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  1. I'm form Belgium and hiding right over HERE! Greetz to Benjy, Lars and Jos!
  2. Subscribe to the newsletter of the festival and you will get all the info you need. And maybe the Sonicafestival in Italy is something for you (for me it is )http://www.sonica2005.com/ With acts like Simon Posford, Infected, Altom, Psysex, Tikal, Wizzy Noise, Bamboo Forest and a lot more, it can't go wrong! seeyA!
  3. Frogacult - Something For Sundays (!!!) Lani - Our Way To The Sun FREq - Strange Attractors Astrix - Artcore Psypilot - Destination Future ((!!!)Very underestimated IMO) cheers!
  4. I would suggest the Spheres 2005- Rythm of peace festival ---> www.spheres2005.com seeyA!
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