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  1. Wrecked Machines and Xibalba are the first who come to mind. Sharigrama? (Mexico?)
  2. Well that's some reply! I have to read it again to get it all. But thanks for you time And that trance.edu site seems like just the spot I was looking for. I will be investigating this site the following days. But I want to get one thing clear already: "In passing, we can mention that a link is often made between the alpha waves frequencies of the human brain, associated with the state of trance, between 8 and 12 Hz, and a constant stream of 16th notes which, when played at the suggested average of 145 bpm, yields a flow of musical events at an average of 10 Hz. Coincidence or more ?" My mathematical and scientific english isn't that good. But does this suggests 145bpm is 'the best trance inducing rhythm?" Or did I understand this completely wrong?
  3. Indeed the last 3 years my taste evolved towards the more subtle progressive sounds of psytrance. I need 'less' sounds to get in trance. Although I still get carried away by good full psytrance. Cosmosis - Trancendance for example, or the last Wizzy Noise album. Talking about good fullon, check the new MWWN tracks on FutureSoundmasters comp from tip new world. That's some good music I reckon. I also think it's not the age that influences personal taste, but the the amount of years people are listeng to psytrance. The first two years you get sucked in the scene by classic psytracks from fe IM or AP. It think very few people get in the scene through progressive music. So a 30year old who just started listening psy will be dancing on IM and Astrix the first year. IMO.
  4. It's true mantras are more repetitive than melodies in trance, because those melodies change during the track. But I dare to say that for example the melody in Shakta-Leptonhead is repeating itself in the same entrancing way mantras do. But I indeedly think the drum is the most important tool to get in trance and not melodies. You can do without the melodies, but not without the beat. The "sophisticated" human mind in 21st century however, needs a combination of both beat and melody to grasp the full aspect of trance. IMO that is.
  5. If I understand this correctly the amount of beats per minute isn't important, but what IS important is the encreasing of bpm in a period of time. Or is this about the frequencies? So to get the most out of state of trance in parties would be starting with music from 120 bpm build up over the night to music with 150 bpm? The ending of parties with progressive music neverthless, does the trick for me, and the bpm are lower than in the night...
  6. Interesting replies I'd say. From my point of view the melodies enhance phantasies and visualisations. They just add more of a sensational aspect to 'being in trance'. This quote from isratrance describes what I mean "The treble sounds act as a food for the imagination and we could even see geometric patterns,fractals, tripping into other dimensions in space and time... " At first I would say melodies are not needed to get in trance, and partly that's true. But their are different tribes in let's say the Brazil rainforests who only use their voice to get in trance. The chanting of mantra-like sounds do get people in trance and no drum is used. I don't know if this can be replaced by the melodies used in electronic music.
  7. I was just thinking, do lower beats per minute, get you better (faster, easier) in trance than a higher BPM? It seems logic to me that it's easier for your heart to tune in on lower beats, let's say 120 to 135 bpm( maybe even 100 to 120 bpm), than a higher amount per minute. And is that why house and progressive psytrance should be considered more entrancing than let's say hardcore/terror and fullon/ dark psytrance (which most of the time have bpm between 140-150)? These are just speculations. And I'm also pleading for the removal of too much breaks in trance music, because it sure as hell gets you of the trance state and it can be very annoying. Few breaks though can give you a higher feeling and that's nice. So, is it? <At how many beats per minute do african/indian tribal people hit their drum?>
  8. Nothing beats the Soulclipse line up . I mean it's the most diverse and biggest line-up I have ever seen. Not that it mathers that much, but ..you know Live acts: Absolum - 3D-Vison Ajja - Peak Alternative control - Spun Andromeda - Milenium Antidote - GBU Recs Astrix - Hommega Atmos - SpiralTrax AtomicPulse - B.N.E. Azak Syndrom - 3D-Vison Bon - Digital Psionics C.P.U. - 3D-Vison CCL - Doof ChemicalDrive - Utopia Chromosome - Milenium Deedra - Spun DeeperInZen - Solar DigitalTalk - Acidance Dissosiactive - Acidance DMMT - Free Fall Domestic - Hommega Double Impact - Dtek - Maia Ecoteck - Timestech Eraser Vs Yojalka - Exogenic/Sonic-dragon Eskimo - Phantasm Etnica - Etnicanet EVP - Wild things Fatali - B.N.E. Fungus Funk - Acidance GMS - Spun GOW - Partvati Hallucinogen - Twisted Haltya - Exogenic Hilight Tribe - Kosmik Hoboes Rec Hux Flux - Hydroponic - Nano Hyperfrequncies - Mechanik Records / Acidance Ibojima - Infected Mushroom - Hommega InnerAction - Procion Jellyheads - Trishula Kindzaza - Parvaty Kiwa - Exogenic Lani - Kairoo Lish - Compact Loopus in Fabula - Loopus in fabula Luna spice - Bus Mekkanikka - Menog - Spectralrecords/PlanetBen/Timecode Midimilz - Boshkebeats Naked Tourist - Parvati Neuromotor - Acidance Ocelot - Drop Out Oforia - B.N.E. Para Ha Lu - Parvati Penta - Spectralconcept Phatamatix - Acidance/Redcells PhonyO. - Iboga Pixel - Hommega Popstream - Protoculture - Nano Peaking Goddess Collective - Peak Reality Grid - Wild things Rink-a-Dink - Alchemy Shanti - Spun SonKite - Digital Structures Squaremeat - Exogenic S-range - SpiralTrax Star Sound Orchestra - Sub-6 - Hommega Terraformers - Texas Faggot - Exogenic Ticon - Digital Structures Timelock - B.N.E. Total Eclipse - Tribal Tul - Tribal Records Wizzy Noise - Harmonia X-Dream - Boshkebeats Yab Yum - Peak Yutopia - Flow Djs: Alex Boshke - G+ / Boshke Beats Ans - Nano Antaro - Spirit Zone Anti - Spiral Trax / ACDC Apex - Peak Arturo - Maia Baba D - Beauty & Beat - Synergy Tribe Beckers - Sprout Beka - TurboTrance Bog - Compact Chris - Fullmoon Cosmic Serpant - DMT Dhira - Body and Mind/ Dragon Hunter Dica - Doof Dimitri Nakov - Spun D-nox - Sprout / plastik park Don Ziggy - stardustcreations Dris Hadra - Hadra Edoardo - Nurobiotic Eyal - Hommega Feio - xxxperience Goetz - Synergy Tribe Greg - Mandala James Liquid - Liquid Connective John Flemming - Kemix - Psy 16 Ketamind - Doof Kodomo - Kristian - Antiworld L'elf - TurboTrance Arch 070 - Arche Of Alliance Project Mars - Acidance Mat Mushroom - Mushroom Magazine Mindsphere - Psyturk Moonchild - Intelligent Monkey Mute - Saklikent Nirmalji - Noise Poison Rcds Zefer - Neutronix Ozzie - Tribedelic Pan - Etnicanet PaulTylor - Spun Pena - Flow Profane - Dance n dust Raptor - Australiens Redax Mental - Interzone/Psytronic Sal - Stargate Sally Dollaly - Plastic Park ShaneGobi - Alchemy Slater - Tribal Vision Records Stella Nutella - Sweden Taka - Mother Trip Tych - TurboTrance Triptamine - Universal - Saklikent Vanja - Young - Etnicanet Zen-g - Groove Meditation CHILL OUT AREA HOSTED BY NECTAR TEMPLE CREW- MORE ARTISTS TO COME BY NECTAR TEMPLE Aliji - Beka - Turbo trance Bon - Digital Psionics Deeper in Zen - Soular Dica - Doof Digital Mystery Tour - DJ Kris "Elysium" - Dymons - Peak Electrip-Dub - Flooting Grooves PearceVan - Peak Fundeela - PeaceCenterCorp./NovaTekk Ghost - Nano HideyoBlackmoon - Ishq - Aleph Zero James Liquid - Liquid Jon - SangitaSounds Liese - Mushroom Magazine Mauxuam - Michele Adamson - Spun Mouss - Nova - Ultimea/Antiworld Peaking Goddess Collective - Peak PKS - Chill Tribe Profane - Dance and Dust Ramses - Mad Hatter Serra - Shahar - Aleph Zero Shulman - Aleph Zero Simon Spongle - Twisted Slater - Tribal Vision Soul Surfer - Millenium Sundara - Tajmahal - ElectrikDream/Ultimea Tripple Distilled - Boshke Beat/ G+ Vanja - Vataff - Vataff Project VJ's to blow your eyes a way.. PSYNEMA Live Intro. Buzz T & El Geko INSIDE-US-ALL Circuit VIII JAMES LIQUID MAUXUAM PUMPUI TRIPTAMINE Deco Teams To Fascinate Your Mind.. BALI & INDIGOKIDS CREW Deco ChillOut Hosted By: AQUA-VEDA D.M.T. NECTAR TEMPLE PEMPVISION DREAM TEAM MAE-MOA ANWA MADE TRIXX Performing Artists For Your Live Deco.. MAXFIRE MAYAKARA FIREDANCER KIKO-MAGIC SPORTS MAGMA MAUDE.B & JULIEN W. AND MANY MORE....
  9. Thanks for the fast responses, almost all acts are cleared out, except for Apex, CCL and Deeper in Zen. I will definately try to experience Yab Yum, EVP and Reality Grid. Samples sounds promising. Soulclipse here I come.
  10. Can somebody give me some more information about the music style of following artists? These are artists I know very little or nothing about and they are coming to play on the Soulclipse. So I know if I should check them out on the fest or not. Tnx! - Ajja - Apex - CCL - Deeper in Zen - Double Impact - EVP - Inner Action - Jellyheadz - Reality Grid - Yab Yum Mostly dark I guess? Cheers!
  11. Well that's what I call some good news I didn't recognize any of those tracks, so I supposed most them were his.
  12. 1. Neelix - No Way To Leave 2. Wizzy Noise - Sabotage 3. Ticon - Zero Six After 4. Jaïa - Fiction 5. Shpongle - Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost
  13. Ten years ago I went to my first rock festival, for the very first time I danced on electronic music with thousands of people. Yep, the rock festival had acts like Daft Punk and The Prodigy lined up. I remember for the first time I saw people smoking 'drugs'. I also remember I chatted on the internet for the first time on this festival in a special internet van. I fixed myself a date through the net that time. And I almost touched Keith Flint. Yep good times 10 years ago.
  14. I'm definately coming, somethings telling me it will be a unique experience in all aspects of everything allways (tickets bought btw) And the line-up is amazing, but what's more amazing is the fact that it's only half of it (that's what Indigokids are saying). And the most positive thing about the line-up is that almost all genres of pystrance are included. F.e. -> Progressive: Phoney Orphants, Ticon, Atmos, Son Kite... -> Dark: Kindzadza, Digital Talk, Penta,... -> Full-on: Protoculture, Rinkadink, Wizzy Noise... -> Psytek: Midi Miliz, X-Dream,... -> Oldschool sound is missing, but oldschoolacts such Hallucinogen, Absolum, Antidote are their... -> Crazy Finnish/(dont if know its all Finnish)... sounds: There are rumours Texas Faggot, Kiwa, Squaremeat, Eraser vs Yojalka are plaing. And that's not even 1/3 of the line-up. Not the mention the solar eclipse ofcourse Only thing that's bothering me is the organisational aspects and the fact you don't have much transparancy in the organisation and their eagerness with giving information.
  15. Lol Maybe Necton? Yumade? Sensum?
  16. Serious Porn Collector, really! Very minimal, very entrancing. And Sensient too ofcourse. And maybe Auricular, old POTS and Segment?
  17. You 're right his albums didn't get me buying them either, although I think when played on a loud soundsystem they would do just fine. His collaborations are really what trance is all about, especially THIS andTHIS one. His dj-set at Sonica this year really was a bliss to my ears and I hope a lot of the tracks he played their are on his new album (if most of them were his ofcourse). Too me Tristan is one of the best dj's around...
  18. Eagerly waiting for that Tristan album! I hope its as good as his sets
  19. Nevertheless I'm glad you join me in my opinion.
  20. Isn't this track like the embodiement of progressive trance? It's sooo good, deep topnoch perfecto, and a very positive use of singing in the last minute or 2. I'm having it for a long time, but really started to notice the track right now. imo
  21. Good job Mars! Well hellooow Psynews!
  22. I still think Magnetrixx should be in the list, existing from 1995, with Gluonball being one of the best progressive tracks ever, and they released 3 full albums so far. My 2 cents
  23. This is the mail I got back, after mailing them about the ticketprice. Pretty sincere I guess. I'm still going! Hello there, Thanx for your mail & the interest in the festival. I'll try to explain to ya the reason of this price.. 1st of all this is not your common festival this happens once in about every 18months..as ya know..its alot of aspects to take care of such as providing the safety glass alot of political issues in Turkey and a huge line up .. What is on the website is not even half... It will all be announced very shortly.. Also if you look at the prices of the other eclipse festivals we are not more expensive then the them...As for Samotraki festival i was there and i payed 160 euros and that was 3 years ago.. and that was just a festival..no eclipse happening there..but alot of cops.. ..and if ya think its to expensive ya can buy the tickets now..hope this helps.. thanx again..Boom!! luv & smiles..Hilla IndigoKids -- See ya on the dance floor.. ONE LOVE... Espcially this part "What is on the website is not even half... It will all be announced very shortly.." makes me smile.
  24. Holy shit, you definitaly forgot Magnetrixx... One of the best acts out there I reckon. But my vote goes to Ticon.
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