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  1. The family likes Vibrasphere, Etnoscope and Hilight Tribe. But they are open to everything. They dance on our parties.
  2. I really love their new more minimalistic approach, only heard the samples though.
  3. Hello there, I would just like to share my joy It's out. LOOK
  4. The new Atmos album, where the hell is it? A Duca album, a True Lies album and a MOS album. Thank you.
  5. This is one f*cking strong psytrance release if you ask me. The old Logic feeling is still here and gives me nostalgic emotions. Sometimes the cheesyness takes over the crystal Logic sounds, but this is neglectable. Reverse is my favourite, fat dirty subtle downtempoish trance for my spine.
  6. Erosion gives me shivers down my spine. It's soooooo warmly good.
  7. It's psydance, not psytrance IMO.
  8. Aaaaallrightttt!!! The best dj-set I have ever seen/heard, the one that entranced me the most is Tristans Dj-set on Sonica 2005. Can't wait.
  9. Ofcourse! My mistake. Troubled vision.
  10. 1. Vibrasphere - Archipelago 2. VA - Limelight 2 (Tribal Vision) 3 Freq - Gosub 20 4. VA - Back From Beyond (Iono) 5. Reefer Decree - Point of You 6. VA - Tabernanthe 2 ...
  11. Definitally Haldolium - One of These Days.
  12. Shiloh - Cafe Del Mariachi Holy sweet shit of the Mother of Glory.
  13. I will definitaly check out those older releases, Noma comes very close to this style I reckon. But I want new produced music like this... but it isn't there, is it?
  14. Hmmm I would say Cosmosis - Trancendance New Deedrah Protoculture Wingmakers compilation Astrix - Artcore Wizzynoise - Sabotage part 1 Bamboo Forest - Bamboo Forest psytrance and fullon at its best.
  15. Yes one grrrrreat record idd! And it indeedly really is a shame this style isn't produced that much nowadays...
  16. I'm looking for the same stomping, straight forward, hypnotising, though subtle progressive style as Native Radio. Soul Soul Surfer comes close... What else? Thank you vewwy much.
  17. Reefer Decree - Night Vision gives me the same love/melancholic feeling as Sensations and La Maquina from Andromeda. Also Leptonhead rmx from Shakta and Meter from Pleiadians. Mmmloooveyeah
  18. Yeah the new Freq differs a lot from strange attractors IMO. Both are equally good though. Other suggestion: Atmos - Second Brigade a lot of the tracks are warm, trancy, pretty melodic not so housy and definitally progressive tracks. But on the other hand maybe not what you are looking for Jos. Gaudium?
  19. Tranan? Z-man? Sensum? New Freq? To fullon maybe, but still loud warm and clear.
  20. Thanks! Will be checking it out in no time. I haven't heard the first album yet. But I really love the second.
  21. I just wanted to say I recently REdiscovered XV Kilist and I have to say this is some top notch deep entrancing minimal progressive tribal techno trance house whatever. It got me pretty deep today in the car in the traffic. I mean Superfinger and My Soul is a Snack from the Alfa Aroma album just intelligently rocked my day. Does this guy have any sideprojects, or collaborations with other artists? Check it out if you didn't yet, and recheck it if you already did. Cheers.
  22. Holy shit, even got better then one year and a half ago.
  23. Copy: The Boom for me was an extreme experience of emotions, ashtonishments, creativity, arts, VERY beautiful people, conscious togetherness, wellbeing and warmth. I loved the deeper side of the music in the daytime and I slept every night, so I'm happy I didn't miss anything special musicwise wink.gif ps: SBK on LSD shook my soul in the deepest way possible and I would like to thank Albert Hoffman and Sebastian Kruger for that. wink.gif Boom 2008, here I come. Some more pics? over here ---->Boomball
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