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  1. Oldschool --> Shakta - Leptonhead rmx / Jaia - Mai Mai Full-on --> Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move / Protoculture - Avalon Progressive --> Atmos - Klein Aber Doctor / Haldolium - One Of These Days Dark --> Fungus Funk - Dis Proloectropsyhouse --> Beckers - Switch
  2. That's some good news then
  3. I have to say the samples don't sound very appealing to me. It lacks some 'soul' if you ask me. Maybe it has to grow. Let's wait.
  4. SBK played 2 tracks of them at 5 'o clock in the afternoon in the sunshine on the Rhakti Dei festival this weekend and once again I have to say "It kicked one fucking million arses!"
  5. I'd say Andromeda - La Maquina and Sensations
  6. It's a track from Space Tribe. Don't remember the name though.
  7. I have to say the Kukan Dub Lagan set in the chillout this weekend was very nice. It was very original and inspirational downtempoish dub music. You could dance to it or or just listen to it. The Itaitaiko live I didn't see because I was sleeping at that time. ;
  8. Björk bought one. She uses it in her performances.
  9. I hope you read that correctly "NOT like Holden and Loco Dice" More like yeah... mmminimal as in progressive but more minimal.. huh what's in a name...
  10. Too many to mention. Most memorable: Tristan, Juno Reactor, SBK, Hallucinogen, Atmos, Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom, Four Carry Nuts, Hilight Tribe, Daft Punk, Goran Bregoviç ... and many more
  11. Elegant Universe are some guys from Israel I think. This is the last track on the first Prestige Music compilation. It's a pretty groovy, minimal (not like in Holden or Loco Dice minimal) and psychedelic track. The climax is a little over the top.
  12. Like you style Mr Nemo My Top 10 from two months ago + some minor adaptions 1. Shiloh - Café Del Mariachi! 2. True Lies - Valeries Biography! 3. Solead - Chocolat Milk 4. How does it feel (Dnox and Beckers rmx) 5. Earsugar feat Dj Pena - K.I.S.S. 6. Atmos - Luxor 7. Lish - Consciousness! 8. Khainz and Alex on guitar - It's You 9. Dean Fuel and Metcalfe - Sexy Hippie 10. Elegant Universe - Kinky Girl
  13. No Atmos? Where's the new Atmos?! Or is he releasing on another label?
  14. I think Goodmood (Boom organiser) also organised Ypy Poty gathering. How I love to have been there. Goddammit. Samothraki 2002 was one of the best organised festivals ever. Also Boom 2006 and the FULL moON festival in Germany is extermely professional organised. This doesn't make it better or worse. Only for the artists professionally organised festivals make a world of difference. See Soulclipse vs Full Moon f.e.
  15. Johnny Cash Dead Can Dance Phillip Glass Brenda Fassie All kind of Gypsymusic All kind of Reggae music, Eek-a-mouse, Alpha Blondy, Damian Marley, Tanya Stephen and good ol' Bobbie Jefferson Airplane Norah Jones Salsa music such as Africando Madredeus Bert Kaempfert Bob Dylan Messer Chups Hans Zimmer Lisa Gerrard Those artists dominated last year and still do
  16. Why are you not impressed? Have you listened to it carefully? If so...les gouts et les couleurs...
  17. I've seen them live about 10 years ago and they sure were one hell of live-act with one of the fattes light shows I have ever seen. The fact I remember it so well prooves how good they were!
  18. I think it's very sexy and funny music.
  19. I have no complaints, you are doing a very good job. Is it nevertheless possible to have an option to embed movies?
  20. Holy shit, it's so very dam'n good! So playfull, groovy, intriguing, refreshing, funky, maximal, minimal...perfect.
  21. Cosmology was the first psytrance-cd I ever listened knowing its was psy/goatrance. I remember afterglowing on Afterglow and thinking to myself "how cool is this?" We almost booked him for october this year, but then we decided to leave for mexico that month, so it's postponed (if the that's the right word). Hail Cosmosis. Thank you for the music.
  22. A friend of me is throwing a party in a couple of weeks with Kukan Dub Lagan / Itaitaiko (is supposed to be the same person?), I'll check it out and report the goodness or badness of his live-show(s).
  23. Best release of 2007 thusfar. The Solead track (Chocolate MILK) and the True Lies track are some of the best most emotional and soulfull tracks I have ever heard.
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