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  1. FOR SALE! ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE COLLECTOR'S ITEM! What is it?! You're looking at the MASTER discs of the Asia 2001 album 'Dreamland', released as vinyl on Balloonia Ltd., with the Cat. Nr. BALLLP015, back in the year 2000. See here for more details: http://www.discogs.com/Asia-2001-Dreamland/release/144242 The music has been cutted into these discs. From these discs negative discs have been made. These negatives have been used for pressing the final vinyls. That means these exist only ONCE, which makes them absolutely unique! The album had 2 discs, that's why you see 4 mast
  2. LOL! that's a really funny loop! btw. I like your description of Morning Psytrance! it fits very well imo. also Morning Psytrance is really hard to find. there is far too much noise in common Psytrance tracks for me to consider them as being Morning Psytrance. or they are far to cheesy, like most of melodic Fullon/Psytrance.
  3. yeah, your posted tracks are what I would consider as Morning Psytrance! actually that is what I like most in Psytrance (>140bpm), therefor I created some mixes in this style: Science Fiction Hyperspace
  4. Hello, I ask this question for a friend of mine: Do you know any similar artists to Xenomorph? https://www.discogs.com/de/artist/28096-Xenomorph thnx in advance! TB
  5. don't forget Dave Young who played synths for the black metal band Venom before he did Goa Trance under his legendary moniker Chi A.D. !!
  6. Suntrip Records

  7. to answer the questions from the first post: I know Human Blue - Protonica since it came out in 1999. I bought the double vinyl compilation A PROGRESS IN TRANCE (Transient Records) just because of Protonica! so it came that this was the very first Progressive Psytrance release I bought ever and countless more followed after! unfortunately quite a lot later because it took me some years (until 2001) and more great releases to get into this kind of music. but to come back to Human Blue's music... for me this guy is an outstanding musical genius! the harmonies & melodies he put together
  8. also on YouTube now incl Milkdrop 2 Visuals in HD! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gp51lt9kdA
  9. * Title: Supernova * Genre: Progressive Psytrance * Length: 154:56 min * Format: MP3 VBR V0 * File size: 283,1 MB * BPM: 138 Here is my very first mix in 2014 called 'Supernova'! Another Progressive Psytrance bomb, literally massive & energetic like a giant star explosion!! 2,5 hours of driving basslines, hypnotic melodies and guess what? A LOT of TB-303 acid sounds! LIKE ALWAYS! Enjoy the next flight with "TB Spaceways" Download: http://rghost.net/51452854 CD1&2 (for burning onto CDR) http://rghost.net/51457616 http://rghost.net/51457683 YouTube
  10. * Title: Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica Vol. 1 * Genre: Oldschool Progressive Psytrance * Length: 173:52 min * Format: MP3 VBR V0 * File size: 312,0 MB * BPM: 137 This is my latest Progressive Psytrance mix and like so often it is another very special one! -> Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica Vol. 1 A R E T R O S P E C T I V E T R I B U T E ! This mix contains 24 tracks from the dawn of Progressive Psytrance 1999-2004. All tracks are absolutely outstanding of its genre: just the best of the best of the best! Without doubt some of the very best Progr
  11. *BREAKING NEWS**BREAKING NEWS**BREAKING NEWS**BREAKING NEWS* A few weeks ago I've lost my YouTube channel with more than 7500 subscribers and nearly 2 million views because of a little dispute with Mr. V. from Plusquam Labelgroup. He reported 3 of my mixes to YouTube and they closed my account and channel... Finally I've started a new YouTube channel!! www.youtube.com/user/TobiasBassline I've uploaded all my old mixes which don't contain any tracks from Plusquam Labelgroup again! And already a few new ones! You'll find there Progressive Psytrance, Goa, Ambient & Do
  12. * Title: Voyager * Genre: Progressive Psytrance * Length: 4hours * Format: MP3 VBR V0 * File size: 442mb * BPM: 138 Get ready to leave planet earth for a magic trip through space & time to infinity! This mix consists of three parts which will take you on an epic 240 minutes journey into the great wide universe! Like always you can expect driving basslines, hypnotic melodies, mystic synths and a lot TB-303 acid sounds! Follow me and I'll guide you into the deepest spheres of your consciousness! Tune in, relax, open your mind and enjoy this mi
  13. * Title: Live at Psychedelic Halloween Munich 03.11.2012 * Genre: Progressive Psytrance * Length: 2h14m * Format: MP3 VBR V0 * File size: 251,7 MB * BPM: 136-140 This is my set from Psychedelic Halloween Party in Munich on 03.11.2012. This version doesn't include my Ambient opening. If you prefer to have it with the opening download the full version! Download: http://rghost.net/41364430 (cut version) http://rghost.net/41364228 (full version) YouTube: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjm3GynDfuA My Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/deejay.tb My
  14. Finally! Here it is! My long awaited 'Tribute to Goa Vol. 3' mix! Enjoy this 80 minutes journey through the golden age of Goa! Mindbending, trippy, hypnotic, psychedelic, melodic, acidic Goa Trance at its best! Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/deejay-tb/tribute-to-goa-vol-3 YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jty3T2aqIKk Download: http://rghost.net/39768120 My Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/deejay.tb My YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thb303 My Psy & Ambient Mixes http://tinyurl.com/mypsymixes My Techno Mixes http://tinyurl.com/mytechnomixes
  15. * Title: To Infinity And Back * Genre: Psy Ambient/Chillout * Length: 78:51 min * Format: MP3 VBR V0 * File size: 134,7 MB I just finished this project which I started a few months ago! This time it's another Psy Ambient/Chillout mix with some of the best tracks ever made! Deeply emotional and hearttouching music! Enjoy! YouTube: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipWSgBRBr_U Download: http://rghost.net/39375028 My Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/deejay.tb My YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thb303 My Soundcloud http://sound
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