - so, it's "Beat On Drums (Live In Paris)" (quite sped up here, for good!) from Sect
  24. I do extremely rarely reply here, but now, especially after listening yesterday to latest Ektoplazm's submission Celestial Consciousness – Spiritual Antidote, I would post here some certain words of mine. I do not also use drugs anymore (including beer and cigaters and many other things which may even not be considered as drugs by the majority) and I'm also really trying to be an absolute purist. And it all comes to the point, where satisfaction and pleasure should be achieved and flow absolutely naturally. Most of the time, not creative. Really unfortunately, but absolutely tr
  25. I am looking for ID of the original track the exact part from which starts at 02:36 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlf6x8rAfHE I can recall almost the whole original track in my memory, but cant remember where I've heard it from nor the names.. Thx
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