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  1. Hi guys, heres my latest track, hope you like it, would be cool to get some feedback from you!
  2. Heres my latest track, i hope you like and enjoy it. Some feedback would be great! Have a nice time!
  3. Hi i want to share my latest track with you, its kind of a remix of an old track of me, but actually in the end i only kept the voice sample and a synth patch i saved from the original. So in the end its more a new track. finally i bought phoscyon so there is some acid towards the end. Enjoy and leave some feedback if you want, i would be glad about it.
  4. Hi Guys, heres my latest track. HAve fun with it. Some feedback would be cool- HAve a nice weekend. Boom!
  5. He Guys, this is my latest track. I hope you like it. Please leave some feedback, it helps always a lot ! Boom!
  6. thanks recursion loop! most of the time im using trillian for bass, but this time i tried serum which becomes more and more my no 1 synth.
  7. Hi folks, heres my latest track, please listen and feel free comment. Some feedback would be cool, wehter you like it or not! Enjoy and hve a good time!
  8. Heres my new track. Enjoy. Feedbak is much appreciated. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/simon78-2/language-of-the-universe
  9. thank you very much for your feedback, i know the attitude towards chants and triplets... but as you say they fitted and i couldnt resist, so i tried to make some cliche psytrance sound, but in my own style hehe
  10. Hi, this is my new track. Please leave some comments. im appreciate every feedback ! Boom
  11. Hi Guys, enjoy my latest track and feel free to comment, every feedback is welcome!
  12. Enjoy and feel free to comment! I was thinking about this as intro track to my live set. Waht do you think about that?
  13. Nice track. Love the juicy acid lines. Towards the end indeed a little too cheesy for my taste. but, yeah a matter of taste. Why only private link?
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