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  1. After a deep and serious research, I have been discovered that music goes to a regression direction. The GOA trance itself appeared to also have more bad tracks than good ones. But even those bad mostly contain the elements which cover all "modern sound production quality" or any other "innovations". They are simply nothing! There is no a single move forward, apart from a very few artists and several tracks of them who are producing in GOA style nowadays. IMO GOA should have involved into more ethnic, organic, ochestral and at the same time personal direction, but this unfortunately ha
  2. It was several times with me and most of them I didn't even know how is it called. First, I had a pirated MP3 CD called Dream dance '97. It had mostly Sony's Dream Dance series with Dolphins jumping on the sleeve + some other Dream trance CDs and.. Robert Miles In The Mix album. It had tracks like "Prana – Geomantik" and "L.S.G. – Transmutation" from the subject genre. At first it all sounded to me very strange, dry, empty.. But then few months later I coudln't get enough of it! It was already something very strong, solid and energetic sounding. Second, there was a Rebook store in th
  3. This thing is a well known subject in Computer Science. And I am deeply involved in it. I just don`t like the word "artificial" like it`s something too dead and techy. For me it`s really a form of art using computers as a key instrument.
  4. -= ARTificial INTELLIGENCE =- FREELANCE I "studied" radioelectronics though for about 6 years in an Aviation University. Then I officially quit refusing to take the mostly fake diploma because I was already having the above mentioned real thing which was more than feeding me well.. I`m still having my student ID in the pocket with group number.. 604 on it, which I still haven't finished When was small always wanted to become a businessman to become an influential person. The above thing has given all I wanted in this realm and much more. And I was never studying this anywhere officia
  5. Hm, the image contains the url at the top, maybe you haven't noticed: http://divbyzero.de Edit: Full tracks (in 160kbps) sound indeed much better than the "2min MP3 extracts"! And they seem to be spinning the album for the whole weekend..
  6. This is `baffling` you or whatever because you obviousely got it wrong. The calculation is something like this. Need of the music as the help to reach a certain level of `consiousness` = 100% Improtance of the purity of the music for this level = 80% Deviation caused by the music in this case - name of the artist, lacking of ethnic instruments and constant happy mood = -35% My ability to correct the course caused by the deviation = 50% The probability to reach the desired destination with the help of this music = 100 - 35*0.8 + 50 = 122%Thus far I am listening and can listen for really l
  7. I believe I have answered this as well in the first part of my previous message. It happens to me like that with all music.
  8. I said I was listening to his tracks repeatedly for hours even known they are presented from the artist with that strong influence in his name. The overall need for the music and the musc itself has won over the intolerance. And the new album`s name symbolically makes even lesser `eastern` influence. But I didn`t want to say any good words about while I was still seeing him using the `eastern-styled` avatar. 2 days ago I had a thought that he might change it, I loaded the forum and by a `coincidence` saw right on the homepage that he really changed it! So I decided to post..
  9. I am having the total intolerance towards `eastern religions` influenced music. E-mantra has a very strong influence in his name. Despite that, I consider his music to be the most serious, deep, driving and flight-supporting among all other producing nowdays. I listened to some of his tracks repeatedly for hours, so much they were able to do for me. Of course, they still lacking a lot filling IMO and happiness but still it is the most serious music around and thus more valuable. I have discovered that on the album Arcana there is a track called `Dansul Ielelor` which means `a danc
  10. E-Mantra - Soul Searcher [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7g7xgot-fc[/media] Space Tribe - The Great Spirit (Hal%%%%gen Remix) [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCvsqoaxl0I[/media]
  11. Don`t like that there are still some black parts. Like that it`s bright, fresh and energetic.
  12. Out of 9 tracks posted, 4 of them have spirit or soul in their name. So this might be a good place to keep them together. Also I am concerned about spirit though, as soul could and very often is weak while spirit is often all about strength.
  13. Paradise Connection - Synthadelic Glide [media=''] [/media] Soluna - Dancing Spirit [media=''] [/media]
  14. Talamasca - Strangers [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o13yeqYRNuA[/media] Talamasca - Halloween [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZr2u6qP2hk[/media]
  15. Afrotrance - Spiritual Energy [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQjePtGnsvM[/media]
  16. These 2 were also in the post above. Alienapia - Magic Magnification [media=''] [/media] Nuxx - Soul Nova [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJO0pz9DCxE[/media]
  17. They are strong, fast, flowing and beatiful. Just like the examples below below. Opsy - Spirit Collector [media='']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etF8csD-4Ao[/media] E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru [media=''] [/media] This may me too many videos per post.. But all of the above are very special for me and like gems among the tons of garbage..
  18. Tegma - El Mariachi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzLdMKwDLgQ The name seem to be translated from the spanish as `a musician`. Using spanish guitar, and spanish vocals. And has a totally organic and really ethnic feeling. The track can be downloaded for free in 320kbps from the official Tegma`s web site.
  19. Voice of tambourine. Flute. Goa trance beatless sound, tambourine, flute. Voice of the dictor `In the begining there was a total silence and the emptiness. The great shaman hit the tambourine and the cosmos and the stars were created.` Tambourine voice. `With the second hit of the tambourine the shaman has created a human and the Earth.` `After the third hit the shaman has opened the music to people and taught them do dance.` `And has left the Eearth.`. Goa trance sound with beat. That was the very beginning. As of the "the bad side"... There is a main heroine in t
  20. I am also interested in the subject. I was mostly watching a couple of russian ones and there was one really nice, very informative, though showing all the `movement` from the bad side. It is called as `Шаман - (Фильм о российской техно-транс культуре 90-х)` in russian or `Shaman - A movie about russian techno-trance scene of 90s` in english. It seems to not be available on youtube though. And you are able to watch it from here I believe http://videodisc.tv/video/0253327/bgaeacegh/%D8%E0%EC%E0%ED+%28%D4%E8%EB%FC%EC+%EE+%F0%EE%F1%F1%E8%E9%F1%EA%EE%E9+%F2%E5%F5%ED%EE-%F2%F0%E0%
  21. Well, some time ago I was also eager only for the electronic synth frequencies but now I came to the conclusion that they have reached their limits the way people use them. Organic instruments IMO would not only help to sound more juicy and more rich, but also would help to find out the very specific eletronic sounds for each person, as now they are all too random and too common... Yes, thanks! It`s just what I am looking for! Apart from the guitars I hear many many more instruments that do sound very organic to me. Another good thing is that they now give away their first `
  22. I usually ignore all of the Imba`s posts due to IMO abusive content of the Avatars and most of content used.. But here I`ve made an exception... And with no regrets at all. THIS kind of usage is behind my expectation that humans could relate `psy` music with. But it`s really what it is all about for me - the connection with all the ETHNO things. And yes, the music is definitely `Lepton Head deedrah remix` This looks and sounds so beatifully and strong! Even if it looks sometimes too childish or over-simple, the mature horses, the burning feather of the phoenix bird and the flourish
  23. Thanks to all of the replies here! EVERY single track here so far completely shares the feeling I am looking for. Of course, I am more searching for the faster side. I would only like to mention particulary those I knew already Yes, this one maybe the best from all the suggested and it`s already in my target list.. Just somewhat hard to legally get.. This one I have mentioned to myself some time ago, but totally forgot about it.. thanks to remind.
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