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  1. Да. И это неизданный трек той же эпохи. Pan Psychic track is 14 years old.
  2. Have seen Markus performing Son Kite dj-set this month on Abstraction festival in Russia.
  3. Yes, it's funny indeed. Разок можно лольнуть на стереотипах, мы же не серьёзно)
  4. Thank you, antic604! We have been busy running our second chill-out imprint Microcosmos Records, some festivals and gigs around. But Sun Station is alive and planning a lot of psychedelic stuff coming! Dissociactive is enjoying life on some tropical island
  5. I'll give away download codes to first 5 members with >500 posts. Msg me in PM. Honest review would be great, but not necessary.
  6. 01. JBC Arkadii - Dark Energy 02. Luminexia - Another Galaxy 03. Pan Psychic - Vremya Vozrozdenia 04. Zeus - Milky Way 2 05. Astronaut Ape - Space Gypsies 06. Nostromosis - Vaimanika Sastra 07. Germind - Dancing Earthlings 08. Laatoka - Istigkeit 09. Laboratory X - Resurection (Anumana Remix) 10. Armageddance - Alienautica Sun Station Records presents a compilation by Anumana. Goadelica is a colorful story told by Russian psychedelic artists. Local all-stars collective gives you a taste of current state of goa trance legacy in Russia. Oldschool basslines, retro synths and familiar weird effects shaped by modern sound production and blended by pulsating rhythm into danceable anthems. Join this dancefloor experience and party like it's the 90s again! genre: Goa Trance lenght: 81:50 release date: May 2017 cover: Natalia ‘Kyzya’ Arustamova mastering: Manifold Studio This is digital only release. 24 bit version on Bandcamp: http://shop.sunstation.ru/album/goadelica iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/ru/album/dark-energy/id1233403888?i=1233403891&mt=1&app=music Junodownload: http://www.junodownload.com/products/goadelica/3420903-02/ Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/goadelica/2017511 Youtube visuals:
  7. presents VA - Chaotic Harmony compiled by dj Iris listen on-line dj Iris presents the new musical map for a mystical journey! The soundwaves will take you through a maze of magic forests and seashores into the deepest structures of your mind. Remember that you will not get lost in this serious trip, because the harmony of mind and spirit is always stronger than chaos, and by transforming chaos into order, the consciousness is moving towards enlightenment. To your attention fresh tracks from such masters of genre, like Ocelot, CPC, DoHm, Drury Nevil, Overdream, Psychoson, Aku Aku, RED, N.O.M. Cover' visionary artwork made by Ihtianderson. Mastering by Makus (Overdream Studio). CD are available at Psyshop, Beatspace, Saikosounds. Digital download: Beatport and other digital shops 2 weeks later. http://moonstation.ru/
  8. Alexander Daf - While You Were Sleeping (Electronic Soundscapes, 2011) artist: Alexander Daf title: While You Were Sleeping label: Electronic Soundscapes cat.number: ELS 007 type: EP (Digital) genre: Ambient / Downtempo / IDM tracks: 06 Tracklist 1. Alexander Daf - A Thousand Tomorrows 2. Alexander Daf - So Long 3. Alexander Daf - Sleeping This Evening 4. Alexander Daf - Birth 5. Alexander Daf - Drowning in a feeling 6. Alexander Daf - I Left You There Info: Hailing from Saint Petersburg in Russia, Alexander Daf is well know globally for releases on many labels and compilations. His debut album release was in 2008 on the major American label System Recordings that entered the Beatport Chillout Top 100. While you were sleeping is the first Alexander Daf release on Electronic Soundscapes and the label's seventh release up to date. An atmospheric extended player embellished with unfolding cinematic soundscapes and gradually enveloping sonic topologies. A Thousand Tomorrows is the starting point of a submerging cinematic aural shower of floating electrified synths and soft deep baselines. Just when you think that the track is too slacked off, structured rhythmic patterns towards the end, offer hints for the While you were sleeping direction. So Long is a steadily uplifting airy cinematic soundscape. Cross pointing atmospherics with sweet harmonized filters, tribal scented laid back beats build up a deep panoramic track. Next, is Sleeping This Evening capturing the release's essence, bridging the atmospheric side with the more glitch scented breaks and deep basslines side of the release. Birth introduces the listener to glitch influenced breaks accompanied by organic sweet sounding flutes. Innovative and well balanced, Birth lies at the heart of the more experimental side of the release. Warm organic string chords tingle the senses under an angelic vocals veil on Drowning in a feeling. A nostalgic vibrational cleansing track and unique collaboration between Alexander Daf and Maria Grigoryeva. Unperturbed vocals soak in lush synth pads and soft earthy bass grooves. I Left You There is the ideal epilogue for the end of the release, gently shifting up from where Drowning in a feeling left us. The ideal soundtrack for an Autumn rainy afternoon! Hard to fit into genres Alexander Daf's style lies in the downtempo domain, showcasing a variety of styles and directions. Smooth sonic textures and divine cinematic soundscapes are Alexander Daf's landmarks. Listen & Buy at Electronic Soundscapes Listen & Buy at Junodownload Listen & Buy at Amazon Listen & Buy at Beatport Cover Art: [ Download Pdf presentation ___More info___ Soundcloud Page
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